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Undoubtedly, we all have things we’re looking forward to doing, seeing or experiencing as we anticipate brighter days ahead. The past few weeks have given us food for thought as we crave treasured activities such as hugging friends, going to the gym and dining at local restaurants. We asked some of our StyleBlueprint partners, friends and beloved Nashvillians what they most look forward to when the quarantine is over.

What do you most look forward to post-quarantine?

Alan and Heather Looney, owners of Castle Homes:

“After the quarantine period is over, we’ll be glad to make up for missing time with friends and family. It will be good to enjoy a belated Easter dinner with our beloved parents here in town and visit our family out of town. We will need to celebrate our 29th anniversary properly, mourn the loss of dear friends, host an eighth-grade graduation and an Eagle ceremony, and get back to 5 a.m. Orangetheory Fitness and weekly church, visit our favorite restaurants, and get back to work with our amazing team and clients at the Castle!”

Marcia Masulla, CEO of Roar Nashville, and founding and managing partner of Nashville Fashion Week:

“It’s a three-way tie: I am most looking forward to restructuring and rebuilding our 10th annual Nashville Fashion Week (which had to be postponed from April), continuing to support fundraising efforts and advocacy for Tennessee Action for Hospitality (because it’s going to be a very long road for independent hospitality business owners and workers) and going on a real-life date with my crush. (And, while I wish I was referring to Andrew Cuomo, I’m not … yet).”

Margot McCormack, chef and owner of Marché Artisan Foods and Margot Cafe & Bar:

“I think what I am missing most can be summed up as human contact. I can’t wait for a haircut, massage and pedicure — the very visceral experiences that can’t be accomplished without physically touching another person. It is the same thing we try to give in the form of service, food and the experience of dining.”

Jennifer Puryear, author of Bacon on the Bookshelf:

“I’m looking forward to more kindness, more gentleness, and more patience among us — more joy in each other’s company. I believe that spirit will be among us. I look forward to flying again and eating out with friends. Any restaurant will do but my first choice is etc. in Green Hills.”

Jennifer Puryear of Bacon on the Bookshelf

Jennifer Puryear of Bacon on the Bookshelf | Image: Leila Grossman

Dr. Adrienne Battle, Director of Metro Schools:

“One of the best parts of my job is being able to visit schools and see the joy on the faces of our students as they learn. I can’t wait until we can get back into an in-person learning environment and see children connected with their teachers and classmates.”

Marlowe Bratcher, 5-year-old spitfire:

“Going to the Adventure Science Center!”

Judith Bright, CEO and designer of Judith Bright:

“Mostly, I’m looking forward to being able to hug people freely. Then, opening up the Nashville and Atlanta stores to our wonderful customers, opening our Franklin, TN store at the Factory in August, sushi dinner out with a group of friends, and walking for miles and miles on the beach.”

Laura Lea Bryant, certified holistic chef and cookbook author:

“I’m most looking forward to reclining back on the lounge-y chairs at Regal Green Hills with my boyfriend, snacking on the SmartSweets Peach Rings we sneak in, and watching a movie!”

Laura Lea Bryant

Laura Lea Bryant, cookbook author | Image: Leila Grossman

Tim Burke, doctor of osteopathic medicine, emergency physician:

“As a physician, I’m seeing a lot of delayed presentations of major illness because people are just too scared to come into the ER. For my community, I hope lifting this quarantine will make them less hesitant to seek care for true emergencies. Personally, I can’t wait to travel, but I will continue to social distance as much as possible.”

Sheila Calloway, Juvenile Court judge:

“As a huge Vanderbilt Commodore and Tennessee Titans fan, I am most looking forward to being able to go to a football game in a crowd of people! I really am looking forward to going to church and fellowshipping with my Temple Church family. I can’t wait to just see PEOPLE! At some point, I would love to hug others.”

Chris Chamberlain, food, drink, and travel writer:

“I’ve always been a hugger, but I don’t know if that will go the way of the hearty handshake when we emerge from the CoronaDome. I really want to sit at the chef’s bar watching a kitchen team dancing their precise ballet in an environment filled with hot burners and sharp implements to create art.”

Jordan Rankins-Chumley, 11th grader:

“I’m most looking forward to seeing the people I usually laugh with and have fun with every day because now it will mean a lot more than prior to the quarantine.”

Ridley Wills, owner and design director at The Wills Company:

“This spring, as our design/build/handyman team concentrates on socially distant exterior projects such as repairing screened porches, decks and patios, I’m reminded why we work to create safe and beautiful spaces — it is so we can gather family and friends. That is what I most look forward to.”

Ridley Wills Found and Owner of The Wills Company and Wills Handyman

Ridley Wills, owner of The Wills Company

Walton Estes, owner of Harpeth Gallery:

“Lights and music on, co-workers and customers together in Harpeth Gallery, and gift wrapping wedding gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, skipped birthday gifts, ‘just thinking of you’ gifts. I’m ready for happy vibes, springtime and being back together with all the beautiful merchandise hand-picked just for you.”

JoAnne Haynes, owner and designer at J. Haynes Interiors:

“I am looking forward to spontaneous visits with family and friends, and hugging my granddaughters again. For all the times I wished I had more time at home, I am now really looking forward to getting back to my design studio and continuing to work with our amazing clients — who have been patient and wonderful.”

Alex Hendrickson, writer & photographer:

“Slurping oysters at Henrietta Red, cocktails on restaurant patios, in-person workout classes, and rescheduled travels — and not taking these opportunities for granted. I also look forward to squeezing friends and family and giving them a slobbery smooch on the cheek once the threat of the virus has passed.”

Amos Gott, president and creative director of Amos Events:

“I’ve spent the last several weeks curating new design ideas and seeking out things that inspire and invoke my creativity. I’m most excited to be able to get back in front of our clients, think forward on their events, and utilize what I have discovered during this downtime.”

Amos Gott

Amos Gott, owner of Amos Events | Image: Leila Grossman

Mary Lawless Lee, fashion blogger and owner of Happily Grey:

“Family and friends. I miss being face-to-face with the people I love, and it’s something I won’t take for granted when this is all over!”

Mclaine Richardson, owner and designer of Margaret Ellis Jewelry:

“As much as I miss friends, parties, and restaurants, the thing I most look forward to is crawling into my grandfather’s lap, pushing his hair back, and giving him a big hug. He was admitted into a skilled nursing center the day before quarantine so we haven’t seen him in over six weeks. It’s the simple things that matter the most.”

Stacie Standifer, founder and editor of The Nashville Edit:

“This is the time of year I usually have a constant stream of friends and visitors popping in for late afternoons by our pool. I can’t wait to entertain those I enjoy most as soon as it is safe for all of us to reconnect.”

Abe Wolofsky, 5th grader:

“Hanging out with my friends again and not having to be 6 feet away.”

Stay safe, healthy and hopeful, Nashville. We’re all in this together!


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