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Whether reading interior design magazines or checking out home tours, it’s the master bedroom we always seek out. Cozy, warm, moody, light, bright or bold, we often find that these rooms are marked by functional design that is also quite beautiful. No longer just a mere space for sleeping, the master suite can invite a morning cup of coffee and newspaper scan in a cozy nook, or Saturday morning cartoon-watching in bed with the kiddos. The spaces should offer a quiet respite from the rest of the world, and from a design perspective, they offer an exciting world of opportunity.

Take a look at some of these dreamy master bedrooms created by some of Nashville’s top interior designers. Each space serves the client’s needs and is a space that anyone would be happy to return to each day.

A Solid Foundation

“This dreamy Brentwood home features many beautiful details, but the master suite is truly the sanctuary of the home,” Andrew Denny of Textures Flooring tells us of a recent project. This master bedroom boasts high ceilings with gorgeous dark wooden beams and stunning large windows that allow light to flow in every morning. Andrew continues, “Soft colors, modern design elements and details from floor to ceiling make this space feel very custom and special.”

His team installed the lovely European oak floors, creating the perfect organic foundation for the room. The literal and figurative starting point for the room, they are a beautiful backdrop that allows the transitional design elements to shine. Designer Julie Davis of Julie Davis Interiors expertly incorporated her clients’ desires to create a clean, light-filled space they’d love.

A talented team of creatives — Julie Davis Interiors, Textures Flooring and Grove Park Construction — collaborated to create this soothing space. Image: Caroline Sharpnack

A Weekend Getaway

This fantastic master bedroom, designed by the R. Higgins Interiors team, is nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. The room, a project in a private residence at Blackberry Farm, is an elegant balance of warmth and timeless design. “It’s a lovely place that we’d want to spend the weekends every season,” the team explains.

The client had lived in Hong Kong for 17 years, and their beautiful fine art collection and clean aesthetic informed the design. They share, “We wanted the master bedroom to feel like a retreat that wasn’t your typical mountain home. We upholstered the walls in wool, mixed in antiques with crisp bedding, and it made the room feel cozy yet sophisticated.”

5 Dreamy Master Bedrooms

This master bedroom is layered with texture, giving it a rich, inviting feel. Designer: R. Higgins Interiors | Image: Reid Rolls

5 Dreamy Master Bedrooms

The timeless design and beautiful vaulted ceiling lend a sophisticated air. Image: Reid Rolls

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Where Function Meets Beauty

The talented team at Providence Interiors recently worked on a project in Brentwood’s Você neighborhood. Their clients were seeking a calm and restful master suite as well as functionality — clean storage systems and practicality — with beautiful finishes. “In the bedroom,” the team explains, “we started with layers of white with varying textures — the added paneling on the wall behind the headboard, painted the same White Dove as the walls. On that nice, neutral canvas, we added layers of soft blues and some warm metallic tones in the lighting.” The neutral walls allow the added layers to shine. Natural linen on the custom bed and bedding is then paired with the warmth of the blue custom duvet cover and pillows. “Each layer adds just enough color and keeps the tone of the room minimal but lovely to walk in to — very soothing,” they tell us.

The balanced nature of the master suite continues into the bathroom. A base of marble countertops and floor lends a clean spaciousness to the relaxing master bath. “With so much white, we selected a beautiful blue wallpaper to add softness and warmth. Even custom cabinetry can become very linear and overpowering. We minimized that by varying the heights of the counters and building out the center section to resemble a tall dresser or chest.”

The thoughtful balance between clean, functional design, and warmth in layers and fabric choices gave the clients exactly what they were looking for. “We love the way this space turned out. Elegant, inviting, peaceful — perfect for a master suite!”

The balance of textures and soft colors give this master bedroom an immediately soothing vibe. Designer: Providence Interiors | Image: Nick McGinn

“The mirrors were trimmed out to be the perfect companion to the countertop,” the designers tell us. The marble counters and custom storage make for a stunning and functional place to start your day! Image: Nick McGinn

A Personal Touch

This stunning master bedroom is quite literally dressed in personalization. Marcelle Guilbeau of Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design is known for her thoughtful design and ensuring that her clients’ personal identities are immersed in their homes. This time, she took it to another level when she and her team transformed their client’s Indian sari material into the base for drapes, shams and throw pillows. Marcelle tells us, “This sari had been the client’s outfit when she was inducted into the Peace Corps — her first job when newly out of college.” Its color is rich and luscious, she shares, and it was simply sitting in storage, unused. “We found a useful way to celebrate those formative years and to experience and savor that fabric by turning it into the lower portion of those drapes and those pillows.”

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The luxurious color scheme paired with the personal touch creates a space that feels special. Designer: Marcelle Guilbeau of Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design | Image: Gieves Anderson

A Cozy Haven

Livable beauty defines Tori Alexander’s design style, and it extends into this dreamy master. Tori, of Alexander Interiors, tells us, “Our goal in designing this master bedroom was to create a retreat for the couple. We wanted something that was luxurious and elegant but not at the expense of comfort. The couple has small children so we envisioned lots of Saturday morning cartoons happening here. This influenced all of our decisions — from fabric choices to furniture selection.” The result is a cozy and alluring space that offers an escape for the couple and kiddos alike.

The soft blue and white tones of this master bedroom create a peaceful haven. Designer: Tori Alexander of Alexander Interiors | Image: Paige Rumore

Sleep tight!


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