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No question about it, Memphis has one awesome — and tasty — food truck scene! Dozens of food trucks are now rolling through the streets of the Bluff City at events, in parks, on street corners and at office complexes. No matter what kind of cuisine you are craving, you can find it on a food truck somewhere in town.

Most food trucks move around town daily, but many have set locations every week. For lunch, check out the food truck scene downtown at Court Square on Thursdays or out East at Food Truck Fridays at the Dixon. There’s always a great and varied selection at those hip spots. In the evenings, food trucks can be found parked outside our popular Midtown taprooms, as well as at music venues like Levitt Shell and Memphis Botanic Garden.

Keep on truckin’ with this list of Memphis food trucks. To find where your favorite is on any given day, the best bet is to check out their social media posts — and we’ve included all of their handles for you!

Central BBQ

Specialty: Barbecue

FB: @cbqmemphis | IG:@centralbbq

You can’t miss the Central BBQ food truck! This brightly colored truck wrapped in tie-dye serves up the award-winning barbecue that Memphians love. Pulled pork sammies and ribs are popular go-to’s, of course, but the nachos are to die for.

No missing Central BBQ’s brightly colored food truck! Image: Central BBQ

There’s no missing Central BBQ’s brightly colored food truck! Image: Central BBQ

Crawfish Shack

Specialty: Crawfish

FB: @crawfishshackmemphisIG: @crawfishshackmemphis

There’s no denying that when the weather warms up in Memphis, crawfish season is in full force. Not only is their crawfish delicious, but the potatoes, corn, and shrimp are also just as amazing. Taste for yourself with Crawfish Shack!

Crawfish Shack Food Truck

Crawfish season is the best season. Image: Crawfish Shack

Cousins Maine Lobster

Specialty: Lobster

FB: @cmlobstermemphisIG: @cousinsmainelobster

Two words: Lobster roll. Well, and lobster tots. But in all seriousness, if you’re wanting a little taste of the coast, Cousins delivers — Maine-style or Connecticut-style, it makes no difference. They’re so good, you’ll want them both! AND the tots!

Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck

Here is their famous lobster roll. So good you’ll want two. Image: Cousins Maine Lobster

el Mero Taco

Specialty: Tacos

FB: @elmerotacomemphis | I: @elmerotaco

Holy guacamole! Grabbing tacos from a truck just sounds right. el Mero Taco owners Clarissa and Jacob have added a storefront, but their food truck is still going strong. Clarissa grew up helping family-run restaurants in Oaxaca, Mexico, while Jacob cooked in the kitchen with his grandmother his whole life. Needless to say, their kitchen backgrounds have helped them to where they are today. If you’re ever in the Cordova area, you can also visit their storefront on Tuesday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Till then, try the truck.

Tacos from El Mero Taco are made using fresh, local ingredients.

Tacos from el Mero Taco are made using fresh, local ingredients. Image: el Mero Taco

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Fresh Gulf Shrimp

Specialty: Seafood

FB: @Remoulade901 | IG: @freshgulfshrimp

Craving seafood? Then head straight to Jacqueline Johnson’s Fresh Gulf Shrimp truck. Jacqueline started her business by selling fresh Gulf seafood that she purchased straight off the boats in Bayou La’Batre, Alabama. As her business grew and folks started asking for cooked seafood, she decided to open a food truck. Her signature dish is the #PoBoy901, which is a classically dressed po’boy loaded with her famous fried shrimp.

The Captain's Platter from Fresh Gulf Shrimp includes catfish fillets, Gulf shrimp, oysters, and fresh cut seasoned fries.

The Captain’s Platter includes catfish fillets, Gulf shrimp, oysters and fresh-cut seasoned fries. Image: Fresh Gulf Shrimp

The Fry Guy

Specialty: Fries

The Fry Guy concept is simple: Choose a fry, choose a topping, and let The Fry Guy do the rest. Fry types include straight-cut, seasoned and sweet potato, and toppings run the gamut, including chili, chicken, pulled pork, steak, veggies, onions, peppers, sour cream, cheese and so much more. And drumroll please … they’re now doing fry tacos. Yes, you read that right!

Fry Guy Food Trucks

The South Philly loaded fries are, well, loaded and include Philly steak or chicken, topped with mozzarella, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and queso. Image: The Fry Guy

Grisanti’s 9DOUGH1

Specialty: Pizza

FB: @NineDoughOne | IG: @9_dough_1

If you loved the pizza at Elfo’s, you are in luck. At 9DOUGH1, Alex Grisanti is serving rustic gourmet Tuscan flatbread pizzas. The lobster pizza is hands-down the most popular with fresh lobster meat, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, and a garlic cream sauce base. Each pizza is about 8 inches, making it perfect for you and your date to get one each and share! SB TIP: 9DOUGH1 also serves Grisanti’s famous toasted ravioli with meat sauce. It’s an appetizer not to be missed!

9 Dough 1 Pizza

Every day is a pizza kind of day. Image: Grisanti 9DOUGH1

Happy Glaze Donuts

Specialty: Donuts

FB: @happyglazedonutsIG: @happyglazedouts

What goes better together than coffee and donuts? Whether you want Happy Glaze Donuts’ “Little Big Box” full of assorted donuts for the office or a delicious cup of Joe, this truck will start your morning off right. Each day they have a different flavor of donut to try, so we dare you to try them all. Be sure to check out their store in Germantown, every day from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., too!

Happy Glaze Donuts

We’ll take one of each. Image: Happy Glaze Donuts

Memphis Mojo Café

Specialty: Burgers

FB: @mojotn | IG: @memphismojofoodtruck

The Memphis Mojo Café food truck serves the greatest hits on the menu at their Bartlett restaurant by the same name. Burgers are the must-order. Brad Pitts, who organizes the food trucks for special events at GPAC, says, “Their bacon-pimento burger with candied bacon and homemade smoked-Gouda pimento cheese is the best burger in all of Memphis!” Look for it as a special on their daily menu. They also have a storefront located in Bartlett that is open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. SB TIP: Memphis Mojo also will make you a grilled cheese with their divine pimento cheese and candied bacon if you ask.

