It’s no secret that dill pickles are having an absolute moment. This pickled produce has inspired a number of intriguing products, recipes and hacks, and a quick scan of sites like Simple Most, Delish and even Food & Wine offer recipes for things like dill pickle salad dressing, dill pickle cupcakes and dill pickle popcorn. The pickle popularity may have hit its peak in March, when a small town in Texas hosted a pickle parade on St. Patrick’s Day. Needless to say, we’re delighted about the popularity of dill pickles, and we’re excited to share some fun products and ideas to max out your pickle power.

10 Dill Pickle Products That Actually Exist

From pickle shots to Sonic’s dill slush that debuted last summer, plenty of brands are capitalizing on the popularity of dill pickles, to a long list of unique results. Yes, there are pickle ice pops, pickle-scented candles and even pickle-flavored candy canes. Here are a few of the more intriguing and obscure pickle products we’ve come across.

1. Pickle Lip Balm

The wintery days of cracked lips may be behind us, but we all still need a little extra moisture to get through the day. This dill pickle lip balm uses high quality beeswax and coconut oil to keep your lips looking and tasting delicious. It’s perfect for a dill-ightful mid-day touch up! (Sorry, had to.) Get a three-pack for $7.95 HERE.

Put a little pickle on your pucker with this dill pickle lip balm. Image: Delight Naturals

2. Pickle Soda

Ever considered carbonated pickle juice? Then you’ll want to try this pickle-flavored soda. It claims to have a unique and mellow flavor, with one reviewer saying, “It is EXACTLY as advertised, for better or worse … ” Make of that what you will. And this stuff isn’t cheap — three bottles will run you $35.99 HERE!

Refreshing? Maybe. Interesting? Definitely. Image: Amazon

3. Pickle Popcorn Seasoning

One of the more appetizing pickle products on the market is this dill pickle popcorn seasoning. In addition to popcorn, sprinkle a little on top of anything else you think merits some pickle flavor — nuts, veggies, salads, etc. With its vinegar-y flavor, you can make a safe bet that it’ll add some extra zing to your next movie night — or meal. Find it for $3.99 HERE.

This seasoning can liven up more than just popcorn. Try it out on some of your favorite savory dishes! Image: Kernel Season’s

4. Pickle My Dill Kale Chips

Perfect for the health-conscious pickle-lover, these dill-flavored kale chips are a nutritious way to get your pickle fix. Vegan, gluten-free and keto-friendly, these kale chips make for a perfect guilt-free snack. Find them for $7.50 HERE.

Pickle-flavor kale chips are a healthy snack idea. Image:

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5. Dill Pickle Cashews

To add some protein to a pickle-centric diet, dill-flavored nuts are a must. These dill pickle cashews can help you power through a mid-day slump with a little extra zing. Look for them in your local grocery store, or find them online for $13.99 for a 5-oz bag.

These cashews make for a unique, zesty snack!

6. Pickle Mints

These pickle mints ensure you’ll never be caught with bad bland breath again. They could also make a great conversation starter at the next meeting where someone asks for a mint. Find them for $4.95 HERE.

We can’t guarantee these mints will make your breath smell better, but it’ll definitely smell different. Image: Urban General Store

7. Pickle-Flavored Cotton Candy

Rounding out the list of pickle items no one asked for, you can find pickle cotton candy at various gift stores. Hear us out … the sweet and sour combination has a ton of potential! Even if it doesn’t sound like the most delicious snack, we know you’re still curious about what exactly it tastes like. Grab a bucket for $4.95 HERE.

Not entirely sure how we feel about this one, but we’re curious nonetheless. Image: Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop

8. Pickle Candy Canes

Bring a little savory flavor to your typical peppermint treat with a pack of pickle candy canes. And in keeping with the green pickle color, each cane is green and white striped. Find a six-pack for $6.91 HERE.

Santa must love pickles. That’s what we’re telling ourselves, anyway.

9. Pickle Rick Gummy Candy

Whether you know who Pickle Rick is or not is irrelevant. Pickle lovers will enjoy this pickle character gummy candy — all 4-and-a-half artificial pickle-flavored inches. Find it for $6.99 HERE.

Pickle Rick fans know him from “Rick + Morty.” Non-Pickle Rick fans just know that this looks like an interesting pickle product. Image:

10. Pickle Towel

And for when you spill your pickle juice, keep your clean-up on theme with this adorable pickle tea towel. The art is as cute as the saying: “I’m kind of a big dill.” Find it for $18 on Etsy.

Flex your dill desires with this adorable pickle tea towel. Image: Etsy

Now let your pickle obsession run wild!


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