Pre-pandemic, sneakers had found their way into mainstream style paired with everything from high-end jeans to skirts and dresses. Today, we’re celebrating the post-quarantine spirit of incorporating comfier elements into our day-to-day lives with even more love for sneakers — not just for athletic pursuits but also for shopping, brunching, nights out, and even days at the office.

While high-end brands like Golden Goose enjoy a loyal following, and the Gucci sneaker will always be on point (and has been since it debuted in 1984), there are also a wide variety of fashionable, high-quality options available at more accessible price points. Check out these 10 versatile sneakers that you can easily dress up or down with everything from sweats and jeans to dresses and trousers — including one option that we’re calling an airport staple!

The Veja V-10

If you were to purchase just ONE shoe that is the ubiquitous on-trend sneaker loved by multiple generations, it’s the Veja. A splurge shoe for some, a well-priced fashionable comfort shoe for others, Vejas are somehow just as attractive to a 20-year-old as they are to her mom.

“The Vejas are definitely my favorite,” says StyleBlueprint Client Relations and Social Media Coordinator Katelyn Caughron. “They’re true to size; they are super comfy, and they match anything. I pair mine with dresses and even my little athletic dresses and biker shorts. I also have the version with velcro straps!”

veja sneakers
The Veja V-10 Sneaker ($150) is loved by all ages — and we mean ALL ages, with styles available starting at an adorable size of 12-24 months. Image: Nordstrom

The Adidas Stan Smith

As sneakers first came into fashion outside of the gym in Europe, the Stan Smith led the way. This shoe continues to be a must-have for street-style fashionistas the world over and even the most stylish Parisian women dressed up in blazers and scarves. First debuted in 1978, we think this is the OG fashionable sneaker.

Style Tip: Plain white sneakers work well to pair with pretty much everything. They’re very on-trend. That said, if you want something besides plain white, metallic accents make for an elevated look that matches skirts and dresses well. (Which is also why the gold-accented Vejas, one of our favorites, are so difficult to find.)

white Adidas sneaker with gold accents
A staple that spans multiple styles, the Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker is a steal at $100. Image: Adidas

The P448 John Dogma 

With unexpected color combinations and a flair for fun, P448s have a loyal following. Made in Italy, these shoes are known for comfort and attention to detail. They offer both high tops and low tops, and we really like the bright soles that some styles have. We’d recommend this brand to anyone trying to get away from Golden Goose; they are half the price (and don’t have knockoffs everywhere).

“These shoes are bright and fun, but with enough white to make them a great choice for someone who doesn’t want sneakers that are too over-the-top colorful. The terry cloth lining makes this shoe extra comfy as well. I also love the bright yellow sole.” – Liza Graves, StyleBlueprint Founder

John Dogma sneakers
Made in Italy, the P448 John Dogma Sneaker ($298) is lined in terry cloth for added comfort. Image: P448

‘The Sneaker’ by Margaux 

Margaux — known for comfort, size inclusivity, and high-quality materials — only makes one sneaker. And this is it. Our stylish side loves how these sneakers have monochromatic shoelaces, clean lines, and handmade construction. Our comfort side knows that this is what the Margaux brand is praised for. After reading through the reviews, some complain that the leather is stiff at first, but all say that after the first wear, they are super comfortable.

“I ordered the sage green suede and wore them the day they arrived. They are so comfortable. I had no break-in period, and everyone was complimenting them. The color is so versatile, too. Thanks, Margaux team, for another amazingly perfect shoe!!” – Customer review

margaux sneakers in rose
‘The Sneaker’ by Margaux ($278) is the only sneaker produced by this brand known for its comfort. ‘The Sneaker’ is available in pink (pictured here), sage suede, and white-on-white. Image: Margaux

The Adidas Superstar

“These shoes are extra cushioned, all the way around. It’s like you’re wearing a super comfortable mattress for your feet! This classic style (it’s been around since 1969) can be both preppy and on-trend — and at $95, it’s a great price.” – Liza Graves, StyleBlueprint Founder

