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Plan the itinerary? Check. Monitor the weather and pack accordingly? Check. Clear phone storage to make room for lots of photos? Check. The only thing left on your travel prep list is to find a place to stay.

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to a corporate hotel or rental property, we have found four unique places to stay in the South. These lodging options combine the traditional charm of a bed and breakfast with interesting twists in design and amenities. In fact, a stay at each is worth the trip away.

Racho Loma

Talpa, Texas

Known for its renowned dining, this “restaurant and rest” is a wonderful bed and breakfast to add to your bucket list. The modern and minimalist inn allows the setting of Rancho Loma to stand out. Rolling terrain and clear skies surround this central Texas property. Guests are encouraged to relax and “revel in the quiet, the rich air, and the sky brimming with stars,” according to the inn’s website.

At Rancho Loma, guests can expect a laid-back experience. Kick your feet up poolside or walk along the inn grounds. However you relax, Rancho Loma will punctuate your stay with “eating, drinking, and repeating.” Guests can choose from one of five rooms. Each includes high ceilings, glass doors and — most importantly — in-room espresso service.

Rancho Loma is located on an expansive piece of land complete with walking paths and vineyards. Image: Robert Williamson

The minimalist rooms include touches of Western decor. Image: Robert Williamson

Lounge by the pool while enjoying the natural landscape (and furry friends!). Image: Robert Williamson

Fire Mountain

Highlands, North Carolina

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is Fire Mountain, a mountaintop bed and breakfast complex. Guest accommodations at Fire Mountain include rooms in their inn as well as cabins and treehouses. Breathe in the clear mountain air while enjoying a massage, trekking on a nearby trail, or eating food made with ingredients from the Fire Mountain garden. Their goal is “to provide an experience away from the daily stressors of your present life, within the luxury of a beautiful location and comfortable accommodations.” Guests will find numerous gathering places to relax, including a private dining room, viewing deck, fire pit, and library, but they won’t find televisions or in-room clocks.

With all the amenities and ways to relax, we’ll gladly ditch the television! Former guest Alexandra Pratt agrees, “I would recommend this place to anyone looking to escape from reality for a few days.” Her favorite part? “They light a bonfire in the evenings and the number of stars you can see on a clear night is amazing,” she says, adding, “It’s a quick 20-minute ride to Highlands, but we honestly enjoyed walking around the trails on the property and relaxing on our patio more than anything.” If you’re looking for a place to disconnect to reconnect, book your stay at Fire Mountain.

Choose to stay in one of the six cabins on Fire Mountain. Image: Fire Mountain

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The three treehouses are the most unusual lodging options offered at this mountaintop retreat. Image: Fire Mountain

Look outside your bedroom window, and take in the breathtaking views. Image: Fire Mountain

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La Belle Esplanade

New Orleans, Louisiana

This eclectic New Orleans bed and breakfast came to fruition in 1883 as “the Creole answer to mansions on Saint Charles Avenue.” La Belle Esplanade is complete with three homes that give Esplanade Avenue a bold pop of color. While each home is slightly different in design and color, all share 14-foot ceilings and classic New Orleans-style iron porch railings. The self-proclaimed boutique experience inn strives to ease their guests into the exciting New Orleans lifestyle. As a result, no two rooms are the same. Guests can choose from one of five suites, named in French, each with its own colorful theme.

This B&B provides comfortable lodging and breakfast to patrons who wish to dive into “a kaleidoscope of a place.” La Belle Esplanade encourages its guests to explore the Big Easy from the inn’s central location, offering a transparent look at the surrounding neighborhood and recommendations for planning the perfect trip.

The three homes that make up this kooky bed and breakfast are hard to miss! Image: La Belle Esplanade

Enjoy a complimentary breakfast in a bright eating area. Image: La Belle Esplanade

La France suite features bold red walls, an antique full bed and a private second-floor balcony. Image: La Belle Esplanade

Vandyke Bed + Beverage

Nashville, Tennessee

Appropriately referred to as a “bed + beverage,” Vandyke is destined to be an interesting place to stay. This accommodation features a funky bar and eight rooms named for alcohol. Fittingly located in Nashville’s 5 Points, the edgy bed and beverage features funky decor, an exclusive second-floor rooftop, and drink tokens for the bar below the rooms.

The most striking part of the Vandyke? The rooms — named Whiskey, Beer, Wine, Champagne, Rum, Tequila, Gin and Vodka. With so many options, how can we choose a room? Nicole Letts, an SB writer who recently stayed at the Vandyke, says, “Every room is different, which means you can truly select the decor that fits your style.” Or drink preference! An added bonus is the accessibility to fun shops and restaurants. “The best parts of the Vandyke were the affordability and the location,” Nicole adds. “I would certainly stay again! It’s a great place to stay to experience a unique part of the city.”

Step into your funky beverage-themed room for a fun bed and breakfast experience. Image: Jessica Amerson

Even the bathrooms are styled to fit the theme of each room, like the intricately tiled Rum room’s bathroom. Image: Jessica Amerson

An eclectic bar is located below the bed and beverage rooms. Image: Jessica Amerson

Inspire your next getaway with these unique getaway options!


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