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A note from StyleBlueprint in light of yesterday’s tragic events in Boston:

Our post today has been planned for weeks, but the timing is strangely coincidental … As you’ll read below, DCXV is a company founded upon and steeped in community spirit, and in light of yesterday’s tragic events at the Boston Marathon, the sentiment of “I Believe” that runs through this piece is especially poignant. Promoting a cohesive community, unity and civic pride (the words of DCXV’s founder) is important indeed, particularly so in times of crisis; and a company who embraces this belief as its complete mission is one to support. Also due our support are the people in Boston–the residents and the visitors–affected by the events of yesterday. Our thoughts are with you.


Have you seen the painted signs “I Believe in Nashville” around town? There is one on 12th, one at Marathon Village and (fingers crossed) one soon to pop up in East Nashville. There is a story behind the murals and the guy behind the company that makes them. If you like the sentiment, you can order a t-shirt, poster, tank top and more. But, before we get to that, a little background.

My husband and I at Edly's BBQ on 12th Ave South, this past November. I'm sure we are some of the thousands who have had their photo taken here!

My husband and I at Edley’s BBQ on 12th Ave South this past November. I’m sure we are among the thousands who have had their photo taken here! Its now my wallpaper on my phone.

Adrien Saporiti is the 25-year-old owner of DCXV. A Nashville native, he graduated from USN and off to college he went. He landed back in Nashville with new eyes several years later. Listening to people talk about the “best” part of Nashville, geographically speaking, made no sense to him as, through his eyes, all of Nashville was amazing. His answer was to use his graphic design skills to create a poster, and then t-shirts, with the words “I Believe in Nashville.” He even self-taught himself the art of screen printing in his garage. He filled a niche by creating “Nashville” t-shirts for the citizens of Nashville, not just for the tourists.

After tremendous success at the 2010 Tomato Arts Festival, he quit his “real” job and focused 100% on his new company, DCXV (which, in Roman numerals, means “615”). It seems the attitude of finding similar ground and working together, instead of stereotyping and demeaning different neighborhoods, has nice and widespread appeal.



Adrien Saporiti, the owner of DCXV.


Fast forward to today. An iPhone case is about to come in (pre-orders being accepted now) and there are many other graphic designs available for your tank or tee. With a following that is now worldwide, seriously, DCXV is positioned to expand their scope of designs again. Look for an announcement, most likely this week!

I stopped by the East Nashville store with two 14 year old girls in tow. I have to say, they were as smitten as I was.



The DCXV storefront.



14 year old girls trying to pick their favorite t-shirt.



Posters, patches, bumper stickers, iPhone cases and, on the shelf below, those are baby onesies!



The girls liked this shirt best. $25.



This was my favorite. $25.



See, even as a resident, you can see someone wearing this. $25.



However, and perhaps this also speaks to our want for sustained warm weather, the Tennessee star tank, available in many colors, are the ones we are going to get. But the “I Believe” tank may just win out. $20 each.

So, as the murals spread throughout Nashville, understand that this is purposeful, as they are meant to embrace all parts of our united city. Seek out each mural and take time to know the neighborhood where it lives. And, as this company grows, take pride knowing that it started here and is based here. Let the “I Believe” sentiment spread and flourish. We believe.

For more information, or to order online, see:

SB note: If you want to make a shopping destination out of visiting DCXV, be sure to stop by neighboring stores Eclectic Nashville (home store with locally made goods) and Khan Desserts, a bakery and cafe, which is vegan and delicious.



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