Though we’re not sure the Superstars ever went out of style, they’re undoubtedly enjoying a moment in the sun. Bonus Tip: Keep your Superstars (or any favorite sneaker) looking fresh with these Adidas Original Shoe Cleaner Wipes.

adidas superstar sneaker
The Adidas Superstar ($95) is a classic choice. Image: Adidas

The Cardinal by Birdies

Birdies are known first and foremost for comfort. Even people with chronic foot issues seem to love this line. While StyleBlueprint team members love Birdies flats and slides for comfortable all-day wear in the office, rave reviews for The Cardinal have us ready to add Birdies to our sneaker arsenal, too.

“Fun, comfy, and stylish for back-to-work — I’ve been looking for some sneakers to jazz up my work outfits now that I’m back in-person full time — these do not disappoint, AND they are super comfortable. Love them!” – Customer review

“Walking on clouds — I’m on my feet most of the day and on the move. And yet, I still want to look cute and stylish. These do the trick. I have two pairs. Waiting for black to come out.” – Customer review

The Cardinal sneakers with several shades of pink
The Cardinal ($150) is available in seasonal colors like this one, as well as three classic colors. Image: Birdies

Ecco Soft 7

Ecco is a longtime favorite among avid travelers thanks to superior arch support, ultra-grippy soles, and sleek leather uppers. “I have walked all over Europe in these sneakers,” says StyleBlueprint Managing Editor Alissa Harb. “They’re so comfortable that I bought the slip-on version of the same shoe design.”

For lovers of versatile neutral shades, Ecco’s got you covered. Black, white, brown, gray, soft pinks, and metallics are their specialty.


light brown ecco sneaker
The Ecco Soft 7 ($160) comes in a variety of neutral colors. Find a similar level of comfort in their slip-on sneakers! Image: Ecco

Low 1 by Oliver Cabell

Italian sneaker brand Oliver Cabell is rapidly gaining in popularity. In fact, depending on your shoe size and preferred design, the sneakers could take several weeks to arrive. “I’m calling it now,” says StyleBlueprint Staff Writer Zoe Yarborough, “These will be taking over the sneaker world soon.”

SB Founder and sneaker devotee Liza Graves can attest to their comfort. “They’re super uncomfortable for the first five minutes, and then amazing.” Five minutes! Not too shabby for break-in time, eh? The pair pictured here features stylish printed calfskin leather, but this same sneaker is available in a wide variety of other designs, including neutral shades that can be paired with just about anything.

leopard print sneaker from Oliver Cabell
The Italian-made Oliver Cabell Low 1 (on sale for $219) is available in a variety of colors and patterns. But order soon — high demand means extended shipping windows. Image: Oliver Cabell

Nike Blazer Low ’77 By You

Nikes are not to be forgotten for their wide variety of signature sneaker styles — but they also offer a wide variety of custom options. This sneaker is customizable with various materials, colors, and patterns. Opt for all-white, a combination of your favorite neutrals, or a statement sneaker splashed with bright colors and custom emblems. Dealer’s choice!

This low-top sneaker is beloved by StyleBlueprint Executive Assistant Kate Reddick, who takes extra measures to make sure hers last. “I spray mine with Scotch Guard so they stay fresh.”

nike sneakers
The Nike Blazer Low ’77 By You ($115) is totally customizable! Image: Nike


“My husband and I laugh that these are the go-to airport shoe brand. Next time you are at the airport, note how many On shoes you see. I have two pairs from their popular On Cloud series, and they are good to wear for miles right out of the box with no blisters or break-in period. Their newest shoe, THE ROGER (seen below), made in collaboration with Roger Federer, promises the cult-favorite comfort with an added boost of style. Who knows, maybe this is the new Stan Smith!” — Liza Graves, StyleBlueprint Founder

on cloud sneakers the roger
THE ROGER ($189.99), the new clubhouse sneaker from the makers of the wildly popular On Cloud series, just may be the new Stan Smith! Image: On


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