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Things are really heating up here in Memphis, in more ways than one. Far from a fitness fad, Hot Yoga Plus is the newest yoga studio to open its doors and people have flocked to experience their decidedly different downward dog approach since their opening earlier this month. With a wide array of heated and non-heated 60- and 90-minute classes, which include formats such as Power Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative and Hot 26, clients of all skill levels can customize their yoga practice to meet their preference and embrace the powerful benefits central to yoga. 

Hot Yoga Plus ladies at their grand opening.

Hot Yoga Plus ladies at their grand opening.

“I am thrilled to open a Hot Yoga Plus Studio in my home town,” says Susannah Herring, owner of Hot Yoga Plus, whom you might recognize from a FACES of Nashville post. “I look forward to reconnecting and sharing the benefits of yoga with the Memphis community.”

Susannah’s partner here in Memphis is the beautiful buyer/manager, Marcy Bradford. An avid runner and fitness enthusiast, Marcy began running with Susannah five years ago and the two became fast friends. Marcy watched as her friend’s vision became a reality when she purchased her first yoga studio over two years ago in Nashville. “I was intrigued not only by how she ran the studio but also by how yoga touched and changed her life.” says Marcy. “As HYP grew to 3 then 4 studios, Susannah and I began to discuss how Memphis might be the perfect location for the next studio. So here we are!”


Another shot from the Grand Opening inside the lifestyle boutique.

Weight training, running, spinning, raising three amazing children (who all frequent HYP classes)–you name it! Marcy has found that adding yoga to her fitness diet just makes all of her other passions better. “Susannah sometimes says that we don’t practice yoga to be good at it but rather to be good at everything else we love to do!”

“I love the “Plus” to Hot Yoga. When I go to a class I get a workout not only of my mind but my body! We believe in helping everyone who walks through the door to achieve positive change through yoga!” says Manager Marcy Bradford.

“I love the ‘Plus’ to Hot Yoga. When I go to a class I get a workout not only of my mind but my body! We believe in helping everyone who walks through the door achieve positive change through yoga!” says Manager Marcy Bradford.

What’s just as exciting as a new place to sweat is a new place to shop! That’s right, the hip lifestyle boutique offers yoga clothing and accessories featuring popular designers such as Michael Stars, Chan Luu, Dogeared, Havaianas, Hard Tail and many more!

styleblueprint_marcy vertical_061313

Marcy modeling these lovely pieces from the boutique!



These hair ties, bands and bobby pins are super-cute and necessary for keeping hair out of the face while you are practicing.



Perhaps you remember this photo from our recent FINDS? This Michael Stars dress will slip right on and see you through summer!

I’ve always loved the practice of yoga and the way it makes me feel, both mentally and physically. I did it throughout my pregnancy and enjoyed the strength and serenity it offered amid all of the changes going on in and around me. Lately my strength training comes from wagging a 20 lb bouncing baby boy around, which I am sure does wonders for my alignment, and my cardio from pushing a stroller and chasing him as he quickly crawls from one hazard to another. So while I never actually quit wearing my yoga pants, it’s been a little harder to make the time to get back to the studio.

As I dusted off the old mat and packed up in preparation for my first HYP class, I began to feel a little apprehensive. Marcy assured me that she too was once in my shoes spandex and that anyone, ANYONE can do it! “One of the lessons you learn in yoga is to push yourself when it is appropriate, as well as to have self-compassion when it is appropriate. Each student knows his or her own limits, and if it ever gets to be too much, they are free to step out and regroup. Another lesson of yoga is that by putting ourselves in uncomfortable or difficult situations, we get stronger mentally and physically … then we are better able to cope with situations life throws at us!” Now, who wouldn’t benefit from that!

Marcy said the Power Flow class was one of her favorites, so I tried this one first. It was high time that I did something for my own well-being and for 75 minutes I didn’t think about my baby, my piles of laundry, the dog hair taking over my house or my bills. I was mindfully in the studio and wringing with sweat! There were yogis of all levels, shapes, sizes and genders. Everyone worked at their own pace and the instructor was fabulous. I’d say in comparison to your traditional yoga studio, it’s lighter on the meditation and heavier on the energy.




I highly recommend the dose of self-compassion combined with a little sweat, stretching and shopping that Hot Yoga Plus offers and hope to see you soon on a mat near me!


Note to new clients:

Arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Bring your yoga mat, towel (to cover your mat so that you don’t slip) and water or purchase/rent there.

Try to avoid meals within an hour before class.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


For more information, visit


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