Although we wished it would never come, the last day of summer is upon us. We can no longer spend the long days basking in the sun, resulting in lighter locks and bronzed skin. But fear not, the experts are here to let us know how we can continue to look luminous. Products and treatments promise to help us maintain our summer glow and make sure it doesn’t fade away as summer turns to fall. Let their sage advice be the helping hand you need to prolong your sunkissed locks and skin.

Keep your summer glow, even as we transition into fall!

Keep your summer glow, even as we transition into fall!

Soften Bright Blonde Highlights

Recommended by: Mindy Snyder | Element Salon Green Hills

“My favorite summer-to-fall transition is dropping the bright blonde highlights a shade or two by going into a honey or bronze tone. It keeps the skin looking healthy and gives the locks a fresh shine!

Haircut + Hydrating Mask

Recommended by: Kate Hartnett | Element Salon Green Hills

“My favorite way to prolong a summer glow is to trim off the wispy ends that we have been holding onto. They’ve been through a lot with the sun, pool, salt and sand. Pair the cut with a hydrating mask that adds shine like Kerastase’s Chroma Riche. This is a healthier alternative than taking the color deeper. We all know a blonde who loves to keep those bright locks no matter the season. And I don’t blame them!”


Recommended by: Nicole Prochazka | Element Salon Brentwood

“Mini and accent balayage! Even brunettes can feel brighter with little pops of dimension.”

Chemical Exfoliation + a Daily Routine + Find the Right Makeup

Recommended by: Heather Happy | Cool Springs Plastic Surgery

“Go-to’s for maintaining the glow: chemical exfoliation either with an at-home serum like glycolic acid or an in-office chemical peel. Daily sunscreen (Elta MD sunscreens are my favorite and are affordable!), antioxidants and retinol are all important in a daily routine as these ingredients can be both corrective and preventative. Halo lasers are the most popular in our office to give that beautiful glow but also have long-lasting results that are proven to turn back the clock on aging. The halo laser has limited downtime with fabulous results.

“Makeup tips: Get color matched for the right fall/winter shade and use less foundation than you think (1/2 to 1 pump)! Buff the foundation using light pressure and circular motions with a buffing brush, then take a damp beauty sponge over that and press it in the skin. The brush doesn’t absorb any product but moves it over the skin. The damp sponge presses the product into the skin and absorbs excess product from pores. Flawless!”

Keep your summer glow, even as we transition into fall!

Finding makeup to match your skin tone is key in looking fresh and luminous.

Exfoliate + Gentle Peels + Organic Results Facial + Oat Cleanser + Hydrating B5 Gel

Recommended by: Tami Hall | Escape Day Spa + Salon

“It is so important to keep exfoliating during the hot, humid summer months. Our pores tend to get more clogged being outside, sweating and using more sunscreen, thus making our skin look dull and tired.

“To turn skin cells over during the hot summer months, when you might be in the sun more, it is important to have gentle peels. I would recommend the Organic Results Facial we have at Escape that uses natural therapies to harness the most effective ingredients from nature and science. Use a gentle oat cleanser to smooth and polish away dead skin cells and a moisturizer with goji berries for firming and ginseng to protect from free radicals. Combine all these with an antioxidant-rich beech tree extract moisturizer for the ultimate in summer hydration.

“During the facial, we apply a gentle peel, such as the cherry enzyme peel, which is more gentle than salicylic and glycolic peels, to repair, hydrate, clear and brighten for glowing summer skin. I would also highly recommend using SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel at home for the ultimate in lightweight moisturizers that leave you feeling hydrated, light and glowing.”

Tinted Moisturizer + The HydraFacial MD

Recommended by: Dr. Jennifer Lee, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Medical Director | REN Dermatology & Laser Center

“If you want to continue sporting your summer color, try a tinted moisturizer like Revision Intellishade Original anti-aging tinted moisturizer with SPF 45 or EltaMD Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. These moisturizers contain SPF so you’re protected from the sun, but are tinted so you look like you’re just returning from your summer vacation, even into the autumn months. They also provide good tinted coverage so you can skip heavy foundation.

“The HydraFacial MD treatment is insanely popular for a reason! The multi-step treatment provides exfoliation with a light chemical peel, extractions for clogged pores, vortex infusion of anti-oxidants and a hydrating serum. Great for peeling off summer build-up, unclogging pores from months of sweat, sunscreen and makeup. It leaves your face feeling smooth, silky and glowing!

