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It’s nearly a new year, which naturally brings moments of reflection on the year gone by and anticipation of what’s to come. The same is true in the world of interior design, where exciting things are happening. We turned to some of Memphis’ top designers to talk the ‘it’ trends of 2019 as well as to get their trend forecasts for 2020.

From color, patterns and fearless personal style to mixing materials, new textures and more color — the shifting trends are changing these talented designers’ timeless looks in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, all of it intriguing and definitely inspiring. Bookmark this page as an on-point reference for your 2020 home refresh adventures!

Top Design Trends from Memphis Interior Designers

Lisa Mallory | Lisa Mallory Interior Design

“Color is my favorite trend for 2019,” says Lisa Mallory of Lisa Mallory Interior Design, adding, “and more color is my favorite trend for 2020.”

2019: Bold Patterns & Colors

These bold patterns and colors of 2019 are evident in Lisa’s “fearless powder room.” The powder room is a great spot to have fun and take risks with color and pattern as it is small and visited briefly, to powder one’s nose, as it were, so the daring colors aren’t overwhelming.

This bright blue botanical wallpaper print gives this powder room the playful feeling of a modern jungle hideaway. Image: Selavie Photography

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2020: Even More Bold Patterns & Colors

Clear Lucite and glass intermingle with gold accents — a timeless look that is imbued with a modern feel with the strengthening color trend. “We’ve added more bold colors and pattern,” says Lisa of this elegant sitting room, but as you can see, that doesn’t mean it must be everywhere. Thoughtfully placed punches of bold pink in the stool upholstery, pillow pattern and drapery trim lend a subtly trendy edge.

A serene white sitting room gets a low-key trendy update through pops of bold pattern and color. Image: Selavie Photography

Ami Austin | Ami Austin Interior Design

“’Trends’ as a term is frightening to me. I have avoided trends since my first day in design,” says Ami Austin of Ami Austin Interior Design. “Although there are new introductions every day, what I have seen and what I think my clients have appreciated most are timeless, neutral environments that can look great from day one and evolve over time.”

2019: Return to Elegance

“I have seen and believe a return to elegance is on the rise,” says Ami. A classic white master bath exudes Old World elegance with just a few gilded accents: a gorgeous antique mirror flanked by elegant candle sconces and a modern faucet in a subdued brushed-gold finish. “Think of neutrals as the LBD of design: You can dress it up or down and it always looks great. Plus, these days, you don’t need to worry or obsess about whether to use gold or silver hardware — either looks great when done thoughtfully.”

A thoughtful mix of gilded accents takes this modern all-white master bath to the next level. Image: Selavie Photography

2020: Luxe Textures

From custom drapes and luxurious upholstery to velvety couches and antique rugs — sumptuous textiles are back. “The appreciation of luxe textures adds so much, and it is easy to do in any home,” says Ami. “And our fabrics today are so versatile and durable. There should no longer be the excuse of having pets or waiting until the toddlers grow up. Enjoy your home, and let it evolve over time.”

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This otherwise neutral space gets a boost of luxury through textiles, which can easily be changed as your home grows with you. “The cost-benefit of this allows easy swaps of accessories to freshen up over time, instead of an overall redo,” says Ami Austin of Ami Austin Interior Design. Image: Selavie Photography

Cindy McCord | Cindy McCord Design

The Lucite look kept designs trendy yet timeless for Cindy McCord of Cindy McCord Design; while the continued emergence of colors and patterns are what excite her for 2020.

2019: The Lucite Look

I loved the Lucite trend! It’s simple and airy,” says Cindy. “I used it in several places in this year’s Vesta Home Show, where I designed the interior of one of the houses.” In this show home, Cindy used it as a material in drapery rods, as well as in furniture in both the breakfast room and the master bath.

Cindy’s lucite curtain rods made the drapery appear to elegantly float near the windows in the 2019 Vesta Home Show. Image: Ross Group Creative

2020: Jewel-Tone Fever

“Most of my color palette lately has been subdued, but with a trend toward splashes of color used with earth tones,” explains Cindy, who looks forward to playing with even bolder hues. “I am excited to work with colors such as turquoise, darker greens and jewel tones. My current projects reflect this trend, such as in this sample mood board.”

A mood board for a current project reveals Cindy’s move towards jewel tones in a playful mix of patterns. Image: Cindy McCord Design

Tara Engelberg | Tara Felice Interiors

“I tend to design for the long term, since most clients want longevity with their spaces,” says Tara Engelberg of Tara Felice Interiors, adding, “but it’s hard to avoid trends altogether as I always love the collaborative process of working with clients, which means hearing and executing their feedback and wishes.” And with social media-savvy homeowners picking up on trends from Instagram, HGTV and Houzz, among others, Tara has found creative ways to satisfy that craving for a trend.

2019: Incognito Trends

“A lot of times, clients will want the ‘in’ wallcovering or pillow design or paint color, which is great. What I try to do, though, is mix it up to make it less ‘trendy’,” explains Tara. One of her clients loved the trending green palm leaves that have enjoyed the spotlight for the past few years. “I loved the look for a client’s powder room walls, but didn’t want to date the bathroom,” says Tara. “So we went with black-and-white palm leaves instead, which is a nod to the trend, but doesn’t shout to everyone who enters, ‘I was designed in 2018!’”

“Like fashion, there is no such thing as new. Everything has had a past life and is recycled with some differences to make it feel fresh,” says Tara Engelberg of Tara Felice Interiors. Image: Selavie Photography

2020: Mixing Materials

“People seem to be embracing textures of all sorts — rattan, woven and cane furniture is everywhere this year and continues to be so for 2020,” says Tara. “The use of texture and mixing different materials in a space adds so much depth and dimension! I want to see natural elements, like wood, beside a lacquered piece of furniture, mixed with a concrete side table and velvet sofa!” Mixing trendy pieces like a chic cane chair with other antiques and classics allows a client to partake in a trend while keeping it from feeling dated.

An eye-catching rattan chair looks right at home in this edgy yet elegant mix of materials — leather, velvet, wood, glass and stone — for a decidedly inviting and chic space. Image: Selavie Photography

Ann Nordeen Parker, ASID | Parker Design Studio

“We are always on the lookout for what is next and how that might fit for our clients,” says Ann Nordeen Parker, ASID of Parker Design Studio. “We work hard to create a balance of what is awesome now to what will still be awesome later.”

2019: Patterns Everywhere

“In 2019, trends we have loved are the strong return of patterned flooring and, of course, COLOR. This has been strong in both residential and commercial trends,” says Ann. This striking floor pattern made of small tiles is simply stunning.

Brightly colored couches with boldly patterned trims and accents have been trending this past year. Images: Parker Design Studio

Also trending are patterned floors, whether done through paint, tiles or stones. Image: Parker Design Studio

2020: Let Your Personal Style Shine

“We always encourage our clients to do what they like. If you love it, it will be perfect for your space,” says Ann. “And folks are embracing this and letting themselves shine.” She cites wallcoverings that create a mood, whether funny or fun, as well as oversized murals as trends where people really take risks to express their personal style. “Don’t be held back because you don’t see what you like. It is out there, and if you are not finding it, there is always someone talented enough to help you figure it out.”

This one-of-a-kind wallpaper has personality for days. Image: Parker Design Studio

The unique playing cards feature whimsical items along with thought-provoking messages. Image: Parker Design Studio

Ann Prince | Ann Prince Interiors

To put it simply, Ann Prince of Ann Prince Interiors says, “Color is back, and in a big way!” And we pretty much think this sums up the design forecast for 2020.

2019: Interesting Color Combos

In 2019, Ann’s clients expressed bold design choices, requesting more color in interesting combinations. “In this space, we kept the base layer neutral with our paint, upholstery and rug choices, but added a statement with bold art. These colors don’t necessarily go together but work beautifully to give this room a chic and elegant vibe.”

A vibrant purple-hued painting provides an interesting complement to the neutrals and reds in this room. Image: Ross Group Creative

2020: Goodbye, All-White Kitchens & Bathrooms!

“The pure and orderly air of an all-white bathroom will surrender to more color with patterned tile, colorful wall coverings and brass accents,” says Ann, who eagerly anticipates getting more creative with color. “Kitchens will get the same treatment, with endless color combinations that make a statement through cabinetry and appliances. This excites me because the choices are bold and result in a really personalized design for the client.”

A lavender patterned wallpaper and pink stool provide a pretty palette in this bathroom. Image: Ross Group Creative

As you set out to refresh your home, setting the slate for a great new year, use some of these fun new trends!


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