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Williamson County is known for its bucolic scenery, excellent schools and its wide array of housing options. But finding just the right Franklin neighborhood to call home requires the help of an expert who knows the ins and outs of all the area’s housing options.

Some families seek privacy and space. Others prefer more of a sense of community, and this county has no shortage of traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs) that have been designed with community in mind.

More established TND communities in Williamson County such as Westhaven, Berry Farms, and Tollgate Village, are about to be joined by newer developments Stephens Valley, Northside McEwen, Ovation and Alexander Farms.

These communities offer features such as resort-style pools and town centers with restaurants and shopping nearby, but they also offer some more intangible amenities such as walkability, planned events including farmers’ markets and music festivals — and a master plan that is purposeful in its intent to foster front porch conversations with neighbors.

Franklin Neighborhoods — Berry Farms

Most traditional neighborhood developments, such as Berry Farms, offer green spaces in lieu of large yards that homeowners have to maintain. This fosters community interaction and provides a spot for festivals and other community events.

Franklin Neighborhoods — Westhaven

The clubhouse in the Westhaven community in Franklin serves as a meeting spot for the residents and houses a workout facility, party rooms and offices.

Franklin Neighborhoods — Berry Farms retail

Berry Farms in Franklin offers residents the opportunity to dine and shop without getting in the car.

Zeitlin Sotheby's

Neighbors can enjoy a beautiful stroll through Stephens Valley.

Westhaven, a Franklin Neighborhood, has resort-style pools.

This aerial view of the pool complex at Westhaven in Franklin shows not only multiple swimming pool options, but also a lawn for weddings, concerts and other events designed to bring the community together.

Franklin Neighborhoods — Berry Farms has coffee shops and dining options.

Traditional neighborhood developments like Berry Farms offer residents the ability to walk to shops and restaurants. Image: Trent Wallace

Zeitlin Sotheyby's

Green spaces and walkable areas in Tollgate Village add both beauty and practicality.

The Realtors at Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty’s Williamson County office have intimate knowledge of every home type and can ensure anyone searching for a home finds their perfect home and lifestyle.

“Walkability is a word I hear over and over from buyers, especially those relocating from larger urban areas,” says Angie Jefferson Langford, Affiliate Broker with Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty. “These mixed-use communities have restaurants, grocery stores, shops and even schools in some situations. I think it’s a great place for folks new to the area to land because it makes meeting people so much easier.”

Zeitlin Affiliate Broker Lauran Heckman says people want to know their neighbors more often than not.

“People are craving that sense of community,” she says. “It’s about more than a pool and a clubhouse. People want to have all the things a regular neighborhood has, but they also want sidewalks and restaurants. A lot of times people don’t look at the cost of the amenities, but focus on the value of living in the neighborhood.”

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Westhaven — a walkable neighborhood in Franklin

The proximity of homes and their closeness to the sidewalks in a traditional neighborhood development like Westhaven are meant to foster interaction between neighbors.

A home in Westhaven, a Franklin Neighborhood

Most homes in traditional neighborhood developments, such as this one in Westhaven, are close to the sidewalk and feature front porches designed to be hubs for communication with passersby.

Westhaven front porch — Franklin Neighborhoods

Front porches, such as this one on a home in Westhaven, are a key element in traditional neighborhood developments. It’s a place for neighbors to gather and socialize.

Zeitlin Sotheyby's

This striking home in Stephens Valley welcomes neighbors to spend time together on the front porch.

Zeitlin Sotheby's

Balcony porches in Tollgate Village offer an additional spot for neighbors to relax and unwind together.

Another attribute to a TND, or mixed-use community, is the diversity of not only housing options, but the residents who live there as well. Many of these communities offer everything from apartments to townhomes to larger single-family homes.

Marty Warren is a broker with Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty and lives in Westhaven, a large TND in Franklin, and says that on his street, there is a wide array of family types.

“The wonderful diversity of the residents here is astounding,” he says. “There are young families with children; couples who are retired and couples still working; individuals caring for aging parents; and individual one-person owners.  The camaraderie created through front porch living is exceptional.”

Lisa Leonard, another Zeitlin Sotheby’s Realtor explains why both her clients and own family members love Westhaven’s walkability & amenities.

“My clients including my 4 grandchildren love Westhaven because of all the amenities such as grocery, shops, dining, parks, clubhouse, social events and festivals. It doesn’t matter if the are single or family or a senior citizen there is something to offer all on this community!” Lisa Leonard,  Realtor Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty

To find out more about the traditional neighborhood developments in Williamson County, contact a Realtor at Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty’s Williamson County office at (615) 794-0833 or visit zeitlin.com.

This article is sponsored by Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty. All photography provided by Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty unless otherwise noted.

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