It’s officially after Labor Day. Does this mean that all white jeans, white shoes, white jackets and white accessories need to disappear until next summer, or at least after Easter … oh wait. Easter is so darn late in 2019. So, until at least Spring Break?! NO! Here are eight legitimate reasons that you should say yes to wearing white after Labor Day.

Yes, Wear White After Labor Day!

Reason #1

Meghan Markel said yes to Harry’s proposal, and that yes was heard around the world! And, what did she wear on their first official appearance? A white coat. In November. Yep. She’s the top of the fashion pyramid these days, and she wears white after Labor Day.

Meghan wore a white coat on November 27, 2017, when she and Prince Harry announced their engagement. Image: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Reason #2

The Fall 2018 runways were filled with, of all things, white shoes. And, we saw our fair share of white booties last year, off the runway. It’s a real thing that’s been happening for a few years, but it went mainstream in 2017, and it’s only bigger this year.

Tory Burch, along with other designers, had a Fall 2018 Collection filled with white shoes to accessorize her cooler weather pieces. Image: Tory Burch

Reason #3

Speaking of fashion brands, Coco Chanel wore white year-round. If she did, you can.

Coco Chanel wearing all white. Image: Moscow Storm Cellar

Reason #4

So did Tom Wolfe, although admittedly, this is an extreme example.

Tom Wolfe passed away in 2018. Author, journalist and the man who wore a white suit, year round. HP7W4P Tom WOLFE - Date : 20000901 ©Basso Cannarsa/Opale

Tom Wolfe, an American author who passed away in 2018, was known for his year-round white suits. Image: Basso Cannarsa/Opale

Reason #5

Just because of some snobby people decided in the late 1800s that white after Labor Day was a no-no (one of the many reasons given for the seasonal whites rule), does this mean that we still need to follow this rule? If you no longer think that it’s your job to have the kids changed into clean, pressed clothes when your husband comes home or to have a cocktail ready for him as he walks in the door, then perhaps it’s time to rethink that idea that you can’t wear white after Labor Day! Again, extreme examples, but ladies, if you want to wear white … wear white!

InStyle magazine stated that white booties are an “essential” for Fall 2018. Harper’s Bazaar has an article called “10 Ways to Wear White Boots This Autumn.” And, fashion bloggers, like Chronicles of Frivolity (image above), are trying out the trend as well.

Reason #6

White jeans look really good with leopard prints, and leopard prints are uber trendy for Fall/Winter 2018.

Leopard print looks really good with white jeans, and that’s a good thing as leopard print is a huge trend for fall 2018. Image: Haute and Humid

Reason #7

Aren’t we just beyond the whole idea that there are hard and fast rules that you are not allowed to break? Plus, September in the South is really hot, and why should white jeans be allowed on Friday, August 31 but not allowed on Tuesday, September 4? We’re smarter than this.

Where I live, the 90s carry into September. And the difference in temperatures from one week to the next does not call for an extreme color ban when it comes to your wardrobe!

Reason #8

Back to white jeans. They certainly are fun to take out in the spring and wear all the time. But, they sure do look good layered in the cooler months.

Yes, this works for spring. But, goodness does it look fabulous for fall as well. Imagine with greys and browns and camels … white jeans need to stick around past Labor Day, that is for sure. Image: Hello Fashion Blog

Girl, you be you. If part of that means you love white, then wear it every day you want to wear it. It’s a color, not a rule. It’s 2018 — wear whatever length skirt you want, whatever statement or delicate jewelry you want and in the fall, wear your dark blue jeans, your black jeans or your white jeans. Whatever you decide, we’ll be cheering you on.

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