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As the owner of of J. Haynes Interiors, JoAnne Haynes has a passion for interior architecture that shines through in her interior design projects. Interiors are about more than decorating, at least for Haynes. She feels strongly that the structure and spatial details need to be in place and appropriate before finishes and furnishings are considered. Through years of experience and access to a world of resources and suppliers, J. Haynes Interiors personalizes interior design projects to fit a client’s individual needs. She knows that “on time and on budget” are extremely important, so projects are carefully mapped out to the delivery of a beautifully finished space without an inordinate wait – most projects can be completed within 90 days. JoAnne thoroughly believes that great relationships with clients bring out the best designs, so she makes a point to get to know each and every client…and their family! As a specialist in historic home design, appropriate infill in landmark neighborhoods, and concierge-level new construction and renovations, J. Haynes Interiors will bring out the true beauty in your home while providing a great experience for all involved in the process.

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JoAnne Haynes has been a part of the restoration team for multiple homes on the National Register of Historic Places in Franklin, TN. She has also chaired numerous designer Show Houses and was a featured designer on HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation. More recently, she won the HGTV“Best Kitchen 2019” online competition, with more than a million votes cast.

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