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In this month’s edition of our StyleBlueprint Hot List, find a roundup of everything hot on our radar right now. From the perfect bra to coffee to a new comedic podcast, organizational tools and more … we’re only sharing the things we have tried and loved … and would try, buy, watch, drink or wear again. Enjoy!

SB Hot List: July 2019

“Stranger Things”

“I’m really not much of a Netflix person, much less a TV person in general, but “Stranger Things” is a charming blend of action, sci-fi and horror. Not to mention the synth nerd in me loves that opening theme!”

Jesse Gillenwalters, SB Digital Marketing Analyst

Strangers Things

If you haven’t yet watched Stranger Things, now is the time! Season three released on the fourth of this month. Image: Stranger Things

Argentina mix + match stretch bracelets

“I’m a sucker for stacking bracelets, and these from Anthropologie come in a variety of super cute colors! I bought three for $30 as part of Anthro’s sale, and I’ve been wearing them every day since. They go with practically any outfit since they add just a subtle pop of color to your wrist. They also make great gifts for others (or yourself) — I wear two, and I gave one to my momma!”

Abigail Shipps, SB Nashville Intern

Anthropologie bracelets

These adorable bracelets are three for $30 at Anthropologie. Image: Anthropologie

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow

“This is my favorite summer eyeshadow. It stays on all day — even when it is ridiculously HOT — and gives anyone a beautiful, subtle pop of color that is perfect for summer. I get stopped all the time and asked what color my eyeshadow is. Truly a must-have!”

— Amanda Stanfill, SB Memphis Account Executive

The Eyes to Mesmerize eye shadow in rose gold is Amanda’s summer go-to. Image: Charlotte Tilbury

Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo

“For some reason, my hair turns greasy at the first moment of moisture in the air or if I run my hands through it, but washing my hair daily is just not something I’m down with. This dry shampoo is a lifesaver. I use it almost daily, it blends really well and it smells like heaven. People tell me I smell good all the time and I say, ‘Thanks, it’s dry shampoo …'”

Wesley Ware, SB Louisville Client Success Representative

Not only does it erase oiliness, but this dry shampoo also smells fabulous. Image: Walmart

Bag-all travel bags

“I do have to credit my mother for this one. She gave me a couple of these Bag-all travel bags for Christmas one year, and my collection has only continued to grow. Yes, I am a little bit more organizationally obsessed than most, but packing and traveling are infinitely easier when you have proper compartments for all your things. The swimsuit, pajamas and lingerie bags are absolutely essential, but honestly, the hairdryer bag is an underrated gem. These bags also make perfect gifts!”

Peyton Haecker, SB Nashville Client Success Representative

For those who love organization (or maybe those who could use some help!), meet Bag-all bags. Image: Bag-all

Non-athletic wear from Lululemon

“I’m a huge fan of Lululemon’s athletic gear. From leggings to sports bras, they’re consistently the longest-lasting, best-fitting workout clothes I’ve found. I stopped in recently, though, and found myself drawn to two non-workout items that I now cannot stop wearing. First, I finally found a bra that fits perfectly. It provides coverage and doesn’t lose its shape … without the annoyance of underwire. It’s ideal under even the thinnest of tees. And speaking of tees … I wore this boyfriend tee three times last week, so I plan to buy it in the other two colors soon. It’s an oversized cut, but the soft material gives it a little movement so that it isn’t too boxy.”

Annie Reeves, SB Nashville Lead Writer and Associate Editor

This boyfriend t-shirt is great thrown over workout clothes or paired with jeans and sandals. Image: Lululemon

“The Last Czars”

“One of my favorite historical stories has always been the story of Anastasia and the fall of the Romanov family. “The Last Czars” is a docuseries that is a mix between a traditional documentary and a historical TV drama. It traces the family from the point when Nicholas II became Czar of Russia through the story of Anna Anderson in the 1920s — a woman who claimed to be Anastasia. It’s such an interesting perspective on a story that so many people know, as most don’t know all the crazy details.”

