Jennifer Estes Interior Design

With years of experience in design and new construction, Jennifer Estes now manages her own residential design firm┬ábased in Memphis. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, Jennifer comes up with seamless solutions that bring elegance and personality to every space she encounters. She is incredibly considerate of her clients’ aesthetic preferences and creates designs that suit the lifestyle of each homeowner. Jennifer is prized for her incredibly detailed approach to the design process and she makes sure to carefully address your budget and your stylistic preferences for an ideal home.

SB Tip:

Jennifer works mostly in Memphis and New York City, but has designed homes in Florida, Georgia, Connecticut and more.

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Go For:
  • Balance of style and comfort
  • Functional design
  • Detailed process
  • Contemporary and traditional
  • Unique furniture and decor

By appointment only

Contact Info:

(901) 596-5041


2215 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38104