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They say three of the most stressful events one can face are death, divorce, and moving. If even reading this list makes you anxious, we have good news: there’s a simple solution for eliminating moving stress. It’s called a ‘moving concierge’ — and we’re not sure how we ever survived the moving process without one. We spoke to Sara Weedman, owner of Nashville moving concierge service Make Your Move LLC, to learn how they’re equipped to make your next move the easiest one yet!

As a moving concierge, Make Your Move handles everything from scheduling movers to packing, unpacking, coordinating donation drop-offs, and more. “The best way to describe a moving concierge is to think about your move as a project,” explains Sara. “It’s the biggest project most homeowners will ever take on outside of a huge renovation, and you don’t have to take all of it on yourself. You can hire a project manager — a moving concierge — for your move.”

Sara Weedman of Make Your Move LLC, a Nashville moving concierge service

Sara Weedman is the founder of Make Your Move LLC, a Nashville moving concierge that takes the stress out of moving.

Serving areas throughout Middle Tennessee, Make Your Move offers white-glove services that help them stand out from traditional moving companies. While some of those movers offer packing and unpacking services, their unpacking is typically just unboxing, whereas Make Your Move packs and unpacks your items to perfection. In fact, Sara says when they’re done unpacking, your home is guaranteed to be “dinner party-ready.”

In addition to packing and unpacking services, Make Your Move can also take care of scheduling your movers, using one of their preferred moving companies or one you would like to work with. Sara adds that all of Make Your Move’s services are customizable, so you can take on as much or as little as you want during your move.

Sara packing up plates for a client's move

“We are an all-female team, so we totally understand how important your items are to you. We’re very conscientious of that when we’re moving you,” says Sara of Make Your Move’s white-glove packing service.

In addition to coordinating movers, Make Your Move can also help you find different vendors. This can include coordinating hanging a TV or large artwork or even a painting company. “We have a list of trusted partners we can provide you with so you can make those appointments — or we can make the appointments and handle all of that for you,” says Sara.

Make Your Move also offers day-of coordination services, handling everything from the first box being loaded into the moving truck to ensuring that any essentials you might need during the first night in your new home are unloaded. “We make sure you’re ready to go your first night and morning in your home — your beds are made, the coffee maker is put together, and you can start fresh,” adds Sara.

Sara Weedman of Make Your Move Nashville LLC

When Make Your Move packs up your home, they do so with close attention to detail. Each box is carefully packed and labeled, items are unloaded exactly where you want them, and boxes and packing supplies are removed after the move is complete.

Sara hanging a picture on the wall

If you need help hanging paintings in your new home, Make Your Move can help coordinate that, too!

If you’re looking to downsize or are simply overwhelmed with the number of items in your home, Make Your Move also offers consignment and donation services. “We help empty-nesters who have a four- or five-bedroom home, and now they’re downsizing into a two-bedroom condo,” explains Sara. “They find themselves asking, ‘What do we do with a house full of stuff we can’t take with us?’” This is where Make Your Move can step in and help you find a home for anything you no longer need.

When it comes time to start your moving process, Sara recommends doing your research and getting started as soon as possible. “The last thing you want is to find out that you have waited too long and can’t get the moving company you want, or you find a company is going to charge you a huge premium because it’s a two-week-out booking,” she tells us. “The best piece of advice I have is to be prepared and book early.”

Sara Weedman carrying a cardboard moving box

Make Your Move helps all types of people — from families who are constantly on the go to empty-nesters looking to downsize.

Most of us can agree that moving is hard, but you don’t have to go through the process alone, thanks to Make Your Move. “It is a fact — moving can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself,” says Sara. “Our services are customizable, so you’re free to handle as much or as little as you like.”

Ready to start planning your move? Learn more about Make Your Move LLC by visiting makeyourmovenashville.com or calling (615) 289-2189.

This article is sponsored by Make Your Move LLC. All photography by Leila Grossman.