Faherty Brand, a line of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing as well as blankets, was created by twin brothers Mike and Alex Faherty. Launching the brand fulfilled a lifelong dream. Now with seven bricks-and-mortar locations and with the brand carried in countless high-end retailers throughout the United States, the line of high-quality goods made with unique and sustainable fabrics, is available far and wide.

In anticipation for Faherty Brand’s upcoming visit to Nashville’s Oak Hall, we sat down with the Faherty brothers to learn a bit more about the brand, which is inspired by their love of the outdoors, particularly in — or by — the water. Thankfully, you don’t have to be beachside to wear their collections; you simply have to want easy, comfortable and quality clothing. Get to know the brothers and the Faherty Brand — and then head to Oak Hall and meet them — and their line — in person.

Meet the brothers behind Faherty Brand! Image: Faherty Brand

Meet the brothers behind Faherty Brand! Image: Faherty Brand

Tell us the story of how Faherty Brand got started.

Mike Faherty: I always wanted to start my own clothing line. We spent our childhood at the beach. Every day, we’d be out in the ocean, learning to surf, boogie boarding or walking along the boardwalk. We love being in the ocean. We are always chasing summer, sneaking in surf sessions when we can and being outside in the sunshine. For my college essay, I outlined the business proposal of starting a clothing brand, which I had named “Coast2Curb.” I gained valuable hands-on experience during my time [in design] at Ralph Lauren and left there with a great set of tools and connections that helped me pursue my dream and launch our brand five years ago.

Alex Faherty: As teenagers, whenever Mike talked about starting a clothing brand, we knew we wanted to do it together. And even though there was a financial and stability risk for us all, the pros of creating something on our own together as brothers far outweighed the uncertainty. What I lacked in creative and design skills, I made up with in business acuity from my time spent working in private equity and investment banking.

How do the designs reflect your individual aesthetics?

MF: The clothes I design are the ones I have been craving to wear. So I start simple: What is it that I want right now? And then, I will work each product category separately. For example, I’ll ask myself, “What kind of jacket am I missing?” Then I start brainstorming. I’ve been really focused on shirt jackets recently. I just love that they can be lighter weight and serve as the only outer layer that you need for most of fall, especially as temperatures have risen. They also can have a cleaner and more polished look than your typical outerwear.

In addition to seven Faherty Brands storefronts, your pieces can be found in shops across the country. What do you look for in stores to partner with?

AF: We look for good people in good stores selling good clothes. That about sums it up.

You’ll be visiting Nashville for a trunk show at Oak Hall. What Faherty Brand items are you excited to share with shoppers?

MF: We have a bunch of great lightweight outerwear that seamlessly transitions you from fall to winter, some great core pieces like soft heather tees and long sleeve polos and our signature pant collection.

Describe Faherty Brands in three words.

AF: Easy, comfortable, quality

Stop by Oak Hall on September 28 & 29 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. to meet Alex Faherty, who will be the guest of honor at a beach party-style trunk show at Oak Hall in Hill Center Green Hills. Swing by to shop, sip refreshments and learn even more about the family business.


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