Days after the last cocktails have been sipped and appetizers enjoyed, it’s infrequently the menu or the decor or the theme of a party that remains on your attendees’ minds. Instead, it’s the special details, the ones that perhaps surprised or delighted, that ensure those guests R.S.V.P. yes to your next soirée.

While we always recommend ticking through your seasoned list of to-dos before hosting or throwing a party, these fun add-ons will take your fiesta from good to great. The unexpected entertainment gives guests something to chat about long after the last lingerers depart the party. Next time you find yourself hosting an event — friends, family, corporate or otherwise — enlist one of these unique additions to kick it up a notch.

Ranger Stitch

Matt Davidson is the man behind Nashville’s beloved Ranger Stitch, the custom embroidery company he began about five years ago. “I saw this embroidery online, so I got a machine and taught myself how to do it,” he laughs, continuing, “It took a long time to find a machine and a long time to figure out how to use it.”

Ranger Stitch is known for its chain stitch designs that adorn the backs of denim jackets far beyond Nashville — as well as the backs of some country music stars who call Music City home. Stitched in bright colors and thoughtful designs, the embroidery adds a unique element to clothing and accessories. Those who want one of Matt’s coveted designs can drop off pieces directly into his hands, or perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to attend an event where Matt is stationed. He has had the chance to work with denim companies like A.Golde, Citizens of Humanity and Wrangler, and he recently popped up at the Patagonia store opening in the Gulch. At these corporate events, the company pays Ranger Stitch for a fixed amount of time to set up shop and add something special to the attendees’ experiences.

Matt brings a few different colors to stitch in, and, he can also create a menu of sorts with several designs from which participants can choose. From cacti and lightning bolts to unicorns, daisies and even quirky phrases, Matt takes ideas and requests and runs with them. The absence of a computerized machine means that no two designs are exactly the same — each has its own little personality reflective of Matt’s creativity and talent.

Matt is self-taught, and it’s obvious in his work that he found his niche in chain stitching. Image: Ranger Stitch

Ranger Stitch is a party addition that your guests are bound to love! Image: Ranger Stitch

Matt’s work is impressive and sometimes cheeky, here paying homage to one of the South’s most beloved brands. Image: Ranger Stitch

At parties and events, Matt recommends keeping it simple with stitched names or choosing from five or six pre-selected designs. Image: Ranger Stitch

At events, guests can get their new piece emblazoned with their name or a simple little design (time is of the essence!). Sometimes, Matt tells us, a customer will opt to purchase a bunch of bandanas for Ranger Stitch to stitch names or initials for party-goers.

Not only do guests have the chance to experience and observe a captivating skill, but they also walk out of the party with a memento that will forever bring to mind the great time they had at the party. Matt is sure to enchant your guests, and his talents will make your next get together the talk of the town.

Ranger Stitch’s prices are available via inquiry through his website. Find him at or @rangerstitch.

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Hip Hues

Hip Hues is a screenprinting company that brings an interactive element to a party by offering attendees the chance to create their own memento in a live, DIY experience. The sister duo opened the business to inspire creativity and to deliver an engaging moment to its participants.

The Hip Hues team brings silk screenprinting to events of all kinds. From bachelorette parties to large corporate functions to family reunions and team building, the ideal audience knows no bounds. They can teach guests how to screenprint, and then they’ll get to try their own hand, stamping the design in a color of their choice onto something they can take home with them.

Hip hues

Hip Hues brings a hands-on experience to any event. Image: Hip Hues

Hip hues

The interactive element gives guests a chance to try something new — and walk away with something they’ll wear or use! Image: Hip Hues

Hip hues

When guests press a company’s logo onto something, a new level of relationship and longevity is formed. Image: Hip Hues

Before your event, discuss with Hip Hues the types of designs you’d like to see. For corporate events, consider using your logo or colors in a design. Once attendees have a personalized experience with the item — not limited to t-shirts, canvas bags, koozies, canvas prints and more — they’re more likely to wear it again and again, which means free, authentic marketing for your brand or company. For parties or family reunions create a custom design or two with the Hip Hues team that everyone can press onto a t-shirt to wear fondly for years to come, remarking to those who notice it that they made it themselves.

Hip Hues brings the mobile printing presses to your event to press the designs of your choice onto party favors of sorts. The onsite dryers mean the items are ready for use before guests even leave the party … and no messes to clean up. It’s the interactive element, though, of learning and pressing their own items that will stick with guests long after the ink has dried.

Inquire about Hip Hues’ pricing and availability on their website, and follow them on Instagram at @hiphues.

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The Aero Bar

The Aero Bar made a splash in Nashville about two years ago with their very first mobile bar, Henry. The sleek, chic bar-on-wheels can roll up to just about any event — from wedding to grand opening to birthday party — serving some of the tastiest cocktails in town. Since the moment they shared their vision with Nashville and beyond, The Aero Bar has been expanding its offerings.

Today, Henry is joined by his “little brother” Scout, created out of a 1990-model bumper pull horse trailer. Both mobile bars are marked by their craftsmanship and exquisite design that neither detracts from other event designs nor blends in. The clean lines offer a desirable aesthetic that is as beautiful as it is functional.

The Aero Bar is a chic addition to weddings, showers and dinner parties. Image: The Aero Bar

Scout, once a red pull horse trailer, is the newest addition to The Aero Bar fleet. Image: The Aero Bar

The Aero Bar team quickly added bartending to their lineup of offerings. The impressive menu extends far beyond simple cocktails. The mixologists work with their clients to create custom cocktail menus tailored to the events and its hosts and guests. Some of their suggested cocktails include a Mezcal watermelon sour, The Aero Bar Old Fashioned and a Hotel Naçional with rum, apricot liqueur, pineapple and lime. And on top of tasty cocktails, hosts can choose from unique options like branded ice or egg white cocktails with custom logos, ideal for special occasions or corporate celebrations.

While they’re best known for pouring stiff drinks out those service windows, we’re fans of their coffee and espresso service, ideal for an early or midday event. The passionate baristas create coffee sodas, cold brews and lattes, and the service is available stand-alone or as an addition to the bartending package. This unique touch is one the caffeine lovers at your gathering will appreciate.

The impeccable, intentionally designed details of The Aero Bar won’t go unnoticed by your guests. Filled with friendly staff and tasty concoctions, it’s a welcomed addition to any party.

For availability and pricing, visit The Aero Bar website at and follow them on Instagram at @theaerobar.


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