My sinuses have been killing me this month. I went out on a limb and decided that instead of medication, I was going to get a sinus massage at Physician’s Center for Beauty.

Here’s how it unfolds: It starts with my back molars hurting, then my ears, then above my eyes, then the pain moves to the side of my nose. But when I notice pain in my teeth, I know it’s coming. I’ve been taking an antihistimine (24-hour Zyrtec) for … well, forever. I use Nasonex regularly. When my sinuses are really bad, I do a cocktail of Sudafed and Advil. When that doesn’t work, I start hitting the coffee or McDonald’s Diet Cokes. When that doesn’t work, I exercise. When that doesn’t work, I just sit on the couch and complain.

I’ve been complaining a lot lately. Seemingly, my sinuses are prophetic. They can predict when a storm front is rolling in. They rage against the drop in barometric pressure. They have taken on a new talent lately, which is raging against the arctic temperatures, and they start to sing around the 10 degree mark.

Physician’s Center for Beauty offers a 60 and 90 minute massage. It’s a custom massage, which means that if your shoulders hurt, they will work on that. If your sinuses hurt, they will work on that. They will address anything that you need. I needed sinuses done, so for 90 minutes, I got a massage that focused 75% on sinuses/head/neck and 25% on the rest of my body.

Cindy Marshall was my masseuse and she came very highly recommended. For good reason, too: I think I saw Jesus, it hurt so “good.”

She starts with the orbital bone and gently massages around that area.

sb physicians center sinus massage (2)

This starts out so innocently, with gentle massage around your eyebrow area.

Then she heads down the sides of the nose. There is definite pressure but you can feel your nose opening up.

sb physicians center sinus massage

And now we are in the zone of pressure.

You cannot tell from the picture, but this was the moment I saw Jesus. Who knew your sinuses extended below your cheeks, near the top of your teeth?! Well they are there and they hurt like heck when massaged. But, it’s a good hurt, I promise.

sb physicians center sinus massage (3)

An area untouched by normal massage, and it hurts so good. I was laughing and crying. Like when you hit your funny bone.

Let me give you the closeup here, to get a better sense of where she was working.

sb physicians center sinus massage (4)

Your sinuses start reacting and opening up immediately at this point.

sb physicians center sinus massage (1)

Ow! Ow! Ow!

After she finished massaging what seemed like basically my entire face, she laid cold stones around my eyes and forehead. Sweet relief. If I could have duct taped those stones to my face and walked out the door I would have. She then laid a warm, scented mask over my entire eye region and started reflexology on my feet. There are areas of the feet that correspond to your sinuses. She applies pressure to those areas to open up the sinuses. I would describe it in more detail, but for the rest of the massage I was in and out of consciousness. (See, I’m the girl that falls asleep getting my teeth cleaned, too.)

I will say this, hand to God: I have not taken any medication for my sinuses since the massage. No headaches, no stuffiness, no gunk. I feel great. As I told my friends, I think I’m a changed woman, thanks in full to Cindy Marshall. I also think that if you are in my predicament, this is worth at least a 60 minute massage every month to clear everything out.

The massage prices at Physician’s Center for Beauty are very reasonable. A 60 minute massage is $60. A 90 minute massage is $90. They are fully customizable, which means if you just want your big toe massaged for 90 minutes, have at it.

Physician’s Center for Beauty is located in Shelbyville Road Plaza. For more information, visit their website here: