Whether you’ve decided to take up the practice of yoga for fitness, its calming effects, or greater flexibility and control of your body, you’re likely not far from a studio, no matter what part of the greater Memphis area you call home. To help you narrow the choices, we picked one yoga studio per part of town for you to consider.

Better Bodies Yoga

692 W. Brookhaven Circle, Memphis • (901) 767-9642

Enjoy a relaxing yoga class in the zen-like space that is Better Bodies Yoga. Located in East Memphis, Better Bodies has been offering Hatha yoga to the community since 2004. After a each class, participants enjoy the Better Bodies “signature Savasana,” which is a final relaxation that includes a hot towel to cover the eyes, as well as a shoulder and neck rub. Sign us up! Group and private classes are available, and Better Bodies is open seven days a week.

Bikram Yoga Overton Square

5101 Sanderlin Ave., Ste. 125, Memphis • (901) 682-9940
2105 Madison Ave., Ste. 205, Memphis • (901) 907-0187

Bikram Yoga Overton Square opened in March 2014, nearly a decade after the East Memphis location on Sanderlin opened. Bikram Yoga is different from other types of “hot” yoga because it is led by a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. The practice includes a 26 posture sequence and two breathing exercises. A unique offering included in Bikram Yoga Memphis membership is Hot Pilates, which is a combination of Pilates with high intensity interval training, or HIIT. Both Bikram Memphis locations feature Bikram-certified teachers and industrial heating and ventilation, including antibacterial flotex flooring and state-of-the-art sound equipment.

Collierville Yoga

80 N. Main St., Ste. 201, Collierville • (901) 201-5999

Headed up by Troy Taylor, Collierville Yoga has been located in the historic town square since May 2014. Troy credits his yoga practice with his own life-changing transformation, and now he’s offering that same opportunity to the Collierville community. All ages partake in CY classes, from teens to those in their 80s, and classes are available for beginners, athletes and advanced yoga students. There are  classes seven days a week, and private sessions are available for individuals, couples, families, corporate groups, as well as in-home sessions.

Memphis Yoga

Enjoy a nice, solid downward facing dog pose at Collierville Yoga. Image: Collierville Yoga

Delta Groove Yoga

2091 Madison Ave., Memphis • (901) 207-7835

Self-defined as a “conscious community of yoga, massage and healing arts,” Delta Groove Yoga is located in Overton Square in Midtown and owned by Olivia Lomax. In addition to classes and private sessions, Delta Groove also offers workplace yoga, which is exactly as it sounds — Olivia comes to your place of business to lead sessions for those who simply can’t break away. Class options include Ashtanga, Kundalini and children’s yoga classes, to name a few, and healing arts options include reiki sessions, crystal therapy and more. Visit the website for more info.

Downtown Yoga Memphis

515 S. Main St. Memphis • (901) 581-3748

Relative newcomer Downtown Yoga Memphis is located near the classic Arcade Restaurant and next door to the ever-popular Bluff City Coffee. DYM is open seven days a week and offers five core class types: stretch, sculpt, sweat, relax and Open Up. Of note is the Open Up class, which is 45 minutes and perfect for the person who needs to get away on a lunch break.

Memphis Yoga

All ages, skill levels and body types are welcome to enjoy a relaxing, restorative yoga class at Downtown Yoga. Image: Downtown Yoga

Eastern Sun Yoga

3534 Forrest Ave., Memphis • (901) 767-6093

Holding the proud title of Memphis’ first yoga studio, Eastern Sun has been offering Iyengar yoga classes to the community since 1987. Founded by Lou Hoyt, Eastern Sun offers classes for all skill levels, as well as meditation classes, teacher training and an apprenticeship program.

Enjoy Life Yoga

Enjoy Life Yoga holds classes throughout the week at several locations: in Arlington at the Old Town Square, at Pastille Salon and Spa in Cordova, and also at Pike Yoga in Germantown. Classes are held weekdays in the mornings, evenings and during lunch hours. Led by Asta Navasinskaite, the classes are in both Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga styles. Ashtanga yoga is designed to build strength and flexibility and has benefits such as calmness. Vinyasa yoga consists of movement from one pose to the other in conjunction with breath. Navasinskaite’s classes are for both beginner and experienced yogis.

Hot Yoga Plus

416 S. Grove Park Road, Memphis • (901) 207-2394
9087 Poplar Ave., Ste. 103, Germantown • (901) 207-5352

If you’re interested in practicing yoga in a heated room, Hot Yoga Plus, with locations in both Memphis and Germantown,  is a great option. Hot Yoga Plus offers both heated and non-heated classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training. The aim is for classes to fit every need with yoga. Options include Power Flow (linking breath and movement through standing poses, sun salutations and floor work), Deep Stretch (featuring slow, gentle movements with longs holds), Restorative (featuring passive postures using props, such as blankets and blocks) and Hot 26 (named for the 26 poses), which is similar to Bikram, but only 60 minutes long.

Memphis Yoga

Hot Yoga Plus has locations in Memphis and Germantown.

Midtown Yoga

524 S. Cooper, Memphis • (901) 274-6355

Midtown Yoga has been helping Memphians achieving longer, leaner, healthier bodies since 1999. The class list options are endless — Hot, Vinyasa, flow, aerial, Kripalu, Ayurvedic … literally the list goes on and on. “First and foremost, people come here for the sense of community they find at MY,” says owner Grace Harwood. “The second reason is the wide variety of classes — over 60 a week!” A class worth noting: Yoga for Cancer Survivors, which is for cancer patients, as well as their caregivers, and includes useful techniques with healing benefits, like breathing exercises, arm stretches, balance work and restorative poses.

Pike Yoga

7853 Farmington Blvd., Germantown • (901) 277-7136

Centered on the philosophy of “Attitude. Matitude. Gratitude.,” Pike Yoga offers student classes, workshops and teacher training classes. In addition to standard options, like Vinyasa and Ashtanga, Pike students can also enjoy more unusual options, like Pike & Bike Yoga and the Wine Down Class, which is offered from March to August and is yoga plus an optional wine tasting. Visit the website for details on each as well as to find pricing, schedules and more.

Sumits Yoga Memphis

6645 E. Poplar Ave., Germantown • (901) 729-7146

Sumit Banergee created Sumits Yoga Memphis based on his years of experience practicing and teaching different yoga styles, such as Bikram and Vinyasa. His practice focuses on developing stronger, toned, flexible bodies and an improved mental state. He encourages his students to be consistent with their yoga, no matter what style they choose to partake in. Classes at Sumit include a shortened 60-minute version, flow class, yin yoga and a detoxifying workshop.

Memphis Yoga

Achieve a stronger, more toned body with the help of Sumit. Image: Sumits Yoga Memphis

Namasté, y’all. Enjoy your yoga!

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