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Memorial Day Weekend, the true beginning of summer! Your only task over this long weekend should be to prop your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine, along with a tasty appitizer at arm’s reach (which, in our dream fantasy, would contain zero calories). But with a busy May, who wants to spend time making appetizers to serve over the weekend. Instead, we’ve found a few delicious bites from stores where you are probably shopping already. Just throw one or two of these ready-mades in your cart in you are good to go!


100% Salsas Veggie Refried Beans and Salsa Roja

This local salsa company has a great zesty flavor and fresh ingredients. Serve the veggie refried beans with a little bit of melted cheese on top. Or, if you have the extra time, make a layered dip with sour cream and guacamole. Don’t forget the chips!

100% veggie refried beans and salsa. Available in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods. $5.99 each.


Diana’s Apple Wood Smoked Salmon

Lucy’s Market makes it easy to grab and go with a big selection of dips, spreads, and meals. One of our favorites is Diana’s Smoked Salmon. The salmon is so fresh and flaky and it has an unbelievable smoky flavor. Pick up Diana’s Herbed Aioli and fresh crackers from Lucy’s to go alongside and you have a beautiful appetizer!

Diana’s Apple Wood Smoked Salmon. Available at Lucy’s Market. Price varies depending on ounces. Smoked trout is also available!


Palmetto Cheese

Friends are always raving about this Palmetto Cheese Dip from Publix. Available both with or without jalapeƱos, it is a perfectly creamy adaption of good ol’ pimento cheese.

Palmetto Cheese Dip with or without jalapeƱos. Available at Publix. $5.49


You can find more dips then you ever imagined at Trader Joe’s! These are a few of our favorites, but there are plenty of more to choose from.

Trader Joe’s Cilantro & Chive Yogurt Dip. Perfect with grilled or fresh veggies, too. $3.69


Trader Joe’s Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip is seriously amazing! Serve hot or cold. $3.99


Trader Joe’s Caramelized Onion Dip. I just told a friend this dip is kind of like that onion dip from the gas station, only with a lot less guilt! $2.99
These pretzels from Trader Joe’s are my favorite to go along with any of their dips.

Happy Memorial Day eating!!

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