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If we aren’t confident in the way we look, it can be difficult to be confident in other areas of our lives. That’s why when someone feels like her nose doesn’t match the person she wants to be, there are solutions. Here is a first-hand account from a patient at The Langsdon Clinic who had rhinoplasty, a surgery that involves the meticulous removal and/or reshaping of the nasal bones and cartilage. Find out how the procedure changed her life and get an insider’s look at what was involved and what to expect — both inside and out. To learn more about The Langsdon Clinic and why Dr. Langsdon chose facial plastic surgery, watch this video. 

Few choices made during youth are dubbed smart. Abby Houseworth, however, still firmly supports a decision she made when she was 17. “I remember looking in the mirror and not being ashamed of how I looked, but I knew I wasn’t happy,” says Abby, who is now 39 and has a 2-year-old son. Specifically, Abby wasn’t thrilled about the nose she inherited. While it certainly spoke to her family’s German descent, it didn’t speak to the person she was becoming. So, she decided to be proactive and do something about it.

After carefully considering rhinoplasty with her parents, Abby met with Dr. Phillip Langsdon, M.D., a local facial plastic surgeon at The Langsdon Clinic who specializes in facial surgery. Dr. Langsdon met with Abby to learn about what she desired her nose to look like and discuss how, through subtle surgery, she could achieve that.

“I remember one day talking to my mom and looking in the mirror and saying, ‘You know, I just want this part fixed — just this little part here on the end,’” Abby recalls. “I was never made fun of, and nobody ever said anything about (my nose). This was just something I wanted.”

Abby's nose job changed her life.

Abby Houseworth is the Executive Chef at Bistro Eleven 21 in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Abby also adds that her nose was slightly crooked, creating a deviated septum. Through small shifts, however, Dr. Langsdon was able to correct the bridge of her nose — only changing Abby’s nose by a mere couple of millimeters. The result, Abby says, were exactly what she envisioned.

“It was the best decision,” she says. “Nobody ever said anything about it, and I don’t think anyone even noticed after it was done. But I did. And that was all that mattered. It was about how I felt.”

A few weeks after having the procedure, Abby started her senior year of high school — with a little extra confidence. Now, more than two decades later, Abby still tells anyone considering rhinoplasty to visit Dr. Langsdon and his team.

“He has a true gift for what he does. He has an eye for it, and he doesn’t overdo it,” Abby says. “You won’t be overfilled or overdone or over-tucked. All the people he’s worked with still look like everyday people, but just the best possible version of themselves.”

Rhinoplasty — known casually as a nose job — changed Abby's life.

“I was never made fun of, and nobody ever said anything about (my nose). This was just something I wanted,” Abby says of her decision to get rhinoplasty as a teen.


Who should get the surgery? 

Some of the common reasons for receiving rhinoplasty is the desire to decrease or increase the size of the nose, change the shape or size of the tip of the nose, narrow the nose or straighten the nose.

Deformities inside the nose that impair breathing can also sometimes be improved through an internal nasal procedure. Most patients shouldn’t undergo the procedure until their facial bones have completely matured, which for women typically happens at age 15 and for men at age 18. On the other hand, it is never too late for nasal surgery.

“Sometimes a nose becomes progressively disfigured with age,” Dr. Langsdon says. “A long nose with a drooping tip may be the result of aging, and a rhinoplasty surgery can provide a more youthful appearance. In fact, those seeking rhinoplasty often pair it with a facelift to give themselves comprehensive facial rejuvenation.”

Here, you can see how deformities inside the nose can be completely resolved with a rhinoplasty.

What to expect

Rhinoplasty at The Langsdon Clinic is performed in the clinic’s outpatient surgical facility. Preoperatively, the patient receives medication to help them relax, promote healthy recovery and minimize any swelling or bruising. Most patients report that the surgery is painless, and they have little memory of the experience thanks to the anesthesia.

To achieve a balanced and proportional nose, Dr. Langsdon reconfigures the underlying structures of the nose so that it can properly support and contour the nasal skin once it has settled on top of the bone. The surgery lasts about one to two hours depending on the case. Most incisions are placed entirely inside the nose. The injured, twisted or special-case nose may require a small incision below the tip of the nose between the nostrils.

“Surgical skill and experience are the biggest factors for creating the most natural and balanced results,” he says.

This before & after shot shows how a slight change can result in a natural, perfected silhouette.

To learn more about if rhinoplasty is right for you and to schedule a virtual consultation, contact The Langsdon Clinic at (901) 755-6465 or visit drlangsdon.com.

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