With Forecastle starting on Friday, we turn our attention to a local boutique with ties to this great Louisville music festival: Bermuda Highway. Owned by friends Addie Mills and Katie Toupin, this NuLu boutique has the insider scoop on Forecastle. How? Katie Toupin is the female lead singer of the New Albany-based band Houndmouth, which performs July 17, on Forecastle’s opening day. Today, we’re taking a look around Bermuda Highway. While we’re at it, we’ll also garner some fashion tips from the owners, get some first-timer tips for festival goers and score a few great ideas of what to wear to this beloved music festival. Let’s do it:

Bermuda Highway first floor

The first floor setup at Bermuda Highway in NuLu

The Backstory

Katie Toupin met Addie Mills while Addie was working at General Eccentric, a Bardstown Road boutique. Addie used to help Katie pick out outfits for her to wear on tour.

Addie and Katie quickly became friends, Addie often divulging her hopes of opening her own store one day. Eventually, she did, with Katie as her partner! The women decided to name the shop “Bermuda Highway,” after a song by My Morning Jacket. The “Bermuda Highway” lyrics resonated with Katie and Addie: “Don’t let your silly dreams fall in between the crack of the bed and the wall.”

The women did not let their dreams fall in between the cracks. They started on a new journey together, opening up shop in NuLu because they wanted to help build up the budding area by adding a clothing boutique. Katie adds that the NuLu area has been supportive and important in the success of Houndmouth. And both women want to do their part to make NuLu become a fundamental part of the arts community.

Bermuda highway side view

Bermuda Highway is filled with music-inspired clothing, and the walls are lined with colorful clothing and knickknacks.

What to Expect at Bermuda Highway

Bermuda Highway, open for nearly a year, is a sight to see. The overall feel of the store is very fresh and welcoming. Addie and Katie spent countless hours putting the space together, doing much of the work themselves. The grand opening was a hit, and the mayor of Louisville even made an appearance.

The music-inspired store is filled with both new and vintage clothing, as well as accessories for both men and women. The clothes vary from boho chic to rock ‘n’ roll to Sunday best. The store has a great selection of unique, locally made jewelry, plus all of the merchandise is at a comfortable price point.

Bermuda Highway Louisville local necklaces

These locally made necklaces at Bermuda Highway complete any outfit.

Bermuda Highway at Forecastle

Bermuda Highway reflects the styles of both Addie and Katie. When asked what staple piece completes the everyday outfit, both said any jewelry from Bermuda Highway. Katie specifically said Dead Things by Sarah, which is sold at the shop.

One unique feature of Bermuda Highway is they have live musical performances in the store on a monthly basis. Bermuda Highway also has the musical act of the month pick out some of their favorite items, which are then displayed in the store.

Bermuda Highway- Twin Lamb

This display is filled with clothing and jewelry picked out by the Bermuda Highway band of the month, Twin Limb.

Bermuda Highway will have a pop-up shop at Forecastle, featuring all of your festival “musts,” such as flower crowns, selfie sticks, jewelry and clothing. They will also have a local artist making flower crowns there.

Their recommendations on good bands to see? Twin Limb, Dr. Dundiff, My Morning Jacket and, of course, Houndmouth.

What to Wear to Forecastle Festival

We asked the experts about what to wear to Forecastle and here are three outfits that Addie picked out that are perfect!

Bermuda Highway-Festival Fashion

A fun and comfortable outfit from Bermuda Highway perfect for Forecastle

Bermuda Highway- forecastle festival fashion

Colorful shorts (made by Bermuda Highway’s Addie Mills), a white tank top and jewelry from Bermuda Highway

Bermuda Highway- forecastle festival fashion

A flirty festival outfit from Bermuda Highway

Forecastle First-Timer Tips

To keep with the music and fashion trend, Addie and Katie offered some Forecastle Festival do’s and don’ts. Here’s what to know:


  • Check out the local stage to see Twin Limb (the current band of the month at Bermuda Highway) and Dr. Dundiff.
  • Make time to explore the rest of Louisville if you’re visiting from out of town.
  • Wear patterned pants, cutoff shorts, flash tattoos and backpacks.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen!
  • Turn your phone on airplane mode to save battery.


  • Wear heels. Comfort is key.
  • Wear white shorts/pants.
  • Bring a heavy purse that you have to carry around all day.
Bermuda Highway- locally made jewelry-Louisville.

Locally made jewelry at Bermuda Highway

Bermuda Highway is located at 811 E. Market St. in Louisville.

Visit bermudahighwayboutique.com to learn more. Be safe this Forecastle, and remember to keep the love local, Louisville.