Mary Blake Graves, SB Nashville Intern

The Last Czars

Learn more about the fascinating story of Anastasia and the fall of the Romanovs. Image: Netflix

New Balance tennis shoes

“I’ve been needing a good workout/everyday-wear tennis shoe without putting extra miles on my running shoes. I was a New Balance girl back in middle school, but they truly are making a comeback. I’ve worked out in these — called 880v9 — every single day (and even ran a few miles outside in them), and they are beyond comfortable!”

Katelyn Caughron, SB Memphis Client Success Representative

New Balance Tennis Shoes

Mostly neutral with a few colorful accents, these tennis shoes are Katelyn’s choice for errand running and indoor workouts. Image: New Balance

Vital Proteins Unflavored Collagen Peptides

“This is a product I drink every day in my coffee. Collagen is a protein found in the body that helps support hair, skin, nails and joints. I’ve seen great results since adding collagen to my diet in January, so I’m a customer for life. SB TIP: They now sell it deeply discounted at Costco!”

Taylor Justice, SB Birmingham Client Success Representative

Many swear by the effects of adding collagen into their daily routine. Image: Vital Proteins

Modern Pop avocado-based bars

“I am absolutely dying to find these around Nashville. Modern Pop’s Avocado Mint-Trip Bar is reportedly really tasty, and I am bound and determined to find them! I’ve been to multiple Publix locations and haven’t had any luck yet. I’m hesitant to even tell anyone about them because I’m scared they’ll sell out, but I’ve decided to be nice. I just hope if anyone finds them they’ll let me know …WHERE?! Is ordering six packs online excessive? I NEED these. Stat.”

Lauren Uebele, SB Business Coordinator

These avocado-based bars have the creaminess of ice cream without the dairy! Image: Modern Pop

“The Dollop” podcast

“I’ve just recently learned of this long-running podcast. Each week, comedian Dave Anthony tells a story to his friend, comedian Gareth Reynolds, who has no idea what the story is going to be about. This podcast satisfies my need for feeling productive (I’m learning about a factual historical event or person) and for belly laughs (history can be absurd and the hosts are hilarious). You can find the show anywhere you listen to podcasts (like on Spotify here or Apple podcasts here), and I recommend starting with Episode 3: ‘Competitive Endurance Tickling,’ Episode 12: ‘The Rube,’ Episode 23: ‘The Willie Dee’ or Episode 207: ‘The Animal Horror of Macquarie Island.'”

Megan Casey, SB Director of Marketing

The Dollop

Try this podcast for a bit of comedic relief in your day. Image: “The Dollop

Califia Farms XX Espresso Cold Brew

“During the warm seasons, I don’t particularly like drinking a hot cup of coffee, but still need my caffeine fix. I don’t believe this is new to the market, but I’ve recently started drinking the Califia Farms XX Espresso Cold Brew. It’s dairy-free and soy-free, 80 calories per serving and affordable (approximately $5) compared to other iced coffees and cold brews. And it tastes delicious! This particular flavor is definitely on the sweet side and packs a serious caffeine punch, but they have a few different flavors including mocha and almond milk that aren’t as intense. It saves me from buying a cup of cold brew every morning.”

Bailey Torkelson, SB Editorial and Marketing Assistant Manager

Keep this cold brew coffee in your refrigerator instead of hitting up the coffee shop on your way to work every morning. Image: Califia Farms

“The Great British Baking Show”

“I don’t know how I lived before I discovered the six seasons of this show available for binge-watching on Netflix. It’s so adorably British and wholesome. Each season, 12 talented amateur bakers compete through three interesting baking challenges each week (episode) until one Star Baker is crowned! This show will feed your soul and might inspire you to whip out the mixing bowl and get baking.”

Zoe Yarborough, SB Staff Writer

This feel-good British reality show is ideal for binge-watching. Image: Catapult

Alfamo cooling towel

This towel is a lifesaver for workouts, outdoor sports, music festivals and beach vacations. Wet it, wring it out, and it can last up to three hours. I also like that the carrying pouch is small vs. the bulky tubes similar towels use.”

Connie Prince, SB Nashville Account Executive

These towels will keep you cool during summer’s hottest days. Image: Alfamo


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