Though we like to think of ourselves as being crafty and capable of transforming our kid’s finger painting into a masterpiece with the right Walmart frame, sometimes a certain space or wall within our home may demand more than a DIY project. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to break the bank to collect fine art.

The Arts have always been center stage in Nashville, and accessible visual art is plentiful — meaning, you do not have to spend thousands to take home a masterpiece. Today we are sharing a list of local galleries that sell inspiring works for under $1000.

David Lusk Gallery

Come on down! You are the next contestant on The Price is Right! This art exhibit at David Lusk is going on now and is the gallery’s annual offering of artworks under $1000! Talented artists from Tennessee and across the nation are on display. Expect to find sculpture, mixed media and works on panel and canvas with a limitless scope of subject matter that is both innovative and compelling. With a showing of nearly 50 artists, it is a perfect opportunity to start your own art collection, or to find a piece to add to it!

David Lusk_Tyler Hildebrand
Vacant Security at Brickhouse, Mark Bradley-Shoup, oil on panel, 15 x 15 in, $850 at David Lusk Gallery

Dishes No. 15, Carri Jobe, oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 in, $850 at David Lusk Gallery

David Lusk_Lester Merriweather

Untitled (24283), Lester Merriweather, Acryclic on canvas, 11 x 14 in, $800 at David Lusk Gallery 

David Lusk_Frieda Hamm

Untitled, Frieda Hamm, Handcolored monoprint, 8 x 8 in, $900 at David Lusk Gallery 

Art & Invention Gallery

Located in the heart of the Five Points District in East Nashville, Art & Invention Gallery specializes in craft, fine arts and original furniture. Their inventory of work features everything from handmade lamps to pottery to jewelry and metal work. In addition to curating fascinating exhibits, Art & Invention gallery hosts workshops and lectures for kids and adults alike. Art & Invention Gallery is also the founder and host of the Tomato Art Show, which will be part of the annual Tomato Art Fest, where affordable crafts and artworks abound! We have our eye on these playful pieces, soon to be available at the festival:

AngieBrownNashvilleTomatoCageI-Shelby (1)

Nashville Tomato Cage 1- Shelby, Angie Brown, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 34 in, $348 at the Tomato Art Fest

Amber Briggs 2014 All Red Inside

All Red on the Inside, Amber Briggs, woodcut print, 23 x 19 in, $200 at the Tomato Art Fest


Are you my mother, Denise Hawkins, oil on linen, 10.5 x 10.5 in, $185 at the Tomato Art Fest

Cumberland Gallery

Owner and director Carol Stein opened Cumberland Gallery in 1980 to provide both established and emerging artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work. Her well-curated space on Hillsboro Circle consistently features painting, sculpture and photography. Cumberland Gallery makes purchasing art an easy process. Although each artwork is documented and available for purchase online, don’t miss the opportunity to see these works first hand! These are the pieces that topped our must-have list from Cumberland Gallery:

Cumberland gallery_Ahren Ahrenholz

Small works 9, Ahren Ahrenholz, mixed media sculpture, 6 x 6 in, $850 at Cumberland Gallery

Cumberland Gallery_Lynda Ray

Isoline 1, Lynda Ray, drawing on panel, 12 x 12 in, $800 at Cumberland Gallery

Cumberland Gallery_Susan Bryant
Self Portrait with Urn, Susan Bryant, digital print, 11 x 14 in. $200 at Cumberland Gallery

The Arts Company

Revered as a cornerstone of the Nashville art scene, The Arts Company continues to curate compelling exhibits since its founding days in 1996. The historic building on Fifth Avenue has recently expanded its walls to accommodate additional exhibition space. The Arts Company elegantly integrates the work of local and internationally renowned artists with every show. A destination for locals and tourists alike, The Arts Company serves as an educational landmark for the arts district of Nashville and remains a major player in The First Saturday Art Crawl of each month.

AC 12. man with a Cello 54 x 43
Man with a Cello (ed. 1 of 12), Daryl Thetford, 24 x 30 in, Inkjet on aluminum, $475 at The Arts Company
EC_P13 Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower, Ed Clark, B & W photograph, 11 x 14 in, $950 at The Arts Company

The Rymer Gallery

As one of the largest galleries on Fifth Avenue, The Rymer Gallery continues to serve as a trailblazer for Nashville’s contemporary art scene. The Rymer gallery showcases work from artists with a diverse range of concepts and experiences and hosts provocative installations, multi-media exhibits and more. In addition to hosting fabulous art shows, The Rymer Gallery lends its multi-level space to private parties, lectures and philanthropic events. We were thrilled to discover that Rymer currently houses several works that meet our price point!

Rymer_Jeff Green
Ammo Collage, Jeff Green, mixed media on panel, 9 x 11 in, $800 at The Rymer Gallery
Rymer_Stacie Rose
One, Stacie Rose, screenprint on paper, 25 x 25 in, $675 at The Rymer Gallery

Tinney Contemporary

Known for bringing local, regional and international talent through its doors, Tinney Contemporary continually curates stunning exhibits of photography, painting, drawing and more. Tinney Contemporary also provides professional art services and has lent their expertise to individual collectors, firms, hospitals and other businesses. Suited for both commercial and residential purposes, Tinney’s superior selection of contemporary works have landed in some of the most prestigious institutions and homes throughout Nashville. Here are examples of some of their under $1000 works: 

we are skybound. are you coming_
We are Skybound, Are You Coming? Carla Ciuffo, Archival digital print, 18 x 36 in, $950 at Tinney Contemporary
Untitled 3, Mary Long, Encaustic on panel, 10 x 10 in, $450 at Tinney Contemporary

We love thinking how these pieces would look in our homes … Art within reach is a good thing!


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