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Ex Voto Vintage is Nashville’s newest go-to destination for exquisite handmade jewelry and gifts, all made by Southern artisans who understand that style is in the details. Designer and founder Elizabeth Adams believes that accessories should tell a story and be as unique as the person wearing them. She gives antique jewelry a second life by merging past and present to create her own noteworthy wares. After losing her youngest child to an inoperable brain tumor, Elizabeth tapped into her creativity to help find healing, which eventually led to jewelry making. “I needed something to focus on,” she says. “It was very therapeutic to take a necklace or bracelet that was broken and give it a new purpose, to help people to see it in a new way.”

Ex Voto Vintage is located in Green Hills.
Ex Voto Vintage

Ex Voto Vintage

Elizabeth’s artistic parents fostered her creativity from the get-go. Her formal art education began in a high school magnet program. She later studied architecture and education at Auburn University, where she also enrolled in studio art classes. After her children were born, she dabbled in sewing. Elizabeth then spent a number of years creating a custom stationery line. She dove back into painting after her daughter’s passing. Those paintings quickly evolved into mixed-media collage. “I was into anything I could find that would add texture,” she says. “I would take pieces of broken antique jewelry and embed them into the collage.” Soon, she found herself adding to these pendants and creating her own. The jewelry line evolved from there.

The now sizable collection features timeless jewelry pieces and seasonal trends. Ex Voto Vintage has additional locations in Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, but the Nashville store features a large selection of their one-of-a-kind collection, with exclusive items that only can be found here. Nearly all of the pieces are customizable in some way and everything is made in the South. Also in the mix are gifts for guys — signet rings, pocket squares, leather valet trays and the like — as well as a luxurious bridal collection and classic lifestyle items, including a candle, ring holder and a ceramic jewelry dish. A portion of all Ex Voto Vintage sales goes to The Cure Starts Now Foundation for pediatric brain cancer research. The Ex Voto Vintage line has memorable goods packed with sentiment, and something for every gender and generation. Our favorite pieces are versatile, elegant and, most of all, unique.


An ultimate conversation piece, the Scout necklace features a pendant cast from an antique key that Elizabeth discovered in Paris, a signature Ex Voto shield charm and an Art-Deco ornament with a mother-of-pearl stone. It also can be wrapped and worn as a short necklace, making it a perfect layering piece.

The Scout — Ex Voto Vintage
The Scout, $179 | Image: Ex Voto Vintage


This gorgeous labradorite and agate stone necklace is topped off by the popular Provence pendant. The shiny gold set against the cool blue-gray stones provides just the right pop of color to any outfit.

Laboradite — Ex Voto Vintage
Provence Labradorite, $189 | Image: Ex Voto Vintage


The Rose necklace is suitable for both casual and formal wear. Cast from the top of an antique key that Elizabeth found in France, the necklace showcases hand-wrapped freshwater pearls and the fashionable Provence pendant, as well as the Ex Voto-patented toggle, which allows for versatility. Wrapped, this necklace can be worn short.

Rose — Ex Voto Vintage
Rose, $149 | Image: Ex Voto Vintage


The Shannon necklace accentuates the Canterbury medal, a pendant cast from an antique English medal, that can be monogrammed. A single hand-wrapped white freshwater pearl accents the medal. Beautiful in its simplicity, this necklace is heavily plated in 18K gold.

Shannon necklace with Canterbury medal — Ex Voto Vintage
Shannon necklace with Canterbury medal, $239 | Image: Ex Voto Vintage


Highlighting deep green vassenite stones and lost wax beads, this 19” necklace spotlights the Galena pendant, cast from an antique belt buckle with a storied history. This lavish statement piece features the Ex Voto-patented toggle, which can be utilized to pair it with a longer style if desired.

Vivian — Ex Voto Vintage
Vivian, $239 | Image: Ex Voto Vintage


Modeled after a rare antique key that Elizabeth spotted while visiting Scotland, the Edinburgh pendant is cast in solid brass and strung on a gold-plated chain. This necklace also features the Ex Voto shield interlink and toggle.

Edinburgh — Ex Voto Vintage
Edinburgh antique key necklace, $159 | Image: Ex Voto Vintage


Take a peek at some of the newest items available for fall:

Ex Voto Vintage fall pieces
Brass hoop earring, $39; Choker necklace, $79; Mary Beth necklace, $98; Labradorite with blue glass bead, $139; Red Jasper necklace, $139; Tallulah Cuff, $79; Lilla Cuff, $89
Ex Voto Vintage fall pieces
Vivian necklace ($239) connected with Lauren necklace ($98)
Ex Voto Vintage fall pieces
Indigo cuff, $69; Necktie wrapping bracelet, $89; Woodley cuff, $79; Lilla cuff, $89; Murray cuff, $49; Crocodile cuff, $89
Ex Voto Vintage fall pieces
Milli earrings, $59; Elwood necklace, $149; Black walnut bangle, $59; Ceramic bangle, $49

Ex Voto Vintage is located in The Courtyard on Bandywood at 2209 Bandywood Drive in Green Hills. To learn more, visit their website or call (615) 454-6473.

This article is sponsored by Ex Voto Vintage.

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