I consider guacamole one of the top three things I could eat every day. I am a sommelier of guacamole, ordering it wherever I go and pairing it with different foods, drinks and meals. I eat it at breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, I’m a huge purist about it. If you are mixing your guacamole with mayonnaise or any other substance to stretch it or make it last, you have not made this list. You know who you are.

Guacamole should have avocado, salt, and citrus at its barest foundation. Everything else (cilantro, jalepenos, tomatoes, etc.) is gravy.

Here are six Great Guacamoles around town:

Mojitos and Havana Rumba

These sister restaurants produce a superior guacamole. My only complaint is that the serving is not big enough and I have to share this with the table. This guacamole is made with avocados, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, red onions and lime juice and served with fried plantain chips. For Mojito Tapas Restaurant, click here mojitotapas.com. For Havana Rumba, click here: havanarumbaonline.com

Image credit: Mojitos
Both Mojitos and Havana Rumba serve their guacamole with plantain chips. Image credit: Mojitos

Guaca Mole

The cousin restaurant to Havana Rumba makes a guacamole trio, be still my heart. The Traditional has avocado, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno and lime juice. The Yucateco has grilled corn, roasted poblano peppers, and pickled red onion. The Con Chicharron has radish, queso fresco, pepitas and pork rinds. www.facebook.com

Guaca Mole
The guacamole trio at Guaca Mole. Be still my heart. Image credit: Guaca Mole.

Hay! Chi Waa Wa

Made tableside, this is a spicy and chunky guacamole. It pairs well with their verde sauce. You can also request that they dial down the heat, but why would you go and do such a thing? Read my review of this great restaurant here: styleblueprint.com. For their website, click here: haychiwawaa.com

Hay! Chi Wa Waa’s guacamole made tableside.

El Mundo

El Mundo has a great fresh guacamole, worthy of a standing appetizer order every time I go there. For their website, click here: www.502elmundo.com

foodspotting el mundo
El Mundo guacamole and chips. Image credit: foodspotting.com

El Camino

El Camino’s fresh guacamole, paired with their homemade chips and the trio of sauces, is a meal in itself. For their website, click here: elfreakingcamino.com

el camino
El Camino’s guacamole and homemade chips.

So, what if you can’t go out to eat? Here’s my favorite pick-up guacamole:

Paul’s Original Guacamole

This is NOT made consistently, so don’t go there expecting to find it each time. Avocados are bountiful right now, so Paul’s is carrying two types: with or without tomatoes. I go for tomato-free in the winter, as I have yet to have a good tomato in the winter in Louisville. This usually flies off the shelf around lunchtime, so try to get there early to nab a bowl. Visit Paul’s website here: www.paulsfruit.com

sb paul's guacamole
Paul’s Original Guacamole.

I’m glad I could help with the research for this story. Enjoy!

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