After a very hot welcome to September, the temperatures are cooling a bit and suddenly it’s time to think fall decor. Personally, I’m a huge fan of white pumpkins, both the baby ones and the big ones. In fact, you can often find white pumpkins being used for decoration in my house from September all the way through Christmas, as they work well with bittersweet, sunflowers, ghosts and goblins, orange and black pumpkins and then with magnolia and red berries as December rolls around. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about fall and the possibilities of using white pumpkins — and a fun idea to take you right into Halloween.

Find white pumpkins of all sizes at your local nurseries and farmers’ markets. The baby white pumpkins are usually $1 or less per pumpkin. You may even find them super cheap: 4/$1.

Consider some baby white pumpkins in an old wooden bowl. Super simple with a big impact:

white baby pumpkins

Here are 26 baby white pumpkins in an old wooden trough.

white pumpkins in bowl

Another view.

white pumpkins on coffee table

A view from above to see how simple this look is to accomplish.

Pile some white baby pumpkins into a vase:

White pumpkins in vase

Thirteen white baby pumpkins piled high in a simple glass vase. Have one on both sides of a mantel for easy elegance. Perch a faux black bird on top, or a skeleton, closer to Halloween.

white baby pumpkins with bittersweet

Add some bittersweet to bring in some fall color. This look is perfect through Thanksgiving.

white baby pumpkins stacked

A closer view. By the way, now is the time to buy your bittersweet. If you wait until October, it may be all gone. Check with your local wholesale florist or florist to order it by the bunch or box.

Decorate for a dinner party with baby white pumpkins:

white baby pumpkins with straw

Bypass the flowers for a fall gathering and instead use just 3 to 5 baby white pumpkins (depending on your table size) placed atop a mini galvanized metal bucket with a teeny bit of straw. Use votives as well, but be careful not to place the candles too close to the straw, as we don’t want any fires!

white baby pumpkins with straw 3

A closer view.

Use large white pumpkins on your mantel:

white pumpkins fall decor 2

This look is perfect now and allows you to prep for Halloween, as seen in the photos below.

Take those white pumpkins and make them into Halloween decorations with ease:

white pumpkins fall decor masks

Add some masks (purchased at Michael’s) for a quick and easy way to bring in some Halloween fun! Save the masks for Mardi Gras and place them around clear vases filled with Mardi Gras beads and coins.

Halloween masks on pumpkins

Add in some black pumpkins and use this display on your mantel, sideboard or dining room table. This is sure to bring a smile, right?!

SB Note: All the large pumpkins used in this post are faux pumpkins, available at your local craft store. The baby pumpkins used are the real deal.