For most people, the turn of a new year brings about a feeling of hope for renewal and restoration. Many people set goals to feel and look better, and they set about tackling those goals with gusto. But some of us are at our wit’s end with the toughest areas to tone and shape — “love handles,” upper arm flab, “double chin” or bra and back fat — and we simply forgo the new year’s resolution as a way to avoid frustration and disappointment. But don’t give up on that “new year, new you” just yet!

The truth is, while diet and exercise are key to losing weight and removing fat, there are simply stubborn areas that no amount of diet and exercise can truly remove. There are noninvasive solutions to target those problem areas, though, so you can set those new year’s goals and realize the results you seek.

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Beat those tough-to-tone areas, so you can get out there and embrace new adventures with self-confidence!

One of several treatments offered by the professional team at The Skin Clinics is CoolSculpting technology, a non-surgical fat-reduction spa treatment designed to permanently kill fat cells in targeted areas. Note the two key words: permanently kill.

The science of this FDA-cleared body sculpting treatment was discovered in 1970 by two Harvard University scientists who observed panniculitis (inflammation in the subcutaneous fat) in some children eating popsicles. Upon thorough research, the scientist discovered dimpling in the cheeks after having the popsicle rest against the inside of an infant’s cheek for five minutes. Realizing the dimpling was a result of the eradicated fat cells, cryolipolysis was discovered as treatment for removing fat. More than 40 years of research with 5,000+ research participants now supports the use of intense cold to kill fat cells. Cryolipolysis has led to the creation of CoolSculpting®, a groundbreaking process that differentiates itself from any other body-slimming treatment.

Think of it as body art. The noninvasive, nonsurgical treatment is done in the clinic using an external applicator. Fat cells are exterminated in the specifically targeted areas using customized applicators placed directly on the treatment area. Each treatment will reduce up to 25% of the fat cells in the directed area. Treatment areas include under the chin; bra and back fat; upper arm fat; the flank area or “love handles”; underneath the buttocks; the inner, outer and distal thigh areas, and the abdomen. The toughest areas to tone and shape through traditional diet and exercise are the focus areas of this cutting-edge treatment, which is considered the best in its class. Simply put, this body-contouring technology offers the answer to permanent fat removal in the body’s most dogged areas.

The science of CoolSculpting® received its first FDA clearance in 2010.

The science of CoolSculpting® received its first FDA clearance in 2010. Pictured are images of the CoolSculpting® technology in use at The Skin Clinics.

Kristy Caywood, CoolSculpting® ambassador at The Skin Clinics, administers the noninvasive, nonsurgical treatment in the clinic using an external applicator.

The ideal CoolSculpting® client must have at least one inch of squeezable fat and be within 30 pounds of their ideal body weight. The Skin Clinics team’s loose guideline is: If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it. Candidates must set an appointment for a complimentary and confidential assessment. Each treatment takes 30 to 90 minutes to complete. During your treatment, other spa services such as foot massages and facials can be incorporated into your experience.

For candidates with more body volume seeking permanent fat removal solutions, Venus Legacy™ treatments may be necessary. This technology is also a noninvasive, nonsurgical treatment, which uses multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields to tighten loose skin, decrease body circumference, decrease cellulite and remove wrinkles. The FDA has approved documented results for up to 18 months, but ongoing, lasting results can be achieved with quarterly treatments. Like CoolSculpting®, the Venus Legacy™ innovation is best in its class.

Technology and treatment protocols are useful and often necessary to help you achieve the results you desire. However, in order to see long-lasting results, a complete lifestyle package is essential. Eating is an important aspect of your lifestyle, so The Skin Clinics team completes the lifestyle package with Ideal Protein Ketogenic weight loss and management protocols. The Ideal Protein system is a four-phase medically developed system of education for intelligent weight loss.

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The Skin Clinics professional team of doctors, nurses and aestheticians are expertly educated and trained to assess and guide you toward the best protocols for achieving your desired results.

Staying ahead of your health and fitness is effortless when you seek the professional guidance of expertly educated and trained professionals. Additionally, the technology of noninvasive, nonsurgical treatments with little to no downtime and FDA clearance provides comfort, peace of mind and encouragement as you seek to achieve your new year’s resolutions!

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