There is no shortage of Instagram-worthy murals in Nashville. But more than merely being selfie backdrops, many of these works of art inspire a sense of community, invoke nostalgia, and further social dialogue — all of which we need perhaps now more than ever. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the most impactful murals throughout Nashville.

The Most Inspiring Murals in Nashville

“Nashville Strong”

Artists: Jason Galaz, Milton Chavez, Mobe Oner
Location: Boston Commons, 1008A Woodland St., Nashville, TN 37206
Year Painted: 2020
Hashtag: #nashvillestrong

Though Boston Commons (formerly Batter’d and Fried Boston Seafood House) in East Nashville’s 5 Points neighborhood may be temporarily closed due to tornado damage, the mural on the side of the building says it all. Offering positivity during a heavy time, artists Jason Galaz, Milton Chavez and Mobe Oner spray-painted the mural based on inspiration from restaurant owner Matt Charette. Matt’s three East Nashville businesses were all temporarily closed in the aftermath of the tornado on March 3, 2020, but will eventually reopen.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Nashville Strong mural on the side of Boston Commons

With all the improvements happening at Boston Commons, we can’t wait for it to reopen!


Artist: Ty Christian
Location: 1120 4th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37208, facing Madison Street
Year Painted: 2017
Hashtag: #artofharmony

Painted by social equality activist and artist Ty Christian, this powerful image of a young child is not only visually stunning but thought-provoking. Located directly across from Henrietta Red, it’s arguably Germantown’s most captivating mural.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Harmony mural in Germantown

Ty Christian’s “Harmony” mural, located in Germantown

“Love Heals Every Body”

Artists: Michael Cooper of Murals & More
Location: The Café at Thistle Farms, 5122 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209
Year Painted: 2017
Hashtag: #lovehealseverybody

Michael Cooper of Murals & More painted the powerful message “Love heals every body” on the side of The Café at Thistle Farms. Thistle Farms, a nonprofit organization, provides women survivors of human trafficking, prostitution and drug addiction with access to safe and secure housing, financial independence and support. The café itself gives women meaningful employment, offering our community an opportunity to nourish their hearts and bodies when they come in for a meal — healing through love, indeed!

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Love Heals Every Body mural at Thistle Farms

Artist Michael Cooper collaborated with The Café at Thistle Farms to get out an important message of love and healing.

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“Wish for Peace”

Artists: Jake and Hana Elliot, co-owners of WHAT. Creative Group
Location: Global Education Center, 4822 Charlotte Ave., #3, Nashville, TN 37209
Year Painted: 2017
Hashtag: #wishforpeace, #nashvillewallsproject

The mural on the side of Nashville’s Global Education Center is the perfect choice to help further the company’s mission of using culturally diverse art as a way to encourage global awareness. Featuring origami cranes, which represent peace in Japan (legend has it the cranes carry souls to heaven on their wings), artists Jake and Hana Elliot used the brick canvas to promote peace.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Wish for Peace mural

Found on Charlotte Avenue, this mural promotes the pursuit of both civil and global peace.

“Volunteering Looks Good on You”

Artist: Nash.ᵀᴺ
Location: 1911 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211
Year Painted: 2020
Hashtag: #nashvillelooksgoodonyou, #thenashtn

After the tornadoes ripped through Nashville in March, the former “Nashville looks good on you” murals received makeovers. The updated street art now reads, “Volunteering looks good on you,” a monument to our strength and community efforts in the face of challenging times. You can find a smaller version in the 12South neighborhood, but this one on Nolensville Pike is impressive.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Volunteering looks good on you mural

Nolensville Pike’s “Volunteering looks good on you” mural was modified from the original version to support victims of March’s deadly tornadoes.

Pride Flag for the Tomato Arts Festival

Artist: Michael Cooper of Murals & More
Location: Weiss Liquors, 824 Main St., Nashville, TN 37206
Year Painted: 2018

Painted in honor of the Tomato Art Fest, an annual East Nashville staple since 2004, this Pride flag mural runs along the alley side of the Weiss Liquors building on Main Street.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Pride flag with tomato on the side of Weiss Liquors in East Nashville

This Pride flag, which also features a nod to the Tomato Art Fest, adds a splash of color and vibrancy to the side of Weiss Liquors in East Nashville.


Artists: Norf Art Collective
Location: 2615 Clarksville Pike, Nashville, TN 37208
Year Painted: 2017

North Nashville boasts this 1,000-square-foot mural of civil rights dignitaries Diane Nash, Curlie McGruder, Z. Alexander Looby and John Lewis. The painting is dedicated to affordable housing advocate Rev. Bill Barnes, honoring his longtime work.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: The "Perseverance" mural in North Nashville.

The “Perseverance” mural in North Nashville

“Kindness Is … “

Artists: Rebekah Rinehart and Sarah Gail Nelson of The Kind Way
Location: 1120 4th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37208, facing Madison Street
Year Painted: 2017
Hashtag: #thekindmural, #scatterkindness, #choosekindness

This Germantown mural, created by Rebekah Rinehart and Sarah Gail Nelson of The Kind Way, was designed to encourage photo opportunities. Accompanied by the words “Kindness is so many things. That’s what makes it so special … Tell us in the caption of your photo what kindness means to you,” the wall art requests a social media tag, along with your interpretation of what embodies kindness.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Kindness Is ... mural in Nashville's Germantown

What does kindness mean to you? This mural asks you to fill in the blank.

