Nashville native Capucine Monk is a creative spirit with an endless supply of energy. Her company, PRoj&ct GiRL consulting, solves a problem that many of us have: too many TO DO lists and too little time (not to mention that feeling of disappointment that stems from undone projects). When plagued with incomplete projects and that general sense of “where do I start,” it’s Capucine to the rescue. From birthday parties that end with the big “0,” to renovations, to a gardening project or a closet clean out, she gets you organized and sees that the job gets done. Don’t we all need this in our lives?

Describe PRoj&ct GiRL consulting:

I do household & office projects for people (both women & men) when time, inexperience or enthusiasm render TO DO lists incomplete.

What is the greatest piece of advice you have been given?

“If your problem can be solved with money, then it really isn’t a problem.”

You have such a close relationship with your teenage daughter, McKenna.  What advice would you give moms with young daughters on how to maintain a close relationship as they become teenagers?

Above all, stop sugar coating it. You are your daughter’s parent, not her best friend. (Hopefully this comes later.) I give my daughter enough rope to do the right thing or hang herself, and I pray she chooses the former. I also primed her at age 9 that she would be expected to call or text by 10 pm if I am out, so I would know she is safely in for the night. Otherwise, I expect to see her beautiful face by 10. This coaching has helped her focus on priorities and for the days when she is out driving on her own. And it’s working…

What made you decide to embark on this career path?

Mckenna knows I am a free spirit and prefer to make my schedule so I am available after school for her. Our life is a bit unconventional, but we always have dinner together — even if it is in the drive-thru line. My job gives me the ability to stay true to my creative self, work with great people and be the mom I want to be.

What is the most unexpected thing you have learned with PRoj&ct Girl consulting?

People want affirmation – whether it’s “yes, we can” to move forward on their PRoj&ct or using their favorite color even when their family balks. They just want to know they are on the right path.

Do you have an irrational fears?


What books can be found on your bedside table?

It takes me forever to read a book, but I recently finished THE SHACK, started Lewis Carroll’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND (as I have no recollection of ever actually reading it) and THE GIRL’s GUIDE TO STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. THE GREAT GATSBY is a re-read on my bedside table, as I adored it in high school.

Event most looking forward to attending this summer?

I looked forward to U2 like a kid at Christmas and it did not disappoint. Ridiculously fantastic!

What is your “must-have” purchase for summer 2011?

High-heeled espadrilles…I have purchased two pairs already and they make your legs look AHHHMAZING!

Where is your favorite place to eat in Nashville?

Fido – i can get gourmet food almost any time of day.

Favorite place in Nashville?

My garden. It is therapy in 10′ x 8′ section of dirt.

Favorite place to grab a cupcake?

The Painted Cupcake in Green Hills – love their miniatures, but I miss petit fours from Becker’s Bakery.

Do you have a playlist for a dinner party or a great workout that you can share with our readers?

I grew up the daughter of a music publisher, so music is part of my genetic makeup. Even as a mom, I manage to keep up. Favorites include Adele, Dave Matthews, Lady Gaga, lmfao, Jason Aldean, Michael Buble, Michael Jackson, Kenny Chesney, U2, Sting & Hot Chelle Rae.

Favorite attribute about yourself:

My ability to entertain under any circumstance.

Name three things you can’t live without (excluding friends, family and God).

My blackberry, a great bottle of wine and my creative spark.

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