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StyleBlueprint-FACES-Angie Gore 2A misunderstood notion about public relations consultants is that they’re only important in a time of crisis, where in reality, they are true business strategists. Meet Angie Gore, president of Kaleidoscope Media. Angie is as savvy as they come, having built one of Nashville’s most compelling PR firms. She has acquired a number of high profile clients like Bonnaroo, Nashville Dancin’, SouthComm Publishing and Cumberland Heights. We are elated to introduce you to her today!

Are you originally from Nashville?

Yes, I was born and raised in Nashville. I consider both California and Nashville home, as I spent about 10 years out west.  I’ve also had a couple stints in NYC. I love it there too.

What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

I didn’t know, but I knew I liked being in charge. A high school internship at a Nashville production company fostered my love for the entertainment business. I worked hard and enjoyed the pace and the range of skills it required.

As President of Kaleidoscope Media, one of Nashville’s most vibrant PR and event companies, what advice do you have for young women starting their careers?

First of all, thank you for saying that! Advice for young women: get experience any way you can–no matter what the pay. The cream always rises to the top, and those who demonstrate their commitment to their careers will become sought after. Also, take care of yourself and listen to yourself. Follow your instincts while balancing your head and your heart. Last, find more than ONE mentor. Everyone you work with will have something different to offer, and eventually you will develop your own style, work ethic and approach.

Why are companies attracted to Kaleidoscope Media?

You would have to ask our clients, but I believe building lasting brands boils down to creating a compelling vision and having the skill and the contacts to bring it to life. It takes time to develop those skills and contacts, and we’ve put in the time. It also helps that we love to wrestle with those sorts of challenges. We revel in the process–letting the ideas flow and then culling out the best ones and going to work bringing them to fruition. I’m known around the office for saying “Let’s make it happen.”

What makes a good client?

Because we are a small shop, we have to be selective. Good clients share information, are readily available, and trust us to do our job.

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What is a valuable piece of advice you have been given?

You can do whatever you want—you just have to figure out what that is. As Susan Sarandon said, “make a lot of mistakes and big ones.” Also, be grateful and practice it every day. A grateful heart brings more things to be grateful for.

What excites you most about Nashville these days?

I am an entrepreneur at heart, and I love that I live in a creative town with an artistic soul. Our special city has a lot of potential, and I love being a part of helping it grow. Specifically, I enjoy that we are getting more restaurants, more diversity of people and music, and, in general, more style.

If you could change one thing about Nashville, what would it be?

No question, I wish we had an ocean.

What meal at a local restaurant has recently wowed you the most?

If juice counts as a meal (and sometimes it does for me), then it would have to be Juice Nashville. They’re serving up bottles of cold-pressed natural goodness that I can’t get enough of!

Who’s your favorite up-and-coming band?

My in-the-know teammates told me to give Odessa Rose a listen today and I loved her. I like up-and-comers who give a nod to the classics. I also really like Rayland Baxter.
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What books are on your bedside table?

In addition to my iPad & Kindle, The Essential Rumi. Rumi’s poetry blows me away and puts my mind at ease before I go to sleep.  Also, Love, Freedom, and Aloneness/ The Koan of Relationships by Osho–I always have some self-help or spiritual book on my side table. And a large stack of design, business and news magazines … to get and share inspiration.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

I love the West Coast. I just returned from San Francisco, Santa Barbara and LA where I sailed, hiked, ate good food and visited with friends. (My boyfriend says I should say Italy.)

Is there something our readers would be surprised to know about you?

For a PR gal, I’m pretty shy. I’m also a homebody if I’m not working or traveling.

Have any irrational fears?

Yes, I take deep breaths driving under a railroad track near my house when there is a train on it–something about it makes me nervous I’m going to get smushed. Did I mention I’m a news junkie?

If you weren’t the owner of Kaleidoscope Media, what would you do?

I’d be a hotelier, a designer or maybe a high school counselor … perhaps the director of a non-profit organization devoted to the education of women and children or maybe a non-profit committed to clean water for everyone or … You can see why my boyfriend calls me Taz (as in Tazmanian Devil)… I spin a little too fast for him sometimes.

What are three things you can’t live without, excluding God, family and friends?

Nature (hiking and the ocean), good design and rubbing my dog’s belly in the morning. Can I add health?

Thank you, Angie! To learn more about Kaleidoscope Media, visit the website:

And big thanks to Ashley Hylbert for today’s beautiful photographs. See more of Ashley’s work here:

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