As it turns out, you don’t have to jet away to a tropical locale to enjoy some water-side rest and relaxation this summer. Local builders, landscape architects and remodeling experts have proven that pools can be seamlessly integrated into any space, large or small, right here in Nashville. No matter the size or design, any outdoor retreat is downright dreamy as the weather heats up. Found at homes in our area, these pools cater to the homeowners’ wants and needs, from entertaining to gardening and, of course, swimming. Allow these envy-inducing exteriors to inspire your summer dreams!

A Lake House-Style Retreat

In this space, designed by Page|Duke Landscape Architects and Castle Homes, the homeowners wanted to create a lake house feeling. “We came up with an amenity package that made it great for entertaining friends at the pool house pavilion and bathhouse with a dining area for outside grilling,” Gavin Duke shares. Our favorite feature is the diving boulder — as opposed to a traditional diving board. It adds character and complements the desired lake house design.

Upon stepping into the backyard retreat, guests are transported to an outdoor paradise that can be utilized for relaxation or warm-weather gathering. The spaces, both inside and out, make this a multiuse area that is nothing short of stunning. With a couple of indoor/outdoor living and dining spaces, a pool, spa and lounge chairs, there is a spot for everyone. We particularly appreciate the incorporation of nature and greenery, which augments the lake house feel.

Nashville backyard pools, Page|Duke
No need to travel to the lake for a warm-weather retreat. Take style notes from Page|Duke and Castle Homes in creating a space that is relaxing and functional. Image: Page|Duke Landscape Architects

A Refuge of Peace

Drinks and snacks are readily available, thanks to the outdoor dining area — complete with grill — that complements this rectangular pool. Built by Hammond & Brandt Builders, with designs by architect, Steve Durden of Durden Architecture, and landscape architect, Issac Wantland with Wantland Ink, this refuge, especially during the hotter (and more humid) months in Nashville, is framed by the house, an outdoor living and dining space, and a row of trees. We love the peaceful vibes the pool elicits, which call for hours of relaxation.

Nashville backyard pools
Enjoy a moment of peace in this outdoor living area, complete with pool, grill, dining area and living space. Image: Hammond & Brandt Builders

A Cool, Classic Escape

In an effort to offer a cool space for hot summer days, Page|Duke Landscape Architects designed this outdoor living area with limestone, which is cool on the feet, and a pool ideal for swimming laps and escaping the summer heat. Not only is the space practical and put to good use, but it has an appealing design, as well. “The pool house/guest pavilion is on axis with the pool, which gives a symmetrical, classic look to the outdoor space,” Gavin Duke says of the design. Again, we are attracted to the use of green space and believe that the landscaping features give even more of a desired tranquility, making it the perfect escape from life’s hustle and bustle.

Nashville backyard pools
Adding a pool to your backyard doesn’t always mean sacrificing on lush greenery. Highlight the natural landscape of your space while creating a backyard escape. Image: Page|Duke Landscape Architects

A Gardener’s Paradise

Though we typically dream of a large oasis when we imagine a luxurious poolside respite, this project by The Wills Company has us thinking twice. Prior to the renovation, the homeowner had a large pool that occupied a majority of the backyard real estate. “Her husband had recently passed and the pool had been his joy — gardening is hers,” says Ridley Wills of the homeowner. “So, she turned the page in her life and opened up her rear yard to make a gardener’s retreat.” She kept the water feature to maintain her husband’s memory in the landscape. The gas-operated fire pit makes the terrace usable all year-round, and it still feels like a great escape.

Nashville backyard pools, Wills Co
The homeowner of this yard traded in her full-sized pool for a gardening area with a small water feature. Image: The Wills Company

Epicenter of Entertainment

This backyard dining and living space takes the comforts of inside living outdoors, creating an area that is ideal for entertaining. The covered, open-air patio also offers a spot that is ideal for escaping the summer sun, and the built-in fireplace creates warmth on cooler evenings. The delightful ambience and practical design help carry gatherings from day to night.

Designed by Castle Homes (with landscape design by Issac Wantland of Wantland Ink), the outdoor area is an extension of the main house design, and the cool tones help intensify the water color. The variety of textures — wood, tile, stonework and greenery — come together to create visual interest and liven up the backyard. All in all, this epicenter of entertainment seems to be a natural extension of the property and makes for a great escape during hot, humid summer days in Nashville.

Nashville backyard pools, Castle Homes
Transition from day to night in a lovely outdoor space that offers areas for dining, living and playing. Image: Castle Homes
Nashville backyard pools
Entertain guests or relax next to this stunning pool. Image: Castle Homes

Perfect for a Plunge

As previously mentioned, not all backyard escapes are defined by their grandeur and size. For example, this private, cozy setting is a great little spot for cooling off. “The pavilion and fireplace perfectly create the ambience they desired,” Gavin Duke of Page|Duke Landscape Architects says of the design. The homeowners are lucky enough to have the pleasure of soaking in absolute privacy steps away from their house. But the seating options do make this space feasible for an intimate gathering with friends.

nashville backyard pools
Take the plunge with a smaller pool to create a cozy environment. Image: Page|Duke Landscape Architects

Urban Elegance

We are blessed with lush landscape and an abundance of greenery in Nashville, but some of the more urban residences make the most of their space by eliminating lawns. This property showcases the best use of outdoor space with the inclusion of a plunge pool, lounge area and grill in a second-level courtyard. The art that sits alongside the stone wall enhances the urban environment, adding life to an otherwise monotone space. Another design feature worth noting is the pool’s built-in seating, which adds even more functionality.

Nashville Backyard pools, urban pool
This home is currently on the market and is listed by French|King Fine Properties (see the full listing here). Image: Donna Yancey

Yours for a Day

If you are having pool envy and are thinking of the quickest way to get poolside, check out this selection of local AirBnB houses. We are particularly fond of this loft, which offers downtown views and a private outdoor space outfitted with a modern pool. So treat yourself to a staycation or convince your out-of-town friends to finally bite the bullet and book that trip to Nashville.

Nashville backyard pools
This pool can be yours for a day (or more!). Image: AirBnB

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