As we inch ever closer to the new year, we’re all in on the 2019 reflection process. With that in mind, we tapped some of our favorite local interiors experts and pro builders to share their most memorable building and design projects of 2019. May this kick your creative juices into overdrive as we embark on 2020!

The Wills Company

Ridley Wills, Owner & Design Director

“These are photos of a playhouse we built for Cheekwood. It was our most fun project of the year because it brought great delight to the children visiting Cheekwood’s gardens throughout the summer. It was based on E.B. White’s classic Charlotte’s Web and complemented an exhibit of original artwork from that and other children’s books.”

The Wills company's 2019 favorite design project, Charlotte's Playhouse, at Cheekwood

A nod to the classic Charlotte’s Web, this wonderful playhouse was designed and created by The Wills Company for Cheekwood‘s Storybook Houses exhibit. Image: The Wills Company

Exterior of Charlotte's Playhouse at Cheekwood

Check out Charlotte’s web! Image: The Wills Company

Wilbur the pig at The Wills Company's 2019 favorite design project

Wilbur played a starring role in this whimsical design. Image: The Wills Company

Trace Ventures

Mark Holliday, President 

“Trace’s most memorable project in 2019 was the home created by combining and completely reconfiguring two condominium units in Nashville’s 505 building, at the corner of Fifth and Church. The project was for new Nashvillians (by way of California) who wanted to downsize from their traditional family home. They did not want a copy of their old home in a new setting, and they did not want to end up with a cold, contemporary white box. To the rescue: Trace Ventures’ talented design-build team.

“This project was memorable because it was fun. It incorporated luxury finishes and fixtures (examples include a floating walnut vanity and Moroccan trellis tile) as well as artistic yet functional solutions such as a curved architectural ceiling to hide pipes and wires, and a custom cabinet that transforms into a bed or craft table. The end result is an expression of warm sophistication, with layered neutrals and bursts of saturated earth tones, forming the perfect backdrop for sunrises and sunsets. Cozy gathering areas for lounging, entertaining and relaxing overlook stunning views of downtown Nashville.”

Trace Ventures 2019 favorite design project at 505 Church

Two reconfigured condominium units became a stunning family home, thanks to Trace Ventures. Image: @360Nash

Trace Ventures Kitchen design at 505 Church

Luxury finishes with functional solutions are just a few of the key features in this memorable project. Image: @360Nash

Trace Ventures-505 Church-bedroom

We can only imagine the sunrises and sunsets viewed from this beautiful bedroom with a view! Image: @360Nash

Sara Ray Interior Design

Sara Ray, Owner

“We were lucky to have a lot of really memorable projects in 2019! One of our favorites was a renovation and decor project in Westhaven. Our client and her husband have lived all around the world, and our goal was to incorporate many of the special pieces from their travels into the overall design aesthetic. This project consisted of a master bathroom renovation and two guest bath renovations, plus furnishings and decor for the living room, foyer, powder bath, master and guest bathrooms, and guest bedrooms. The most memorable aspect of this project, which made it so special to us, was the endearing stories she told about the collected pieces we placed throughout her home — whether they were family heirlooms or keepsakes from time spent abroad. It was truly a pleasure to create spaces where these memories can be seen and enjoyed every day. Extra fun project!”

Sara Ray's 2019 favorite design project

Family heirlooms and keepsakes added personal touches to this exceptional design by Sara Ray Interior Design. Image: Kristen Mayfield

Sara Ray 2019 favorite design

With pieces collected from their travels, this couple’s home has memories around every corner. Image: Kristen Mayfield

Allard Ward Architects, LLC

Tyler F. LeMarinel, Partner

“As a smaller, local architecture firm, we don’t often get the opportunity to work within a high-rise building. Needless to say, we were all very excited when we were approached by Dave Haverkamp, a local realtor and developer, to take four one-bedroom units within the ICON and combine them into one incredible suite. When Dave bought them, the four units had already been demolished down to the shell. The previous owner had aspirations of doing something similar, so the work had already begun. The biggest challenge, as with most high-rise buildings, is to work within the framework of the building’s systems. Because all floors above and below share plumbing, HVAC lines, etc., we had to design around many lines that simply couldn’t be moved. With that in mind, we set out to create a suite that felt clean and modern, with ample natural light and large open spaces. The suite actually has frontage on three different sides of the building, so preserving the incredible views of downtown were of paramount importance. In the end, this one-of-a-kind space speaks to a laid back, luxurious lifestyle overlooking the hustle and bustle of downtown.”

Allard Ward 2019 favorite design project- kitchen at Icon

Allard Ward Architects, LLC combined four one-bedroom units to create one incredible suite at the ICON. Image: Jeff Graham

Allard Ward- Icon- dining and living rooms

This modern suite has an open floor plan with an abundance of natural light filtering in from its many windows. Image: Jeff Graham

Allard Ward-Icon -2019 favorite design project

This reading chair offers the opportunity to relax and dig into a good book or gaze at the Nashville skyline. Image: Jeff Graham

Parkes & Lamb

Blair Parkes, Interior Designer & Co-founder

“This was such a fun renovation because it’s a wonderful family that we have been working with for a few years now. We first started decorating the house, and then the family decided to do a renovation for a large portion of the house. The kitchen, bar and breakfast areas were our favorite part of the renovation because they combined a current look with the clean lines of the shaker cabinets. The cabinets were painted in a crisp, warm white yet still embedded organic elements such as a plaster hood, handmade tile and honed quartzite. And, of course, we always want it to be reflective of the client’s style, which is livable, comfortable, organic and extra-durable with their three small children!”

