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It’s back! The SB Hot List is a monthly roundup of the products, entertainment, recipes and more that’s new on our staff’s radars. Each recommendation comes wholeheartedly, as these are the things we’re constantly sharing with our girl – and guy – friends! This month, we share the things we have discovered in 2019 and why we love them. Enjoy this month’s edition of the SB Hot List!


(Not a) Perfume

I recently received Juliette Has A Gun in my Birchbox. The smell is earthy and warm, which is what I usually go for, but the coolest aspect is that it is actually not technically a perfume. It is comprised of one single note, cetalox, which is usually used as a base note in perfumes but plays the leading role here. It’s great for those who prefer a minimalist, fresh scent that is not at all overpowering.

 Bailey Torkelson, SB Birmingham Client Success Representative

Juliette Has a Gun is, interestingly, not a perfume. Find it here for $28.

Matte Bronzer

I don’t know what I did before my discovery of the Too Faced Sweetie Pie matte bronzer! It’s now a key ingredient in my makeup bag and my five-minute makeup routine, especially as the weather is warming up. It gives a not-too-shiny glow that makes me feel sun-kissed and confident. And it’s infused with peach and fig, so it smells divine!

– Zoe Yarborough, SB Copy Editor

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Get a sun-kissed spring glow with Too Faced Sweetie Pie matte bronzer!

Hand Cream

Kiehl’s hand cream is my most loyal winter companion. From November to April, my hands are so cracked and rough that I am lathering this stuff every hour of the day. It is super hydrating without being oily, and the grapefruit scent is a citrus dream!

– Peyton Haecker, SB Nashville Client Success Representative

Slather on this Kiehl’s hand cream for ultimate hydration!


Finally, whitening eye drops that get rid of redness and don’t burn! The Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops are perfect for allergy season. Usually, my eyes are red and itchy, and after just one use, my eyes are bright and white!

Ginny Staggs, SB Director of Sales

Lumify Eye Drops are a must for allergy season!

Teeth Whitening System

Before I mentioned the new product I was trying, my friend noticed and commented on how white my teeth were. That’s how I knew the Snow Teeth Whitening At-Home System was no joke. I highly recommend this treatment for a beautiful, white smile!

– Megan Casey, Marketing Director

Compliments from friends are the best proof a product works! Image: Snow Teeth Whitening System


Egg Cooker

I’ve recently taken advantage of my roommate’s egg cooker, and I am hooked. Completely hands-off, the little gadget will boil or poach your eggs with minimal effort on your end. As someone who frequently runs out the door with no time for breakfast, this has been a game changer! Each morning before I get ready, I add a little water and two eggs to the egg cooker and turn it on. When I walk back downstairs to head out the door, I peel the soft-boiled eggs, slice them atop a piece of wheat toast and top with the key ingredient: Everything but the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s. It’s only about $15, and I can’t recommend it enough!

– Annie Reeves, SB Nashville Lead Writer and Associate Editor

Make your morning routine even smoother with this egg cooker.

Nooma Drinks

I’ve recently discovered Nooma drinks. I had never heard of them until I started teaching at Shred. They are the most delicious coconut water drinks that are filled with electrolytes, making it perfect for a post-workout drink. I just ordered an entire bulk package from Amazon because the addiction is THAT serious.

– Katelyn Caughron, SB Memphis Client Success Representative

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Find Nooma drinks near you here!


“60 Days In”

I was scouring Hulu for a new show to watch, and I somehow came across a show called “60 Days In.” It premiered in 2016 but is still running. Essentially, sheriffs looking for reform or in need of insider information on their jails will get a group of non-criminals to stay in jail for 60 days as a plant in exchange for information on how drugs are getting into the prison, who is causing issues in specific pods, what corrections officers are corrupt, etc. Some people last the whole time and others barely make it a day, but they all have their own reasons for wanting to experience jail, like wanting to become a corrections officer or DEA agent or to experience what a family member is going through. I can’t stop watching this show.

– Lauren Uebele, SB Business Coordinator


I read about the book Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive by Stephanie Land, and I immediately bought it. It was a page-turner from the very beginning — I didn’t want to put it down, and I was sad when I got to the end … two sure signs of a great book! It’s as much a story about resilience as it is a hard look at current systems in place to help impoverished people and how hard they are to navigate. It’s eye-opening and inspiring — a definite must-read!

Ashley Haugen, SB Editorial Director

Pick up Maid and prepare to settle in.

“Russian Doll”

The Netflix show “Russian Doll” stars Natasha Lyonne who co-created the show with SNL alum Amy Poehler. It is an intriguing dark comedy in which Natasha’s character, Nadia, gets caught in a mysterious time loop, wherein she dies at the end of the evening and wakes up unharmed at the same moment in her 36th birthday party. Each time she reawakens, the song “Gotta Get Up” by American singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson serves as the soundtrack, almost taunting her (much like “I Got You, Babe” in Groundhog Day) as she tries to see her way through to a new morning in a hilarious and engrossing mix of hijinks and drama. I devoured all eight episodes in no time.

– Lauren Helmer, SB Regional Editor

“Skimm This”

I love Skimm’s new podcast that just came out. It’s called “Skimm This.” I like it because it allows me to keep updated with current events and issues in 12-minute podcasts. Each episode focuses on a different issue in the world, and it gives you the scoop on it in a creative, humorous way. It’s similar to the email, so if you don’t receive it already, you should also subscribe to theSkimm.

Millie Kirkland, SB Intern


Small World Yoga

I started going to Small World Yoga in Nashville because classes are a mere $5 and because the studio is a non-profit. Not only do they benefit the local community by bringing yoga to prisons, libraries and schools, but the instructors and classes have so much variety in a given week!

– Jesse Gillenwalters, SB Data Analyst


Labdoor is a free, independent company that tests supplements to help consumers in purchasing the best supplements for their health. For example, if I want to know how the brand of Vitamin D I purchase stacks up to others, I would click on Rankings and view the list.

– Connie Prince, SB Nashville 

Labdoor tests supplements and ranks them, so you can discover which is the most effective! Image: Labdoor

We hope you found something you’ll love, too!


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