Is brunch without eggs even brunch? Eggs are the cornerstone to all things breakfasty and brunchy. Spring is filled with many reasons to gather friends and family for brunch — Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations, bridal showers or simply to be outside as the peonies bloom. Whatever your reason, here are a few of our favorite recipes in your search for brunch menu ideas. Each recipe is perfect to serve buffet- or family-style.

Brunch Menu Ideas: Egg Lovers Edition

Ham and Egg Cups

Whether you’re doing Whole30, eating a protein-heavy breakfast, going paleo or gluten-free or simply just want a hearty bite or two for breakfast, this ham and egg cups recipe is for you. Plus it’s EASY!

Brunch Menu Ideas: Ham and egg cups: super easy to make and great for a buffet

Ham and Egg Cups — Get the recipe HERE.

Ham & Cheese Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole

While we originally featured this for a Christmas morning breakfast casserole, there’s nothing like ham and eggs to satisfy a crowd in any season. This casserole is tasty, pretty and, because it incorporates bread, it’s easy to serve with a side of fruit and call it a day. We get it, you’re busy and have bigger things to think about than preparing a gazillion recipes! If this is you, this is your casserole. See the recipe HERE (scroll past the grits casserole to get to this one).

Brunch Menu Ideas: Egg, ham, bread and cheese: the building blocks to a perfect breakfast casserole!

I like to add tomatoes to the top of this casserole as it adds a zing and makes it even prettier. See recipe HERE.

Sausage, Mushroom and Egg Casserole

One spring gathering I’ve neglected to mention today is Derby. For anyone scoffing that this really isn’t a “real” gathering or holiday, then you are not familiar with the fact that Louisville, KY, basically shuts down to become all-things-Derby for several days. NBC has also pulled in 15 million viewers off the Derby for the past six years. This event is huge, and parties take place all over the country for friends to watch (and possibly bet on) which horse will win. For all of you out there, this recipe is straight from one of our favorite places in Louisville, The Cheddar Box. Bring a little bit of Louisville to your Derby gathering, or any spring get-together with this delicious sausage, mushroom and egg casserole (scroll to the second recipe after clicking).

Brunch Menu Ideas: derby breakfast casserole

This is an original Louisville, KY, recipe for a tasty egg and meat casserole from The Cheddar Box. See recipe HERE.

Southwest Egg Casserole

Sometimes you want to spice up tradition, and what better way to do so than to literally spice up the egg casserole?! Try this version, made with poblano peppers, corn tortillas and chorizo sausage. Finish it off with pico and sour cream. Even better, like most egg casseroles, you make it a day ahead, so your morning is super simple as all you need to do is bake it. Personally, this southwestern egg casserole is a big hit in my household and often requested. Although the prep is a little more demanding than the other recipes featured today, it’s worth it.

Brunch Menu Ideas: southwestern egg casserole — very tasty!

Try this egg casserole if you are wanting a variation on a traditional egg casserole. See the recipe HERE.

Sweet Potato, Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

This protein-rich casserole is quick to make as it only has a few ingredients. A tip to make it even faster is to buy some of those pre-cut sweet potatoes at Kroger, as we all know that sweet potatoes can be challenging to cut raw. No need to let this casserole sit overnight, so this is a good one when you want to prep and bake in the same hour. This is a Whole30 egg casserole recipe, thus there is no gluten or dairy.

Brunch Menu Ideas: Whole30 egg and sausage casserole

This Whole30 breakfast casserole is a crowd pleaser! See the recipe HERE.

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