In the wake of the Covenant School tragedy, we have a lot to mourn — as parents, friends, neighbors, and a community that sticks together. But amidst the grief and recovery, there is also beauty to be found; helping and healing so often go hand in hand.

Moved by love and generosity, over two dozen of Nashville’s finest interior designers donated their time and efforts to construct a community center for the members of the Covenant School and Church — a supportive space for counseling sessions, community gatherings, and collective healing. Here’s a look at the remarkable, restorative refuge of Covenant Heals.

Covenant Heals poster framed above wood dresser with plant.
Led by designer (and Covenant School mom) Natalie Hager, along with The Simple Sketchbook‘s Carrie Brock, Covenant Heals was created as a sanctuary for those affected by the tragic school shooting on March 27, 2023.

Designer Kathryn Berschback took to social media about the Covenant Heals project, explaining how the concept came about. “A few years ago, my friend and fellow interior designer, Sadhna Williams, started a group chat on Instagram of interior designers of Nashville, ” she wrote. “Over the past few years, we have all shared resources and ideas and support. When the tragedy happened at the Covenant School a few weeks ago, one of the designers in our group, Natalie Hager, reached out to us with an urgent need. The families from the Covenant School and Church community needed a space for gathering, therapy, and healing. This would be a space where they could come and be together in their grief and sorrow and hopefully share in the long road to healing. Natalie asked if any of us had time to help re-design an office space to make it comfortable, warm, and safe for these families. What transpired over the next week was one of the most heartwarming, humbling, and special experiences that I have ever had the privilege to be a part [of].”

A group of interior designers, posing on a red carpet
Over two dozen members of Nashville’s interior design community joined forces to create a sanctuary for the Covenant School and Church, including some of our previously featured interior designers, such as Chad James, Julie Couch, April Tomlin, Roger Higgins, and Lori Paranjape.
Two women hugging
We are all grieving … together. The community center concept came about when Ashley Colclasure, a Covenant School mom and therapist, snagged a leasable office space. She then reached out to Natalie Hager, also a Covenant School mom, and they worked together to create a space where everyone could come together for hope and healing.

Gathering in person and via Zoom, over two dozen members of Nashville’s esteemed interior design community (with the help of over 50 vendors) joined forces to discuss and solidify the community center plans. Under Natalie’s creative direction and the project coordination of The Simple Sketchbook’s Carrie Brock, everyone divvied up into design teams, each tackling a room. In 10 days, they had installed six therapy offices, two lounge spaces, a kitchenette, a playroom, and a group gathering space. Moreover, 100% of the interiors were donated … and they pulled it all together in a week.

The crazy part was, we had one week to fully complete and install our spaces,” writes Kathryn of her experience. “What transpired next was simply amazing. I watched this amazing group of designers, as well as a large group of artists, tradespeople, and craftsmen, transform what was an empty and dreary office space into a beautiful, deeply personal, light-filled, Jesus-honoring space that not only reflected the lives of those we lost but also the mission and vision of the Covenant School.”

Close-up of kitchen with subway tile and open shelving.
The new kitchenette boasts open shelving with little bright spots of color and texture.
A shelf of coffee mugs
Coffee mugs that read “choose joy” and “be still + know” dispense caffeine and serve as reminders to embrace each day.
Sitting area with floral mural
A colorful floral mural lends artistry to a cozy seating area.
Living room space with framed art above gray sofa.
Vibrant and rich, this space is the perfect mix of bold colors and patterns. The Covenant Heals facility hosts group and individual counseling sessions, as well as other community gatherings, to promote hope and bring healing to the staff, teachers, students, parents, and siblings at Covenant School and Church.
Sheep painting above black dresser
This sweet painting adorns the wall in the sitting room.
Room with blue carpet, white desk, small table, and children's toys
The group of local interior designers who assisted with this project (some of whom had never met before) designed, furnished, and transformed the office space in 10 days. This room offers a chance for children to indulge in a bit of creativity.
Children's play area with desk, markers, and book shelf.
Complete with books, art supplies, and ample space for creativity, this room offers a colorful spot where imagination can roam free.
Color-coordinated markers in blue, purple, and pink
Eye-catching displays offer an artistic touch.
Blue-themed sitting area with fresh flowers.
“We pray this space may be a gathering place for the Covenant community and that they will find comfort and peace, healing and wholeness here,” said designer Kathryn Berschback of Berschback Design.
Blue and white lamp base with vignette of books and art.
Curated vignettes sprinkled throughout the community center offer thoughtful arrangements of books, art, and beyond.
Sitting area with pink flowers on an ottoman
Soothing tones offer tranquility in this therapy room. “Such a rewarding experience to have played a small part in creating a beautiful, safe, and healing space for the Covenant community,” says designer Lilly Taylor in a social post.
Wall art featuring a painted quote
This verse sums it up.
Red-framed art in a sitting room
This serene space, designed by Julie Couch and Meg White, uses pops of color to accent artwork.
A shelf featuring books and baseballs
“Brave every day.” Enough said.

Covenant Heals was 100% funded by donations from Nashville and its surrounding communities, but ongoing funding efforts are in progress to sustain it over the coming months. Visit this link if you are moved to contribute to Covenant Heals.

Interior Designers Who Participated:

Natalie Hager
Carrie Brock of The Simple Sketchbook
Lori Paranjape
The Mix Interiors
Paperwhites Interiors
Holly Williams
Chad James
Roger Higgins
Robin Rains
Sadhna Williams
Sarah Bartholemew
Modern Remains
Chelsea Skye
Emily Bennett
Designers Gallery
Margaret Ash
April Tomlin
Julie Couch
Kathryn Berschback
Vernich Interiors
Redo Home + Design
Blaire Designs
Lilly Taylor
Mary Stengel Bentley

Special thanks to Allison Elefante for the photography.


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