When it comes to our daily routine, we tend to be loyalists to our favorite brands. However, sometimes it’s fun to try products from the local drugstore — whether out of necessity or simply the desire to try something new that won’t break the bank. We asked a few Nashville beauty professionals to give us the scoop on their favorite low-cost beauty products from the local drugstore aisles — the ones they simply cannot live without! You may find your next “new favorite” from their list. Take a look!

Beauty professional: Valorie Cole, Daniel Cole Collection

Cheap Thrill: Covergirl Super Sizer Big Curl Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is an essential make-up bag staple, and Valorie Cole of Daniel Cole Collection admits her love/hate relationship with the waterproof version. She tells us, “It’s not my everyday go-to. However, it’s a necessity for certain occasions.” This Covergirl Super Sizer Big Curl Waterproof Mascara gives a boost and stays on throughout the day without smearing. We found it for only $5.99 at Target.

Covergirl Super Sizer Big Curl Waterproof Mascara- cheap thrills

Covergirl Super Sizer Big Curl Waterproof Mascara, $5.99, at Target.

Beauty professional: Lauri Hays, The Facial Rejuvenation Center

Cheap Thrill: Neutrogena Satin Eye Shadow

Among the latest eyeshadow trends, neutral shades are among the top looks for this fall. Lauri Hays from The Facial Rejuvenation Center discusses how Neutrogena Satin Eye Shadow has become one of her favorites. “I have fallen in love with this Neutrogena Satin Eyeshadow in the soft Desert Rose color,” she tells us. “This particular eyeshadow is formulated with Vitamin E and designed to avoid transference or creasing on the eyelid. With its slight shimmer, Desert Rose leaves a neutral, satiny finish. It is a densely pigmented shadow that can make blue eyes pop with intensity, green eyes appear brighter and more vibrant, and brown eyes sparkle with warmth. This classic eye shadow can be found at Walgreens for $9.99.”

Neutrogena satin eye shadow

Neutrogena Satin Eye Shadow, $9.99, at Walgreens

Beauty professional: Leslie Moore, Private Edition

Cheap Thrill: L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise

Makeup guru Leslie Moore of Private Edition added her input on Lash Paradise, a low-cost mascara that fiercely rivals its competitors — we’ll refrain from naming names! “I turn and burn mascaras in my kit. With this quality, each of my personal clients has purchased their own! No need for guessing if it’s the right color; Lash Paradise also has a ‘matching’ eyelash primer that is also amazing!” Get yours at Target for $8.29.

Lash Paradise cheap thrills

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise, $8.29, at Target

Beauty Professional: Kim Hunter, True Blue Salon

Cheap Thrill: NYX Lip Liner

Lip liner … it’s the one item on your vanity that you didn’t know you needed. Kim Hunter of True Blue Salon tells us, “My favorite lip liner is one by NYX, and it’s available at Walgreen’s for under $4. My go-to is a perfect mauve nude called ‘Pale Pink.’” From keeping your lipstick on to using it as your choice of lip-covering, this lip liner is a cheap thrill that we will definitely be adding to our cart.


NYX lip liner cheap thrills

NYX Lip Liner, available at Walgreen’s, for less than $4

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Beauty professional: Robin Haney, Apropos Spa

Cheap Thrill: Baby Powder

For the days in between washing your hair, Robin Hanley of Apropos Spa gives us the skinny on an environmentally friendly, low-cost alternative to dry shampoo. “In addition to absorbing moisture on the skin and having a light powdery scent, cornstarch baby powder is great as a dry shampoo — better for the environment (no aerosols) and much more economical! If needed, a quick blast with the blow dryer removes any white powdery look, even from dark hair.” We found Robin’s drugstore beauty hack at Walgreens, for $5.49.

Baby powder- cheap thrills

Baby powder, $5.49, at Walgreens

Beauty professional: Mary Kathryn Hudson, Therapy Systems

Cheap Thrill: Crest 3D White™ Glamorous White Mouthwash

Mary Kathryn Hudson of Therapy Systems understands that having a love for coffee and red wine comes at a price — those two enjoyable beverages can leave us with some unwanted stains on our teeth. Mary Kathryn tells us, “I think a pretty smile is one of the best accessories and makes a major impact. I always use Crest 3D White™ Glamorous White Mouthwash after brushing, one to two times per day, to keep my teeth white. It really helps reduce stains from coffee and red wine.” At around $7.99 a bottle, it’s a cost-effective way to keep your smile gleaming bright.

Crest 3D Mouthwash- cheap thrills

Crest 3D White™ Glamorous White Mouthwash, $7.99, at Target

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Beauty professional: Dr. Anna Land, REN Dermatology

Cheap Thrill: CeraVe PM Lotion

As we move into the colder months, skin hydration is crucial. Dr. Anna Land from REN Dermatology lets us in on her secret to keeping her skin fully moisturized. She tells us, “My go-to, basic but effective moisturizer for all skin types is CeraVe PM lotion. This fragrance-free, lightweight formula is packed with ceramides and niacinamide to help calm and restore the skin barrier by preventing water loss. Hyaluronic acid also works to hold onto water molecules and hydrate the skin.” You can find it for around $12.39 at Target.

CeraVe PM Lotion- cheap thrills

CeraVe PM Lotion, for around $12.39, at Target

Beauty professional: Susanne Shepard, Shine Salon

Cheap Thrill: Tidalle Stretchy Headbands

After your nightly routine, it’s important to keep your hair away from the products you’ve used. Susanne Shepard of Shine Salon has the perfect solution for keeping your hair and skincare routines from getting in each other’s way. “This headband creates the perfect nighttime barrier from water and products, and it protects your lovely blowout. It allows for a crease-free solution to stretching into another day without having to wash your hair.” You can find this item in a variety of colors, at various retailers, for around $10.99.

Tidalle Stretchy Headbands, at various retailers, for around $10.99 

Happy shopping!


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