The last time we checked in with an article on The Lake District, it was a budding development with a long list of exciting “coming soon” businesses and homes. Today, it’s the bustling community that was promised to the Lakeland, TN, area when construction began back in 2020. The vision for the district’s retail scene was to create a neighborhood where residents know their shop owners, and we can safely say: mission accomplished. Check out this updated guide to The Lake District!


Main Squeeze Juicery

Main Squeeze Juicery is an independently owned juice bar that offers a variety of healthy options while still remaining affordable. Owners Michael Moten, Brittany Moten, and Lanita Benson say Main Squeeze offers The Lake District residents and visitors the perfect spot to fuel up after a workout, have a get-together with friends, or simply reboot after a day of retail therapy. The juice bar offers the highest quality smoothies and juices sourced from local, sustainable suppliers and includes a creatively designed food menu to complement the beverage options. Main Squeeze also holds health seminars, forums, and other community events to educate locals on health and nutrition.

As residents of Arlington, which is adjacent to Lakeland, the trio describes The Lake District as the perfect location to begin their journey, as the area has a large health-conscious community in need of healthy, readily available food and beverages. “We strongly believe health and wellness should be accessible and affordable to everyone,” Michael explains. “We are excited that The Lake District [offers] patrons the ability to walk to dinner or have an outing after work or school without having to leave the neighborhood.”

White Coffee House & Olive House Mediterranean Restaurant

Husband and wife team Adam Jacob Adam and Maria Jiminez offer two destinations: White Coffee House and Olive House Mediterranean Restaurant. “Our vision for White Coffee House is contemporary and polished in style with a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere,” says Maria. “We have a wide variety of drinks year-round, including special seasonal barista drinks, a variety of coffee and non-coffee beverages, delicious desserts, salads, sandwiches, ice cream, and much more. White Coffee House has something for everyone.”

Drinks from White Coffee House in The Lake District
Offering both coffee and non-caffeinated beverages, White Coffee House will satisfy all cravings. Image: White Coffee House

On the other hand, Olive House Mediterranean Restaurant will combine a modern and rustic style with natural elements and earth tones. The menu includes a variety of Mediterranean-inspired options, perfect for quick lunches or dinners with the family.

In both locations, the goal is to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where families, friends, and colleagues can come together and enjoy a wide variety of menu items made from high-quality ingredients. Residents of Lakeland, Maria and Adam are excited that The Lake District has provided such a wonderful opportunity for growth in the area. “It is a great opportunity for us, as well as a chance to bring something new and unique to our city,” Maria adds. “We hope by opening our locations, we will be contributing to both building up and giving back to our community.”

Boba Society

Boba Society is a unique milk tea bar specializing in handcrafted drinks and food packed with diverse flavors and textures. With the goal of bringing high-quality beverages and food to The Lake District, the eatery will offer its own signature teas, slushies, and small bites. Boba Society is committed to using ethically sourced, fresh ingredients and offering exceptional service.

The tea bar stands out for its unique toppings that can be incorporated into handcrafted bubble teas, such as brown sugar boba, exotic fruits, flavored jellies, and puddings. Dairy-free options, such as oat and almond milk, are also available. Non-tea drinkers can sample freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee and slushies, too. To complement the beverages, an Asian-style street food menu includes options like Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Tornado Potatoes, Pandan waffles, and Korean-style corndogs.

The owners of Boba Society are local to Lakeland, and they love to showcase handcrafted Asian food and drinks in their community.

Lakeland Wine and Liquor

The family-owned Lakeland Wine and Liquor offers a beautiful selection of wines and liquors in 9,000 square feet of space — including a tasting bar!


Chosen Lines Boutique

Sisters Gabby and Autumn Glenn offer a specially curated selection of high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories for women in their store, Chosen Lines Boutique. “This has been a vision of ours for quite some time now,” says Gabby. “We are very fortunate to have this opportunity and are excited about the chance to build relationships within the community.”

The sisters believe their focus on offering stellar customer service makes Chosen Lines stand out as a go-to destination in The Lake District. “We were drawn to The Lake District because it is a beautiful, community-based project that has so much potential for growth,” says Gabby. They pair were among the first business owners in The Lake District and look forward to continuing to support other small businesses there.

Sisters and co-owners Gabby and Autumn Glenn of Chosen Line Boutique
Sisters and co-owners Gabby (left) and Autumn Glenn (right) show off some of the clothing they offer at Chosen Lines Boutique. Image: Chosen Lines Boutique


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