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Ahhh, spring is finally here! It’s one of our favorite times of the year because spring cleaning brings the refreshment we need for our minds and our homes. We wanted to make this March extra special, so we asked local designers to tell us about their current favorite home decor FINDS and why they love them. Then, we went out and found similar items for you at Louisville home stores. There are a variety of price points represented, so if you can’t make the big splurge happen this year, you can still breathe new life into your home with one of the more affordable options. Check out the designers’ favorite home decor FINDS and where to find them locally!

Local Designers’ Favorite Home Decor FINDS

Lee Robinson of The Lee W. Robinson Company

A table to anchor open spaces

Lee loves to add a little something extra to an open space. “Foyers are now so large that we really need something that is going to pull the chandelier and ceiling to the floor. It can be awkward for furniture, but it’s always nice to put a flower arrangement in your foyer as a welcoming focus, and a beautiful round table allows for this,” he says. “If you are entertaining, a table breaks up the vista of looking at the vast open space and adds another layer. Typically, we look through a foyer into another room so a beautiful piece of furniture can add another dimension.”

designers favorite finds

This room is already stunning, but the table definitely adds the final touch!

Find it locally at Carriage House Interiors

This round charcoal table is a great height for setting an arrangement of flowers, and the color will give just about any room a nice depth. Find this gorgeous pedestal table for $1,059 at Carriage House Interiors.

Local designers favorite finds

Pedestal table, $1,059 at Carriage House Interiors

Sharron Reynolds from Merridian Home Furnishings

Comfortable chairs to make a space inviting

When it comes to a living room, Sharron likes to make sure everyone is comfortable and part of the conversation. “Our living room is our gathering space,” she says. “It should have comfortable seating with a large sofa and swivel chairs so you can talk to anyone around the room, watch TV, read or listen to music.”

designers favorite finds

The seating in this room is sure to bring the whole family together!

Find it locally at Merridian Home Furnishings

We agree! A chic and cozy swivel chair adds versatility to any gathering space. Plus, it adds an extra spot to put a fun, decorative pillow. Find this Harper Swivel Glider in chopsticks linen for $2,100 at Merridian Home Furnishings.

designer favorite finds

Harper Swivel Glider in chopsticks linen, $2,100 at Merridian Home Furnishings

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Jill Gaynor of Home Staging Specialists

A statement chandelier to brighten up a room

Jill has a hard time choosing just one favorite home decor FIND! She typically leans toward artwork or rugs to put the finishing touches on a room, but she couldn’t pass up a beautiful chandelier. “With no natural lighting, the space can be bright and fun while doing a chore most of us don’t enjoy,” says Jill of this laundry room. “I love the pop of color and adding a bit of bling with the chandelier along with fun, whimsical artwork that pulls everything together.”

designers favorite finds

We actually want to do laundry in this gorgeous room!

Find it locally at Alcott & Bentley

We love going into Alcott & Bentley because all of the lights are absolutely mesmerizing. You can find the perfect statement chandelier to complement any room’s design scheme. We loved Jill’s idea of coupling a chandelier with artwork, so we chose this light fixture with the painting setting it off in the background. Find this orb chandelier for $398 at Alcott & Bentley.

Local designers favorite finds

Statement chandelier, $398 at Alcott & Bentley

Lyn Mabry of Living Spaces by Lyn

A large, comfy couch to make a space feel like home

Lyn Mabry absolutely loves the versatile sectional furniture from Century Entertainment because, she says, “It’s made right here in Kentuckiana!” Lyn has used their furniture in at least four clients’ homes in the past year. Which FIND stands out the most? This corner couch!

desingers favorite finds

The furniture and art in this room naturally flow together.

Find it locally at Century Entertainment & Furnishings

Lyn was absolutely right! Century Entertainment had so many great sectional couches, it was hard for us to pick just one. We went with this cream corner couch, because it feels so cozy and warm. Add a few pillows for some pops of color, and your living room will be your favorite place to hang out. Find this couch for $2,115 at Century Entertainment & Furnishings.

designers favorite finds

Cream corner couch, $2,115 at Century Entertainment & Furnishings

Jack Kennedy of Merridian Home Furnishings

A bit of culture to add interest to a space

Jack says that a bit of culture is an absolute must for any room. “Successfully completing a room almost always requires an expression of xenophilia — an affection and respect for the other,” he says. “It may manifest itself in a sculpture of the Buddha, a Navajo blanket or an artwork by Meschac Gaba — a contemporary artist from the Benin people.”

designers favorite finds

The Buddha sculpture positively anchors this seating vignette.

Find it locally at Merridian Home Furnishings

This Buddha sculpture caught our eye as soon as we walked in the room. It has so much personality and is a gorgeous visual representation of a rich culture, which makes it the perfect addition to a well-designed room. Find this Buddha sculpture for $195 at Merridian Home Furnishings.

designers favorite finds

Carved wooden Buddha sculpture, $195 at Merridian Home Furnishings

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Leslie Lewis of LL&A Interior Design

A zebra print to add a bold pop to any room

LL&A’s owner and interior designer, Leslie Lewis-Sheets, loves to incorporate a zebra print into her interiors — in this case, a zebra print rug, which “adds a bit of whimsy, a bit of zebra to a fun interior!”

designers favorite finds

This pop of zebra print adds a wild and unexpected touch to this sophisticated room.

Find it locally at LL&A Interior Design

We love that this zebra rug goes so well with a multitude of different colors — especially earth tones. It’s unique, yet stylish, and it definitely adds a wow factor! Find it for $525 at LL&A Interior Design.

designers favorite finds

Zebra rug, $525 at LL&A Interior Design

Natalie Officer of Natalie O Design

Custom pillows to make a space sing

Natalie enjoys adding a touch of personality when decorating a space. “Our favorite home decor items to add are custom pillows. There are so many great fabric options out there, both locally and nationally, that can transform your space from standard to stellar,” she says. “Going the custom route allows you to perfectly create the vision you imagine.”

designers favorite finds

The patterns on these custom pillows are swoon-worthy!

Find them locally at Natalie O Design

Custom pillows add a beautiful touch of personality to a space. With so many different fabric and size options, everyone is sure to find the perfect look to tie a whole room together. Find these custom pillows, ranging from $60 to $150, at Natalie O Design.

designers favorite finds

Custom pillows, from $60 to $150 at Natalie O Design

Kristi Coomes of Home Inspired

Reclaimed wood to add character to a space

Kristi has a special place in her designs for things that dare to be different. That’s why her favorite FIND is this Pamlico table. “It’s one of our favorite pieces because it adds texture to a room,” she says. “It’s made from reclaimed wood so each one is a little different, and the variations in the wood give the piece character.”

designers favorite finds

Check out the beautiful different types of wood in this table!

Find it locally at Home Inspired

We love the way this table adds something unique to a room. The variations in wood give it such a rustic, country home vibe. Find this Pamlico table for $1,295 at Home Inspired.

designers favorite finds

Pamlico table, $1,295 at Home Inspired

We hope you enjoy refreshing your home with these beautiful FINDS from local designers!


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