Memphis Mojo Cafe Food Truck

Their classic Mojo Burger is just the starting point. Image: Memphis Mojo Cafe


Specialty: Popsicles

FB: @MemPops | IG:@MemPops

Cold and refreshing, MemPops is the sweetest truck to encounter on a hot summer day. Owner Chris Taylor’s handcrafted popsicles have quickly become a local favorite. Their pop flavors are constantly changing based on local and seasonal availability. Strawberry is the top seller, but don’t miss the creative seasonal flavors coming up this summer. With more than one truck, MemPops can be found at events all around town.

MemPops food truck

The best thing on a warm day? A tasty popsicle. Image: MemPops

New Wing Order

Specialty: Wings

New Wing Order was recently voted Best Food Truck in Memphis. They serve up amazing wings, hot wing nachos and vegan-friendly avocado tacos. And don’t forget to get a side of premium fries filled with garlic Parmesan, Cajun, lemon pepper, and Nikki’s Hot seasoning.

New Wing Order Food Truck

Avocado tacos are a must. Image: New Wing Order

Raw Girls

Specialty: Raw vegetarian dishes and cold-pressed juices

FB: @rawgirlsmemphis | IG: @rawgirlsmemphis

Don’t let the word “raw” scare you away from this food truck! Amy and Hannah Pickle serve up some of the most delicious food in town from this popular and healthy food truck. Raw Girls lets you sample everything on their seasonal menu. There are two dishes, however, that they never take off the menu due to customer demand. Raw Girls has two trucks that never move. They now have two storefronts, one in Saddle Creek and one in downtown Memphis.

Raw Girls Food Truck

Raw Girls has cleanses, healthy food options and more. Image: Raw Girls

Say Cheese!

Specialty: Grilled cheese sandwiches

FB: @saycheese901 | IG: @saycheese901

The name says it all! Say Cheese! serves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches loved by all ages. The most popular grilled cheese creation on the truck is the triple-decker, which comes loaded with ooey-gooey pepper jack, Colby and provolone and their homemade garlic aioli. Plus, it can be topped off with bacon. Say Cheese! posts a weekly schedule on social media on Sundays to let fans know what to look forward to and where to find their two trucks around town.

How can you not smile when you see this truck?

Phillin’ Frisky is waiting on you. Image: Say Cheese!

Soi Number 9

Specialty: Thai cuisine

FB: @soinumber9IG: @soinumber9

Mai Mitrakul and Teerasak “Tim” Vimonnimit at Soi Number 9 take Thai street food to the next level. They are not only serving the best Thai food on a food truck, but also some of the best Thai food in town. Spring rolls, rice bowls and noodle bowls are their specialties. Try the basil chicken, which is a stir-fried ground chicken seasoned with garlic, fresh chilies and Thai basil served over jasmine rice and topped with a fried egg. One bite and you will know why it’s the most popular dish on their menu.

Fried Khao Mun Gai

Fried Khao Mun Gai is a tasty treat. Image: Soi Number 9


Specialty: Kabobs

FB: @stickemfood | IG: @stickemfood

Stickem does one thing: food on a stick! And boy, they do it well! Options are skewered beef, chicken, shrimp or tofu served with your choice of veggies, rice or fries. You can choose one type of skewer or get one of their platters with two types. Sweet and simple, but super tasty, their skewers are well-seasoned using an interesting blend of spices that must have their roots in Ethiopian cuisine. We love it because it is a healthy lunch option if you opt for just the grilled meat and veggies.

A Stickem platter with grilled shrimp and steak skewers, grilled veggies, and rice makes a delish and healthy meal.

A Stickem platter with grilled shrimp and steak skewers, grilled veggies, and rice makes a delish and healthy meal. Image: Stickem

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Taqueria Express #5

Specialty: Tacos

FB: Taqueria Express #5

If you’re craving tacos, find the Taqueria Express #5 food truck. This authentic Mexican eatery on wheels serves up 99-cent tacos that are muy delicioso! Our favorites are the spicy pork (pastor) tacos and the steak (carne) tacos. The tacos are served traditionally — on warm tortillas and garnished with cilantro, diced white onion and a wedge of lime. Mild or spicy salsa is available upon request. Ask for a melon agua fresca to wash it all down. Located on the northeast corner of Summer Avenue at Perkins Road, this food truck is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Taqueria Express #5 serves up authentic Mexican tacos. At 99 cents each, we can’t help but order more than one!

Taqueria Express #5 serves up authentic Mexican tacos. At 99 cents each, we can’t help but order more than one! Image: Taqueria Express #5

Voodoo Cafe

Specialty: Coffee and Beignets

FB: @vdcfoodtruckIG: @thevoodoocafe

The brains behind Voodoo Cafe, Mark Lansdon, took an old Ford Vanette and turned it into Voodoo Cafe. This food truck serves up international coffee like Iced Vietnamese, Cafe Cubano, and Turkish, as well as delicious beignets with a voodoo twist. They also have a storefront that you can visit Wednesday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Look at these tasty treats!

Their voodoo beignets are fried then dipped in powder sugar. Image: Voodoo Cafe

Court Square Food Truck Thursday is every Thursday, year-round, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Enjoy food from 15-plus food trucks with a live music concert series.

Dixon Gallery & Gardens Food Truck Friday is every Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., April through September. Admission is free to the gardens during Food Truck Fridays.

Did we miss one of your favorite food trucks? Email [email protected].


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