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What a time to be in Birmingham! There are always new restaurants to try, bars to check out, stores to peruse and even new fitness studios to break a sweat in. With so many exciting avenues in the Magic City, it’s easy to lose track of all the newcomers to the scene. Here, we’ve rounded up five new and noteworthy workouts worth trying this summer. Whether you’re a Pilates gal, cycle fanatic or prefer a stress-reducing kickboxing class, these studios offer a workout for everyone. Here are the five new fitness studios we’ll be scheduling a class at this season!

5 New Fitness Studios to Try This Summer

Club Pilates

707 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd S, #106, Birmingham, AL 35233

While Club Pilates is no stranger to Birmingham, with thriving locations in Hoover and Cahaba Heights, the downtown location is new to the local fitness scene. Pilates is a great form of exercise for people of all ages, and Club Pilates offers different levels of classes so that all skill levels feel welcome. Once you finish up your 30-minute introductory class complete with a full-body workout, equipment safety lessons and an opportunity to get to know the studio, you’ll choose from a variety of classes available each week. From the high-intensity CP H.I.T class to the art of stretching during the CP Center + Balance class, there is no shortage of options from which to choose. (Learn more about each class and level here.) Each workout is focused on making you feel good so you leave re-charged and re-energized.

These group classes feature well-versed, certified teachers who have more than 500 hours of comprehensive Pilates training and use state-of-the-art equipment. Pilates is not only a great physical workout, but it also helps you to de-stress, improves your posture and engages every muscle in your body, including your mind. And it’s a low-impact workout, so you don’t need to worry about aches in your joints afterward. For more information, visit

Club Pilates Birmingham
Find your inner strength and burn up calories with a workout at Club Pilates‘ new downtown location | Image: Club Pilates

Ignite Cycle

224 29th St S Birmingham, AL 35233

Ignite Cycle isn’t your mama’s spin class. This one-of-a-kind boutique cycle studio sits in the heart of Pepper Place in downtown Birmingham. If you want a high-intensity, full-body workout in a group setting, Ignite Cycle is for you. From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel energized, encouraged and ready to conquer your workout. Owner Tiffany Martin strives to make her studio a place where people can come to clear their minds, focus on themselves, honor their bodies and have fun while doing so. When asked about the class, Tiffany says, “What we do is about so much more than riding bikes in a dark room to loud music.”

During the 45-minute workout (or 60-minute Ultra ride), expect upbeat music, a dark room (with fun lighting aspects), an expertly designed ride including some simple dance moves on the bike, weight work with dumbbells and an incredibly engaging instructor to be your cheerleader along the way. It truly is a full-body workout that leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. After class, you can use their in-house showers (stocked with all the amenities you may need) to get ready for work and hit the ground running (or riding). To book your bike or to learn more about Ignite Cycle, visit

Ignite City Bham
Work hard and be proud of what your body is capable of with a ride at Ignite Cycle in the heart of Pepper Place | Image: Ignite Cycle

Battle Republic

2800 18th St, S Homewood, AL 35209

Owners of Battle Republic, Lindsey Miller and Leah Drury, brought a new type of group fitness class to Homewood. Seeing a need to shake up the world of workouts in the Magic City, Lindsey and Leah combined their individual talents of coaching in the WNBA and running a national brand to create a unique fitness experience that leads to real results. This locally owned, women-run studio is an innovative concept and the first (and only!) of its kind in Birmingham. The high-intensity workouts are perfect for those who want to increase endurance while building lean muscle, burning fat and becoming a fighter in their own right. Lindsey and Leah strive to make the environment at Battle Republic one where people can come to engage in community while battling and getting better together.

At Battle Republic, patrons can choose between a 45-minute or 25-minute workout class. Both classes include a combination of boxing on the bag and floor work. During the boxing portion, expect intense bag work incorporating key punches designed to elevate heart rates and burn calories. As you move into the floor work portion, you’ll push yourself with moves that include kettlebell and bodyweight exercises, as well as HIIT movements designed to build strength and agility. The class also has a DJ spinning playlists that keep you focused and energized. Combine all of these elements with a world-class coach, and you’ll be a fighter in no time. To claim your bag or learn more, visit

Battle Republic Boxing
Glove up and fight on at Birmingham’s newest boutique boxing studio, Battle Republic, in downtown Homewood. | Image: Battle Republic

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2201 2nd Ave. S. Unit 201, Birmingham, AL 35233

If you’re looking for a fusion class that combines yoga, strength training, barre and Pilates, True40 downtown is the place for you. When asked why she chose The Battery for her studio’s location, owner Kaitlyn Bentley says, “I love the revitalization and wanted to serve the residents and employees in the city.”

Each class at True40 is a full-body workout that’s achievable regardless of your fitness level. Instructors focus on low-impact exercises and expertly crafted moves designed to create muscle confusion, meaning each class will tone different parts of your body. Not only will you focus on building a strong core and overall strength, but you can expect to consistently improve your posture and balance. True40 is a community where you will find encouragement and will feel welcomed the second you walk in the door. And when you leave, you’ll feel empowered, revived and energized. After you sweat it out, you can hit the showers at the studio and be on your way. To find a class that works best for you (and to see when their next new client special is), visit

True40 Downtown Birmingham
Get in your full-body, low-impact workout at True40 Downtown in The Battery. | Image: True40


1916 2nd Ave N Birmingham AL 35203

“I want people to feel good in the skin they are in, and if they don’t, I want them to change for no one but themselves!” says Sculpt gym owner Kris McCoy. Sculpt gym is a 24/7 open gym concept that celebrates their grand opening on July 13 on 2nd Avenue in downtown Birmingham. Kris was drawn to the neighborhood because of the kind people and overall positive energy. She explains, “It’s just such a friendly place to be, and I wanted my business to be a part of that. I want everyone to feel welcome at Sculpt because they are!”

At Sculpt, you can go at your own pace, create your own workouts and focus on strength or cardio training however you wish, whenever you wish! Members have accesses to cardio machines like the StairMaster, treadmill and row machine, free weights, platforms for deadlifting, training rig with racks and stationary machines like the belt squat, lat pulldown machine and many more. If you need a bit more direction, personal training sessions with ISSA-certified personal trainers are available. Kris will only be accepting a limited number of memberships. To reserve your spot or to learn more about Sculpt, click HERE.

Sculpt Personal Training Gym
See artwork by Marcus Fetch of Red Path Creative on the wall at Sculpt Gym on 2nd Avenue. | Image: Sculpt

Get out there and sweat it out, Birmingham!


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