Patterned wallpaper has been around for decades, falling in and out of favor as interior design trends come and go. But recently, we’ve seen an uptick in elaborate florals, fruit patterns, and even tongue-in-cheek prints that are all sure to trigger a hit of dopamine every time you enter the room. And who doesn’t want to feel a little happier in their space every day? Check out these 10 professional room designs that made clever use of patterned wallpaper!

10 Room Designs Featuring Patterned Wallpaper

‘Pink Pineapples’ by Julie Couch Interiors

How can you not smile when you enter a guest bathroom studded with pink pineapples? This cheerful design by Julie Couch Interiors is completed with a simple black mirror and gold hardware to perfectly complement the vibrant print. You’ll see quite a few bathroom designs on this list — it’s a great way to dip your toe into the colorful wallpaper trend without making too great a commitment!


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‘Moody + Matchy’ by Sara Ray Interior Design

When we say printed, we don’t necessarily mean brightly colored. We love the more muted vine print featured in this bedroom design by Sara Ray Interior Design. Here, she doubled down on the use of the pattern by matching a pair of decorative pillows to the wallpaper.

‘Everyday Oasis’ by Van Mol Restoration

Nothing like a tropical print to make every day feel a little more like a vacation! The palm print used here by Van Mol Restoration pairs perfectly with a bamboo framed mirror, gold fixtures, and white tile. Throw in a carefully curated collection of scented shower products, and you’ve got yourself a bonafide oasis.

‘Sunny Skies’ by Providence Interiors

Reminiscent of a sunny day, this bathroom design from Providence Interiors could infuse a little cheer into even the most stressful week. Note that the golden suns scattered over this wallpaper are metallic, making them shine even brighter when the light hits them. A marble counter, terra cotta accessories, and a simple arrangement of yellow flowers complete the overall feel of the room.

‘Surf’s Up’ by Kate Figler Interiors

The colorful wallpaper print used by Kate Figler Interiors takes this playroom design to new levels of fun. The lucky kid who calls this playroom theirs is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood kids — and we’re a little jealous ourselves. The multicolored surfboards are paired with otherwise-understated blues and whites, lending a casual, beachy feel to the space.

‘Modern Florals’ by Beth Haley Design

Proof that floral wallpaper can be deliciously modern, Beth Haley used a bold print as the backdrop for otherwise simple, clean lines. If not for the pop of hot pink stems that snake throughout the pattern, the color scheme could be considered neutral! And because the wallpaper is a work of art unto itself, the room required very few additional accessories.


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‘Pastoral Chic’ by Cindy McCord Design

Another fun and fabulous powder room design, this bathroom by Cindy McCord Design features an earth-tone botanical print paired with a baby blue sink for contrast. The color scheme, coupled with brick flooring, gives us the coziest sense of an elegant country home. Scroll to the right to get a closer look at the print and the faux bois ceiling!

‘Go Bananas’ by JL Design

Would you believe us if we told you this wallpaper is scratch and sniff? Well, believe it. This space was curated by JL Design for The Collective Nashville, a collection of Airbnbs. While we’re not sure scratch and sniff wallpaper will become a Southern staple any time soon, we adore this inspirational, fun-loving approach. Very ‘Willy Wonka’!


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‘Animal Kingdom’ by Brad Ramsey Interiors

If you think you’re looking at another floral design, lean in a little closer. The pattern in this bathroom design by Brad Ramsey Interiors actually features monkeys swinging from vine to vine. How fun is that? Beyond the clever print, the room is decked out in neutrals, so it’s not overwhelming. It’s the perfect conversation piece!

‘Round and Round’ by Interior Anthology

The final room on our list is the perfect illustration of how patterned wallpaper — even in more subtle patterns — can help to add striking layers of texture and dimension to a space. This design from Interior Anthology makes use of circular-patterned wallpaper, arches, and rounded furniture and details throughout the room to achieve a stunningly cohesive result.

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