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This age of super-consumerism, where buying a pizza big enough for twelve adults, a double pack of 18 eggs and 25 gallons of dish detergent seems normal. We all live in that world and with a family, that world makes sense on some level. But there is a flip side to that coin, and I miss when things were smaller, more personal.

When I was researching my post on Derby Box Lunches, I was so comforted walking into Burger’s Market. A store where you can still run a tab. A store that is family-owned and every member of the family has their niche in the store. A store that can deliver to your home. A store who truly supports Kentucky farmers and food producers.  A store that still has an old-fashioned deli selection.

There is nothing else in town like it.

As the parking lot indicates, everyone knows how great Burger’s is.  I circled the block three times until I could park.


This is not a supermarket. It is a market. Even the carts and the aisles are smaller than what you are used to.



First let’s address the incredible produce selection. Tony Burger can stage produce like nothing else I have ever seen. How can this plain salad look so amazing?


They set much of their produce over ice.


And, my personal opinion, this is the place with the best chicken salad in town–I eat it for breakfast on their knot rolls.  This is one of their many pre-made foods.


This is a great place to pick up dinner. Dinner is basic favorites: meatloaf, roasted chicken, chicken tetrazzini, soups, pot roast. I know people that eat Burger’s dinner every night.  And, If I lived closer, I would be one of these people.


Or, just order a sandwich or some other tasty treat from the menu. My mother would be tearing into a braunschweiger or liver cheese sandwich on rye (and I’m not lying–she’s German).

Bologna on white bread. Yes, please.


Hard at work behind the deli counter making pre-made salad and sandwiches.

Here’s what I love the most about Burger’s:  the emphasis on quality over quantity.  Nothing mass produced.

Bethany Burger Winebrenner’s Beaten Biscuits, made from scratch.  Try these with a slice of country ham.


Jeffie Burger’s homemade cookies. He does the sweets and baking.


Sell both local favorites Gelato Gilberto and Graeter’s.

Everything is fresh and locally procured. Food is made on-site. When you cannot find that obscure ingredient anywhere else, go to Burger’s. If they don’t have it, they will find it for you. Things are simple and simply great. 

Fresh milk in a glass bottle from Russellville. They sell out of this every day.

And I talked about the comfort level. It extends to every part of the business.

No cash?  Sure, just run a tab. Here’s the tab from the day I was there, and it was not even noon.


Here’s their fancy time clock for their employees:

John Burger, Sr. immigrated to the United States in 1888 from Germany. He became a United States citizen in 1896 in Louisville and in 1904 opened the Louisville Meat Market on South Second Street. Here is a picture from that meat market.


He would be proud of his family now, still running such a successful local market.  Burger’s has been at it’s current location on Ray Avenue since 1958.  It has withstood the test of time for a reason.  They hold true to their slogan “Nothing But the Best.”

Don’t miss their hot lunch specials–especially Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday which is Fried Chicken Day!!

Burger’s is located at  1105 Ray Ave, off Grinstead Drive (across the street from Collegiate and Cave Hill Cemetery). Call them at (502) 454-0461 or visit their website by clicking here.

By all means, if you have not been, hop in your car and GO!



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