“Go Slay All the Dragons”

Artist: Kim Radford
Location: 1224 Meridian St., Nashville, TN 37207, on the Douglas Avenue side
Year Painted: 2019
Hashtag: #kimradfordart

Set against a bold red backdrop, the words “Go slay all the dragons that stand in your way” was initially designed and created as an album promotion for Americana band Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors. It remains an Instagram-worthy stop for Nashvillians and travelers alike.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Go Slay All the Dragons mural in East Nashville

This original album art by Kim Radford continues to inspire in East Nashville.

“It’s Gonna Be O.K.”

Artist: Sarah Tate
Location: 3020 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209
Year Painted: 2018

Bringing an eye-catching dose of diversity and local flair to the Charlotte corridor, the “Off the Wall” project — sponsored by the Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville — covers 1,200 feet of the Abbott West Self Storage facility. The vibrant artistic expression is devoted to everything from health activism to cultural heritage. This piece by local illustrator Sarah Tate promotes mental health awareness and offers a much-needed reminder amid tough times.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: It's gonna be O.K. mural on Charlotte Ave

Wise words on Charlotte Avenue’s “Off the Wall” project.

Memorial to an Artist’s Sister

Artists: Omari Booker
Location: 3020 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209
Year Painted: 2018

A graduate of the TSU art program, artist Omari Booker painted this portrait of him and his older sister, Damali, who passed away in 2002. Part of the Charlotte Avenue “Off the Wall” project, this mural offers a sentimental and beautiful tribute to his sister’s memory.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Memorial to local artist's sister, on "Off the Wall" Charlotte Ave

A beautiful memorial that immortalizes artist Omari Booker’s older sister

Guitar with Maya Angelou Quote

Artists: Kim Radford
Location: Douglas Market Lofts, 337 Douglas Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206
Year Painted: 2020
Hashtag: #kimradfordart

One of the newest murals to go up in East Nashville, this music-themed beauty takes up the entire Lischey Avenue side of the Douglas Market Lofts, which are still in the process of selling units and moving in residents. More than just a nod to the Nashville music scene, the guitar features a quote by famed author Maya Angelou, “Precious jewel, you glow, you shine, reflecting all the good in the world. Just look at yourself.”

You can watch a time-lapse video of how Kim painted this labor of love HERE.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Mural of Guitar with Maya Angelou quote

Music, art and poetry merge in this mural created by Kim Radford.

“Come Together, Again”

Artist: Brian Wooden
Location: Chauhan Ale & Masala, 123 12th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37203 
Year Painted: 2018
Hashtag: #endgunviolencetogether

Working with TOMS on a national campaign, local Nashville artist Brian Wooden painted several murals across the country to promote peace and end gun violence. This one can be found on the back of Chauhan Ale & Masala, facing the alley.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: "Come together to end gun violence" mural downtown

This mural on the Chauhan Ale & Masala restaurant building implores us all to come together to put an end to gun violence.

Freedom Riders

Artist: Michael Cooper of Murals & More
Location: Jefferson Street, on the side of the I-40 underpass
Year Painted: 2009

This mural along the historic Jefferson Street corridor, which honors the Freedom Riders, is one of the oldest murals on our list. Word has it that artist Michael Cooper was inspired by designs from local high school students and invited the students to work with him on the painting itself.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: A historic Jefferson Street mural depicting the Freedom Riders.

A historic Jefferson Street mural depicting the Freedom Riders

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Artist: Madeline Lederman 
Location: Behind the Sylvan Park post office, at 4501 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209
Year Painted: 2020

Young Nashville artist Madeline Lederman used her talents to paint over this cement wall behind the Sylvan Park post office, which used to display graffiti. Now, it offers a bright spot and joyful message for passersby.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: "Love" mural behind Sylvan Park post office.

The “LOVE” mural is found along the alleyway behind Sylvan Park’s post office.

“One Day I Will Rescue Your Brother, Too”

Artists: Herakut (Jasmin Siddiqui and Falk Lehmann)
Location: 204 6th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37243
Year Painted: 2016

Part of the Nashville Walls Project endeavors, this mural was created by the German artist duo known as Herakut. Located just around the corner from the Nashville Public Library, the puppy has saved the little girl from her phone addiction. The brother can be seen staring at a small glowing screen.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: "One day I will rescue your brother, too" mural downtown

A riveting Herakut mural from the Nashville Walls Project.


Artists: Olasubomi Bashorun
Location: Red Bicycle Coffee, 712 51st Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37209
Year Painted: 2020

Born in Nigeria, local artist Olasubomi Bashorun releases his emotions through art, in this case, inspired by the sudden death of basketball star Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, earlier this year. On his website, Olasubomi states, “Art is therapy. Art is poetry in a different medium. It’s about solving the problems of today, bringing light to the darkness and finding truth in the lies. It is about resolve.”

Inspiring Nashville Murals: Rise mural, featuring Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna

This stirring depiction of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, can be found on the side of Red Bicycle Coffee in The Nations.

“I Believe in Nashville”

Artist: Adrien Saporiti
Location: Basement East, 917 Woodland St, Nashville, TN 37206
Hashtag: #ibelieveinnashville

There are several “I Believe in Nashville” murals around town, but the one located on the Basement East building perfectly illustrates the sentiment the mural exudes. After the March tornado tore through East Nashville, the wall with the mural was just about the only thing left standing of the Basement East building. Currently being rebuilt, the original mural wall will remain and be incorporated into the new build.

Inspiring Nashville Murals: I Believe in Nashville mural on Basement East

Somehow untouched amidst the Basement East rubble, this mural became an iconic, overnight symbol of our commitment to resilience and rising from the ashes.

These are just the murals we know about. If you know about more impactful Nashville murals, share them on Instagram and tag us — we’re @styleblueprintnville.


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