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British textile designer William Morris once said, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” For us, Good Wood Nashville ticks both boxes. A boutique, one-stop-woodshop founded by Dave Puncochar in 2012, Good Wood Nashville’s specialty is crafting and selling beautiful, functional furniture with a story — statement pieces that inspire conversation.

Dave Puncochar of Good Wood Nashville

Dave Puncochar (pictured) started Good Wood Nashville in 2012 after a difficult search for poplar wood to match the 100-year-old floors in his East Nashville Victorian home.

The second you step inside the furniture maker’s 13,000-square-foot showroom and lumber store, you can’t help but be awed by the number of stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces. From tables and flooring to accent walls and sliding barn doors, Good Wood Nashville’s showroom includes examples of all types of projects. It also serves as a hub for other artisans to sell their work. In fact, the space is best described as a gallery for artists — both at Good Wood Nashville and beyond. While about 90% of the pieces you see are created in-house, the remaining 10% of showroom pieces are created by outside makers.

As you stroll through the showroom, chances are you’ll be approached by one of Good Wood Nashville’s cheerful and eager-to-help employees. Don’t be shy when it comes to asking questions about any of the pieces you’re admiring (trust us — you’re bound to have lots of questions) because the backstories of how they came to be are often extraordinary.

Sunburst are hanging on the wall of Good Wood Nashville's showroom

The sunburst art seen here was a custom piece created for Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival. It served as the perfect photo op for festival-goers.

Wall samples at Good Wood Nashville

In addition to furniture, Good Wood Nashville also creates custom walls and flooring.

Board showcasing different types of wood

From cherry to walnut, you can find furniture made from multiple types of wood.

Each piece of furniture is crafted from ethically sourced materials found primarily throughout Nashville. While Good Wood Nashville is not a tree removal company, Dave often finds the best, most unique wood through phone calls from people who want him to take a look at a nearby tree. It’s these journeys that make the furniture extra special. This idea of bringing an old log or tree sitting in someone’s yard and transforming it into a beautiful, functional piece of furniture inspired Good Wood Nashville’s “root to table” initiative — breathtaking tables created from live edge slabs of wood.

For example, you may see pieces made from Osage orange wood scattered throughout the showroom. Be sure to pay special attention to these, as their story hits close to home for both Good Wood Nashville employees and locals. The wood comes from a tree that fell two houses down from Five Points in East Nashville during the March 2020 tornado.

If you look closely at these Osage orange pieces, you’ll likely see thick black lines running through the middle of them. Dave believes these were roots growing through the middle of the tree as they tried to find daylight. In addition, you’ll notice the unique orange-yellow color of the wood, which often leads to gold-like sawdust fluttering about as the tables are crafted in Good Wood Nashville’s workshop.

Osage orange coffee table at Good Wood Nashville

Keep your eyes peeled for pieces crafted from an Osage orange tree that fell during Nashville’s March 2020 tornado. It was the largest Osage tree Dave has seen to date.

Table made from osage orange tree

Want to hear more of the incredible backstory of the Osage orange tree that Dave and his team found in East Nashville? Click HERE.

You’ll likely see multiple furniture pieces made from this Osage orange tree as you continue through the showroom, but if you walk downstairs to the lumber store, you’ll find raw pieces of the same wood waiting to be customized. As you continue through the lower level, you’ll find even more types of wood with fascinating histories — from poplar and maple to sycamore, oak, and more. Again, just ask a Good Wood Nashville team member, as they’re well-versed in the backstory and origin of most of the lumber they sell.

Stack of wood that was reclaimed from old train cars

You never know what type of wood you may find in Good Wood Nashville’s downstairs lumber store. This stack of boxcar planks comes from reclaimed train cars.

It’s safe to say Good Wood Nashville is a local treasure providing residents of Music City and beyond with treasures of their own. Whether you’re in need of custom floors, walls, countertops, or a table, Good Wood Nashville can provide you with something extraordinary that all of your house guests will want to hear about.

Good Wood Nashville is located at 1307 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN 37207. To learn more, visit or call (615) 454-3817.

This article is sponsored by Good Wood Nashville. All photography by Liza Graves.

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