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As we embark on fall break travels, relish in the beauty of some autumn walks and participate in the festivities of October, we are on the search for a great podcast. In true acknowledgment of this season and the celebration of all things eery, mysterious and creepy, we have gathered 13 spooky podcasts to leave you even more eager for Halloween.

We’ve seen this making the Insta rounds, and truthfully, we’re not so sure what’s scarier — these podcasts or that cauliflower is our new go-to carb. Thanks for the laugh, @kayandelle!

My Favorite Murder

Spookiness: More funny than spooky

If you’re searching for something that fares lightly on the spooky scale, join the rampant fanbase for Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s “true crime comedy podcast,” My Favorite Murder. Listen in to hear these two friends as they breakdown hometown murders from around the country in a weekly series that somehow finds a way to lend some laughs to a certainly unconventional topic for comedic relief. To all of you who are typically a little averse to the truly frightening, you will love this.

Pretty Scary

Spookiness: Minimally spooky

Explore the world of some of the most intriguing conspiracy theories, ghost stories, alien sightings, amusement park disasters and more inexplicable phenomena through these addicting bi-weekly episodes. With each divulging an entirely different theme than the one before it, let this discussion with three comedians take you through Japan’s so-called “Suicide Forest,” the drama of the FYRE Festival fiasco of 2017 and more. Don’t worry scaredy-cats, this Pretty Scary podcast will also warrant lighthearted laughs.


Spookiness: Not too spooky

There’s no better time than the weeks leading up to Halloween to get hooked on the three seasons of this award-winning podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Follow one story over the course of each season, from a tale of a young girl’s disappearance to the return of a U.S. soldier’s return from captivity with the Taliban for five years to an exploration of the criminal justice system in Cleveland. Pure intrigue, undeniable controversy and captivating nonfiction storylines of Serial will leave you anxiously awaiting season four.

Serial Killers

Spookiness: Less than averagely spooky

Parcast’s Serial Killers podcast dives into the minds of some of the most well-known serial killers in this enthralling exploration of their notorious crimes. Test your expertise in physiological analysis as you hear about serial killers you both know and didn’t know, in a podcast that makes you believe there is such a thing as “knowing too much.”

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Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Spookiness: Varies by murder

You will quickly be roped into the drama of Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories. The old-time radio-themed Parcast series discusses some of the infamous unsolved cases from throughout history. Listen closely to the facts and make your predictions — you’ll be sitting on these cold cases for days on end.

Hollywood & Crime

Spookiness: Manageably spooky

Travel back to the golden age of Hollywood with host Tracy Pattin in an exploration of the true crimes that have shaken the country for decades. The series is divided into three different segments following The Black Dahlia Serial Killers, The Wonderland Murders and mass murderer Charles Manson. Journey through notorious headlines of the 1940s through the 1980s with 38 total parts of the Hollywood & Crime mystery podcast.

And That’s Why We Drink

Spookiness: Middle of the road

The name of this podcast says it all. This podcast will give you the indulgence of true crime investigations, while also acknowledging that these terrifying stories really do make us seek a little … help. You will feel uneasy as Em and Christine join forces every Sunday to dish on chilling ghost stories and true crime testimonies. You might also find yourself wishing you could join them for a glass of their boxed wine. You will quickly understand And That’s Why We Drink is so popular.

Dr. Death

Spookiness: Fairly spooky

Follow the haunting crimes of the notoriously charming, yet deceptive, killer, Dr. Christopher Duntsch as he provided patients with seemingly life-saving surgeries that quickly take a dark turn. The stories of his 33 patients in the nine-episode series will have you completely on edge and begging serious ethical questions of the healthcare system. Fair warning: Dr. Death also ventures into some more graphic scenes.

The NoSleep Podcast

Spookiness: Consider yourself warned

As the name suggests, The NoSleep Podcast is not one for your solo walks in the dark or evenings you spend home alone. Host and producer David Cummings shares a different original horror story every two weeks. Through its 11 seasons, the podcast gives chilling, shuddering and shocking narratives that will indeed affect some of your peaceful shut-eye time.

The Last Podcast on the Left

Spookiness: Comedic spooky

Between the fictitious and the real, The Last Podcast on the Left covers all things that you can identify as scary. Hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski will certainly keep you laughing at even the darkest and creepiest of topics. Listen to these guys talk everything from werewolves to murders, and soon you will be checking their tour dates to catch them live.


Spookiness: Reality is pretty frightening

This award-winning and bi-weekly series does indeed remind us that “the truth is more frightening than fiction.”  Creator, writer, host and producer Aaron Mahnke walks you through some of the most unsettling issues in our social systems, human emotions, the natural world and beyond. There is no more denying the reality of some pretty haunting facts once you listen to Lore.


Spookiness: Very unsettling

Be haunted by the unknown in this bi-weekly podcast that discusses all the ways that the world keeps us guessing. From mysterious impressions in the ground to near-death experiences, to UFOs, haunted places and beyond, writer Richard MacLean Smith takes you on a journey during Unexplained through some of the most puzzling and twisted stories in humanity and nature.

Up and Vanished

Spookiness: Pretty darn spooky

When filmmaker Payne Lindsey of Atlanta-based “Tenderfoot TV” began the first season of the true crime investigative journey of Up and Vanished, discussing the mysterious disappearance of Georgia schoolteacher Tara Grinstead, listeners were captivated. In August 2018, the group launched the second season, and we’re already saying that two seasons still isn’t enough.

Now, choose wisely and listen closely to get in the true spirit of Halloween!


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