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The StyleBlueprint girls decided to take a rare road trip to Franklin. It’s not that we don’t love Franklin, because we do, it’s just hard to coordinate our schedules, get the van fired up and head south.  But after our trip last Wednesday, we are totally hooked on Franklin!  We vow to cover it more and especially PD’s.

We took the scenic route down Hillsboro Road, across Franklin Road and then a left on South Margin. You’ll quickly see Scarlett Scales to your left, one of the most amazing antique stores around. As we gazed right, there was a curious warehouse with no noticeable sign, but a very noticeable train in the front gravel lot.  We parked and walked up, still wondering, “Is this PD’s?”.  We were confused.  Was there no sign to this place we had heard people just rave about?  Where were we?  On the door was taped a small handwritten cardboard sign: PD’s hours Wed-Sat 10AM-5PM.   Yep, unassuming at it’s best.

We walked in the door stopping dead in our tracks looking at each other we silently mouthed, “This store is incredible.” But to really get the store, you have to meet the owner Sherri.  I think the word spunky was created just for her.  She is a salvage baby at heart as her parents both lived and breathed the business.  Her store of 14 years is such an incredible success, with no advertising what so ever, because of her Golden Rolodex and her can do attitude.  If a manufacturer discontinues a line, they call Sherri. If 1,000 pillows are on the open market, she’ll buy them.

PD’s owners Sherri & Will Porter

Sherri has great taste.  She takes things in if she feels she can sell them.  If you were a fan of Carissa’s Antiques and Armoires, imagine that store, but everything 50-75% off. That’s the style represented here.  I’m just kicking myself over all the money I’ve spent on home decor with PD’s just 25 minutes away.

Her store requires that you walk around it one way, then the other, looking up and down, then down and up.  I promise if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then this post says it all. You be the judge.  And, happy shopping!  it’s worth the drive south.

By the way, PD stands for Premier Discounters… granted it’s not a sexy name, but a name that says exactly what they do.  PD’S saves you money on premier goods.  But I’m changing the acronym today to Pretty Darn Smart!

PD’s 119 South Margin Street Franklin, TN 37064

I love this mossy look

This leather+linen couch, retailing for more than $3,000, is about $1,000 at PD’s!

The rules of the store!

At $149, these chairs are one of the few items that PD’s always carries. We saw this same chair is off white, robin’s egg blue and two shades of green. If you don’t see the color you like, or the number you need, ASK! I bet they can find more for you!

I have a thing for birds. All these accessories are under $18 each!

We both LOVED this huge dried fruit. At less than $6 each, Elizabeth went home with 7 of these!

More great 18″ pillows at less than $20 each!

This dresser has been marked down to just $399!

That chair again in Robin’s Egg Blue. That lamp is about $80, the pillow around $20. All the pillow inserts are feather-so you are getting a pillow for the same price as you would buy the insert somewhere else!

These candlesticks are substantial. I keep thinking I need to go back and get some. I didn’t write down the price, but I know they were less than $50 and I’m thinking they may have been about $24.

At just about $1000, this Hutch makes me want to build a wall just to place it on!

This price is for sheet sets…and they are 100% cotton, 300 thread count!

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