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Katelyn Caughron and Zoe Yarborough are StyleBlueprint team players and writers by day and workout instructors by night … and early, early mornings. Exclusively for our readers, these two fitness gurus have come up with some 10-minute, heart-pumping workouts — and one for stretching and unwinding — for your living room or porch. Each video targets something different and they can be done individually or together.

Press play on your phone, tablet or computer — and Airplay mirror the screen to your TV if you can! — and get ready for a full-body burn. All of these will be saved to the StyleBlueprint YouTube channel. SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss new fun workouts, important interviews, heartwarming news and more. Also, follow @kickit_withkate and @zoeyarborough on Instagram for more shelter-in-place-friendly content!

10-Minute Hardcore Abs

“Ab workouts can be done anywhere and at any time. Just went on a run and want to burn a few extra calories? Perfect. Grab a mat, find some carpet and let’s get to work! For this particular one, you’ve got two options: you can grab your phone and set a timer. Each exercise can be done for 30 seconds, then you move on to the next. Take a break when needed! Or, if you like to keep track, do 3 sets of 10 for each exercise.” — Katelyn

10-Minute Arm Sculpt

“I LOVE WORKING THE ARMS! If you don’t have free weights, you can order them online. I like 3 lb. weights for this series, but 2s and 1s are great, too! And I’ll just go ahead and mention that a wine bottle weighs 2.5 pounds. As I went through this 10-minute series I did between 8-12 repetitions of each exercise. If you’re feeling strong at 8 reps, keep going. If you can barely keep the arms up, shake it out and move on to the next exercise! To really feel that burn, go through this twice. And maybe put one of the other workouts — abs and/or booty — in between to let those arms rest for a bit.” — Zoe

10-Minute Booty Blast

“We all love a good leg and booty workout, especially for those hard-to-tone areas. For this booty blast, we recommend doing sets. You can do 3 sets of 10 for each exercise, or just crank out how many reps you can within 30 seconds for each one! Have a weight? Awesome, add a little challenge. Don’t have a weight? Totally fine too. You can stick with bodyweight or grab a wine bottle or fill up a stockpot with cans.” — Katelyn

10-Minute Stretch & Unwind

“Sound on for this one as I walk you through some feel-good, restorative stretching and spinal movement. Did you know that your spine moves in six directions? It’s important to work all six of those directions every day to keep the spin young and healthy. It makes me feel taller, stronger and less slouchy when I’m on the couch (which we’re all seeing a bit more of these days). I incorporate some classical Pilates here, and I sneak in a little bit of ‘work’, too.” — Zoe

Here’s to upping our home workout game and moving our bodies in this time when we need it most.


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