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Earlier this year, our homes unexpectedly became offices and learning centers overnight, revealing the importance of a dedicated workspace designed for productivity and focus. Offices were an afterthought for many homeowners who misunderstood them to be reserved for those with enough money and square footage to spare. Recognizing the importance of an office as an essential feature in any home, Castle Homes incorporated highly functional family work centers into all of their custom builds long before the pandemic. “The office needs to be a dedicated area, and it needs to be completely accessible because it is the heartbeat of the home,” explains Castle Homes Vice-President & Designer Heather Looney.

As a working mother, Heather is no stranger to navigating the delicate work/life balance. Her days are spent handling a long list of tasks, from moving from the office to job sites to helping her kids navigate new ways of learning. Having a home office keeps her organized. “Everyone’s needs are completely different, so it is important to dig into how people like to work before designing their office,” she says. “Are you using the office full-time? Does the office need to work for the whole family? Where do you file your papers? Even with our laptops, phones and tablets, no one is completely paperless, and everyone needs a workspace because working at the kitchen island is a disaster for everyone. You need a way to contain the clutter (yes, everyone has clutter), and you don’t want your bank statements on display when people are over.”

While it seems easy enough to make do with the dining room table, Heather urges clients to see the value in having a well-designed space that functions for you and your family. Every home office designed by Castle Homes delivers the necessary components to make it successful. Whether your priorities are organization, comfort, or natural light, Castle Homes can create the perfect design. Use these home offices as proof:

A creative and inspiring home office

Work areas are changing to better accommodate homeowners, but many folks still request a traditional, formal office design. As you can see, traditional doesn’t mean boring.

A home office in a utility space works just fine.

Attaching the office to the kitchen keeps everything centralized. For those who handle the majority of household duties, multi-tasking is a must. Especially when your office is in a high-traffic space, it is important to keep clutter hidden in drawers and cabinets.

A home office can be created wherever there's room to spare.

Again, take advantage of extra open space to create a designated work zone. A desk and a few chairs can go a long way! Castle Homes works with a group of talented designers to ensure that each office they create is as beautiful as it is functional.

A beautiful home office with grasscloth walls, comfy leather furniture and an animal hide rug.

The desk doesn’t need to be the center of attention. Maximize your office with a multifunctional design and plenty of comfortable seating.

A home office needs plenty of storage.

Heather dives deep with her clients on the details — down to what color filing folders they prefer, if they are right- or left-handed, and the kind of chair they are happy spending all day in. She believes in customizing the design to fit her clients’ needs, but one requirement for every office is storage.

A home office can be created in even the smallest of spaces.

Castle Homes can transform the smallest space into a magnificent office. Don’t overlook an opportunity to create a functional design, even if it is sandwiched between two other rooms. Natural light and doors go a long way in creating a quiet workspace in a smaller area.

Sliding doors create privacy for this home office.

A dedicated workspace helps you defeat distractions. If television, snacks and household happenings tempt you, add a door to your office and shut out the noise.

A central hub for all electronics is essential.

Laptops can travel anywhere, but it will decrease clutter if you have a designated charging station and home base for your electronics.

A home office off of a bedroom ensures no work is done in bed.

Although we’d argue against trying to work from your bed, a bedroom office isn’t a bad idea. Hide away from the commotion downstairs, and retreat to a place that is all your own.

We love the color of this home office.

If you gravitate towards bright, playful design, don’t opt for neutrals in the office. Just like every other room in the home, the office should reflect your personality.

All of these windows provide brilliant natural light in this workspace.

Seating is one of the biggest decisions when designing an office. If you fear falling asleep at your desk, an exercise ball is a sure-fire way to keep you alert and on task.

As these home offices demonstrate, customization is key. Without a rule book to follow, you can choose the seating, storage and layout that works. “We create offices for people in every type of occupation — from housewives to heart surgeons,” explains Heather. “The conversation begins with nailing down what is important to you.”

This article is sponsored by Castle Homes. All photos by Reed Brown Photography.  

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