“Dermaplaning followed by a chemical peel is just what your skin needs for the fall months — to help repair any sun damage from the summer, which may have caused new brown spots or dull texture. A hydroxy-acid based peel can shed dead skin and help your skin look smooth, clear and more even-toned.

“Fall is also a good time to start resuming your skincare regimen, which should include a vitamin C-based antioxidant in the morning (like NeoCutis Reactive) and a vitamin A retinoid cream in the evening (either prescription strength or SkinMedica Retinol). These products work on fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and keeping skin clear and smooth. And of course, this is a good time to schedule your yearly skin cancer screening with your dermatologist to evaluate any new or potentially suspicious moles or other skin lesions. Skin cancers are caused by sun exposure, so if you suffered any sunburns this summer, come in and get checked over!”

Exfoliate + Professional Treatment + Makeup and Self-Tanner

Recommended by: Robin Haney | Apropos Day Spa

“As summer’s glow fades, it often reveals dehydrated skin, uneven pigmentation and clogged pores from sunscreens and humidity. One of the best things to do for your skin year-round is to exfoliate properly — meaning don’t overdo it! Acids, scrub and peels can be very effective, just not all at once — more is not more! Instead, start with a professional treatment for the face, neck and décolleté, like microdermabrasion or a mild glycolic/lactic acid combo peel to gently remove excess dry cells. My go-to products after exfoliation are RENU gel, Intensive Redox serum, Total Balance C+Ferulic+Peptides, serums with hyaluronic acid and, for some skin conditions, Bioelements Recovery Serum and Total Balance Intensive Pigment Lightener. My favorite professional treatments include: microdermabrasion; Nano treatments, such as Rezenerate to treat fine lines and create firmness (this treatment can be used right up to the lash line as well!); Nano Superlift to improve hydration, product penetration and tone facial muscles; and Radiance IPL to build collagen, help with pigmentation and diffused redness. All of these can be done in the same treatment for a really amazing treatment and incredible glow!

“Makeup tips to keep the summer glow: Jane Iredale has a great contour kit that is easy to blend and gives a naturally luminous look without being overly made up, and bonus, it’s quick and easy to use! Mix a couple drops of self-tanner in with your facial moisturizer and use every couple of days to maintain a subtle sun-kissed look.”

Golden Highlights + Tinted Moisturizer

Recommended by: Holly Osborne | Style House Salon

“When fall arrives, I opt to add golden highlights to keep my dark hair luminous! Since warm tones reflect light I feel like it helps keep my summer glow! I also love using Image Skincare’s tinted moisturizer to help maintain a little color on my skin as my summer tan starts to fade.”

Regular Facial Treatments + Effective Products

Recommended by: Mary Kathryn Hudson | Therapy Systems + Private Edition

“Taking care of your skin and using effective skincare is the number way I recommend to maintain your ‘summer glow.’ Regular facial treatments and great, effective products really make a difference. The goal is to have your skin glow from within, not as a result of a makeup product you apply daily. One of our favorite brands at Private Edition is Omorovicza. Starting in September, we will be hosting weekly facial events every Friday with Omorovicza. Omorovicza facials are truly luxurious and results oriented. Clients will receive the 75-minute facial on a heated waterbed, and the Omorovicza aesthetician is specially trained in a Hungarian facial technique that helps stimulate circulation. For the weekly event, clients will receive this amazing facial free with their $250 Omorovicza purchase.”

Not only does a facial give you time to relax, but it will also leave you looking more luminous than ever. Image: Omorovicza

Facial + Products

Recommended by: Ali E. Russell | Skin MD

“Try our new Laser Genesis treatment, called the Red Carpet Facial. Also, consider picking up products from our newest product line, SkinBetter. Interfuse LINES will fill in wrinkles, and Interfuse FACE will get you many compliments on your glowing skin. If you’ve enjoyed the sun a little too much, then we have everything from erasing pigmentation and lines to skin tightening.”

Microneedling + Moisturizer + Retinol

Recommended by: Allyson Brown, RN, BSN Nurse Injector | Woods Aesthetics

“PRP Microneedling is a great way to encourage skin cell turnover and stimulate collagen growth, revealing a bright skin glow. Keep the skin moisturized (we like SkinMedica Rejuvenative Moisturizer) and maintain new skin cell growth with daily retinol use (try SkinMedica Retinol .25). Koji Pads, a client favorite, used daily brighten and balance skin tone.”

Go forth and embrace fall — but take your summer glow with you! 


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