Parkes & Lamb- kitchen- 2019 design

The clean lines of the shaker cabinets lent a beautiful aesthetic to this kitchen space designed by Parkes & Lamb. Image: Mary Craven Dawkins of Mary Craven Photography

lighting fixture- Parkes & Lamb design project

This lighting fixture stands out as a focal piece against the white kitchen backdrop. Image: Mary Craven Dawkins of Mary Craven Photography

kitchen design- Parkes & Lamb

A classic breakfast nook | Image: Mary Craven Dawkins of Mary Craven Photography

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Annali Interiors

McLean Barbieri, Interior Designer & Partner

“While I do primarily residential projects, getting to work on Robbins Plastic Surgery (RPS) with Lesley Beeman of Zeitlin Architects was a treat. In the waiting room, the custom lighting that mimics the RPS logo leads the eye to work by local artist Tess Davies. In another nook, we highlighted a photograph by Caroline Allison. At every turn in this office, Dr. Robbins wanted to use art, furniture and rugs that speak to his personality, and it made the project a joy.”

Annali Interiors- 2019 Favorite design project

McLean Barbieri, of Annali Interiors, reflects on her design for Robbins Plastic Surgery. Image: Cassidy Pflibsen

Annali Interiors- Dr. Robbins Plastic Surgery

Neutral colors create a serene atmosphere while you wait. Image: Cassidy Pflibsen

Hammond & Brandt

Paul Hammond, Co-founder

“This project was a whole-house overhaul. We took the home from a very dark and gothic (think gargoyle statues and all dark colors) home to one filled with natural light and updated modern finishes. The original home was built in the early ’70s, with several subsequent additions/remodels over the years. Some of the unique interior design challenges that made this home special were the porch’s custom ceiling work and custom linear fireplace with a floating hearth, the random master bath tile pattern with brass inlay strips, the book-matched walnut cabinets in the kitchen, the custom tarnished brass shroud at the kitchen hood and the inset LED strip light above the kitchen island, by Alloy LED.”

In addition to the whole-house overhaul, Hammond & Brandt converted a horse stable into a party barn/studio/guest house. “We salvaged some of the original stall wall lumber for use on the ceilings in the new spaces, added a sleeping loft, custom nine-foot-tall sliding doors, kitchenette and full-tile bath.”

Hammond & Brandt's 2019 favorite design project

With custom finishes and an updated design, Hammond & Brandt modernized this early ’70s home. Image: Kristen Mayfield

Hammond & Brandt- 2019 favorite design projects

Paul tells us that one of the unique features of the design is the custom tarnished brass shroud at the kitchen hood. He explains that the brass-wrapped steel post directly behind the hood is a major structural component supporting the entire center of the home. Image: Kristen Mayfield

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Hammond & Brandt design-kitchen overview- 2019 favorite design projects

Let there be light! And note the book-matched walnut cabinets that line the kitchen. Image: Kristen Mayfield

Hammond & Brandt design-bathroom- 2019 favorite design project

The aforementioned random master bath tile pattern with brass inlay strips | Image: Kristen Mayfield

(Editor’s Note: Paul would like to recognize the contributions of architect Steve Durden of Durden Architecture and interior designer Lori Paranjape, who both collaborated on the project!)

Brad Ramsey Interiors

Brad Ramsey, Interior Designer & Founder

“For me, the most memorable project of 2019 was designing and moving into our new studio space. We did the remodel at the end of 2018 and spent the beginning of 2019 getting organized and settled in. To best be able to design for others, I have to feel like the space I am working in is organized, beautiful and has good energy. We worked hard to create a space that reflects our design and also functions well for us.”

Brad Ramsey's 2019 favorite design project

Check out the brand new, gorgeously designed studio space for Brad Ramsey Interiors. Image: Oh Hey Photo!

Brad Ramsey design- office

Brad says he set out to design a space that’s organized, beautiful and has good energy. Mission accomplished! Image: Oh Hey Photo!

Brad Ramsey Design- 2019 favorite design projects

“We worked hard to create a space that reflects our design and also functions well for us,” Brad says. Image: Oh Hey Photo!

Mark Simmons Interiors

Mark Simmons, Interior Designer & Founder

“Our most memorable project of 2019 was a little different, as it was on wheels! We got to help a client turn their Sprinter van into an English cottage they could enjoy wherever they venture — complete with pull out sofa, swing arm lamps with custom shades, and pop-up desk for on-the-road work.”

Mark Simmons 2019 favorite design projects

An English cottage on wheels, designed by Mark Simmons | Image: Mark Simmons Interiors

Mark SImmons' favorite design project

Would you be able to tell this was a Sprinter van? Image: Mark Simmons Interiors

The Closet Company

Adam Floyd, Owner

“The House Beautiful project was certainly a highlight of 2019. The level of detail and depth of thought that went into each space was really something incredible. The caliber of design talent from across the country, as well as right here in Nashville, was like a witches brew. We all pushed the envelope and went outside our comfort zones, with deadlines that are not typically that tight or stakes that high. I like that feeling, and I enjoyed getting to see my team rise to the occasion. I am proud of how our little part turned out.”

The Closet Company's 2019 favorite design project

Talk about a custom closet! This design from The Closet Company, created for the House Beautiful home, is nothing short of a dream. Image: Adam Floyd

Wishing you and yours a creative and inspired new year!


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