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Not all local jewelry stores use (loud) radio ads touting diamond bonanzas at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES! From beautiful, vintage, splurge-worthy jewelry to edgy, artisan and everything in between, here are five fabulous local places to buy jewelry.

1. Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry

410 Main St., Franklin •

While Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry is famous for vintage engagement rings (while I was in the store, two couples came in looking for their “I do” rings), they also have an amazing selection of jewelry that doesn’t require a trip down the matrimonial aisle.

“Engagement rings became popular around the turn of the century,” says Julie Walton, whose grandmother opened the store 40 years ago. “We specialize in Art Deco rings, one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. But we have many other beautiful pieces.”

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Art Deco 1.02 carat Old European-cut diamond ring set in platinum, $5,950 at Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry. Image courtesy of Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry

While starry-eyed lovers frequent the store, Walton’s also offers beautiful pieces that are right hand-worthy.

5 jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Victorian Era (circa 1880s) garnet and seed pearl ring set in yellow gold, $600 at Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry. Image courtesy of Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry

An antique piece of jewelry that has the history and romance of a beautiful work of art? That is the accessory that adds a touch of old school elegance every time you wear it, according to Walton, who says vintage-style jewelry is wildly popular with all ages.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Victorian Era signet ring in yellow gold $450 from Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry. Image courtesy of Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry

2. Johnnie Q

317 Main St., Franklin • 

Imagine a sexy gangster moll circa 1930 meeting a modern rocker-chic chick, and you have the vibe of one of the best-kept secrets in retail. Johnnie Q is the perfect mix of romance and rock, with owner Brooklyn Bird at the helm. Bird curates the store’s jewelry with an eye toward the music A-list that shops the store (her pieces are often seen on the red carpet) and the soccer mom who wants a statement piece to elevate jeans and a tee.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Green onyx drop earrings, $159 at Johnnie Q

Romance-meets-rocker is the hallmark of the goods at Johnnie Q.

Five Jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Imagine this piece with a simple tee, a chunky black sweater and jeans or your ladylike sheath. $78 at Johnnie Q

A little rocker love is part of the Johnnie Q merchandise mix.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

A fun bondage ring set, $23 at Johnnie Q

3. Stacey Rhodes Boutique

144 Franklin Road, Brentwood •

Stacey Rhodes Boutique lands on the list not because she offers tons of jewelry, but because every single piece of jewelry she does offer is exceptional. And it figures, since owner Stacey Rhodes was once a jewelry designer and is “obsessed” (her word) with the artists who create the jewelry in her store.

Rhodes personally knows every artist and designer who sells their jewelry in her store — she hosts trunk shows for burgeoning designers nearly every month — and says her customers want artisan jewelry with an edge.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Designer Mark Edge infuses an Art Deco vibe in his pieces, sold at Stacey Rhodes Boutique. From top, vintage Fendi cabochon, $149; Deco brass pendant, $149; and vintage Walking Liberty half-dollar necklace, $239.

Rhodes is such a fan of every designer she stocks that she frequently invites them to come to Tennessee and host trunk shows at her store.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Long necklace by Tat2 Design, $209; long arrow, $242; short arrow, $220; short chains, the Artemis by Jenni Bird, $250 at Stacey Rhodes Boutique

Rhodes taps local designer Robin Haley as one of the artisan jewelers she sells at her Brentwood store.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Local designer Robin Haley’s newest piece at Stacey Rhodes, $299

4. Vignette

130 Wilson Pike Circle, Brentwood •

Vignette is one of those rare retailers that appeals to college-age women, their mothers and even grandmothers. The words “delicate,” “elegant” and “unique” all come to mind when describing this Brentwood hot spot. The store also has a near-magical ability to offer beautiful jewelry (along with clothing and home décor accessories) at a wonderful range of price points.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Earrings that delight: Top left, $62 and $56. Druzy and semiprecious stud earrings, $34 at Vignette

Vignette owner Lisa McHugh works to keep the jewelry mix eclectic and on-trend.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Druzy bracelets at Vignette

Offering a variety of price points makes Vignette a great option for gifts.

Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Less than $40 each, these necklaces are one of many options at a great price. Cross necklace, $38 at Vignette

5. Jondie

407 Main St., Franklin •

Rebecca Brown is both the owner and designer at Jondie, located in downtown Franklin. She curates clothing and accessories for the boutique, and designs her own line of fabulous jewelry, Mimi and Dottie. She upcycles, using vintage items in a fresh, new way, and as such, she enjoys a cult following.

5 jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

A delicate pendant, perfect for layering. $140 at Jondie. Image courtesy Jondie

Jondie is full of great accessories, but the star of the store is the line Mimi and Dottie with a repurposed vintage theme.

5 jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

A statement piece from Mimi and Dottie, $248  at Jondie.  Image courtesy of Jondie

5 jewelry stores SB Nov 2014

Using vintage items, Rebecca Davis creates unique pieces for the line Mimi and Dottie. Necklace, $120.  Image courtesy Jondie

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