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In this edition of the SB Hot List, we’re sharing some of the best items we’ve recently discovered and are taking with us into the upcoming fall season. Our list includes everything from books to beauty products, home accessories, snacks, and more. Take a look at these 13 new discoveries and find out why we can’t stop obsessing over them!

SB Hot List: 13 New Discoveries We Love

Easy Access Crossbody Bag

“I’ve had the fanny packs, but this crossbody bag changes the game. I use it to take my dog on walks (and it’s filled with treats, waste bags, water, etc.), when I’m running errands (it fits your phone and credit cards perfectly), or if I just want a fun, trendy bag to match my athleisure outfit.” — Katelyn Caughron, Local Business Partner Client Success Representative

SB Hot List September 2021: Lululemon Crossbody Bag

Lululemon’s Easy Access Crossbody Bag is perfect for carrying all of your necessities when you’re on the go. Plus, it’s water-resistant! Image: Lululemon

“Motel Makeover”

‘Motel Makeover’ on Netflix is so good! Besties-turned-business-partners renovate a motel into a chic, modern place you’ll want to stay!” — Cameron Meek, Account Executive

April Brown and Sarah Sklash of "Motel Makeover" on Netflix

The Netflix series “Motel Makeover” follows best friends April Brown and Sarah Sklash as they renovate a rundown motel in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Image: Netflix

Truelux Candles

“I recently came across the Truelux candle line in a local Birmingham boutique, Wrapsody, and I immediately purchased one for a gift and one to keep. As a collector of candles, this one intrigued me because the melted wax has ingredients so pure that it can be used as a lotion! My favorite scent is ‘Cadillac,’ which is described as ‘leather, watermelon, and champagne room.’ I can’t wait to try them all!” — Taylor Justice, Marketing Associate

SB Hot List September 2021: Truelux candle

Truelux candles use natural ingredients and burn just two degrees above body temperature, so you can dip your hand into the melted candle and use it as lotion. It’s a win-win! Image: Truelux

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“I have three cats and litter cleanup is a real chore. Standard procedure is to provide a litter pan for each cat plus one extra, so I’ve been manning four litter pans for years. My cousin insisted I check out the Litter-Robot, a self-cleaning litter box. The price stings, but going from four litter boxes to one that stays clean all of the time converted me into a believer. Now my house never smells like a litter box, and there are no dirty paw tracks.” — Ginny Staggs, Director of Sales

Cat using Litter-Robot

While Litter-Robot is on the pricier side, at $499, it makes litter cleanup a breeze! Image: Facebook

Survive The Night

“I recently read Survive The Night by Riley Sager, and it’s one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a while. It’s full of twists and turns, and just when I thought I had predicted the ending, the author threw in one last plot twist. He also includes a lot of unique and fun movie references, which really adds to the story. It’s a fairly easy read and perfect for binging on vacation — I read it in two days!” — Brianna Goebel, Associate Editor & Staff Writer

SB Hot List September 2021: Survive The Night by Riley Sager

Spooky season is just around the corner, so why not get a head start by reading Survive The Night by Riley Sager? Image: Amazon

Revision Skincare® YouthFull Lip Replenisher

“I love all lip products, and this one might be my all-time favorite. It’s super moisturizing and has this unique cooling effect on your lips as well. It’s a must-purchase!” — Amanda Stanfill, Account Executive

Revision Skincare® YouthFull Lip Replenisher

The YouthFull Lip Replenisher from Revision Skincare® stops signs of aging and protects your lips from environmental stressors. Image: Private Edition

‘Brami’ Tops and Bodysuits from Klassy Network

“I’m currently loving the built-in bra tops and bodysuits — “bramis” and “bramisuits” — from woman-owned online retailer Klassy Network. For me, this line is the epitome of style-meets-function. (I challenge you to find a better budget-friendly bodysuit with a built-in bra. Believe me, I’ve tried.) The Klassy shop features a wide variety of styles, from tube and halter tops to long-sleeve bodysuits. They’re comfortable, great for layering, and totally affordable. But I highly recommend following them on Instagram or signing up for their mailing lists for stock updates. Their most popular styles and colors sell out quickly.” — Alissa Harb, Managing Editor

SB Hot List September 2021: 'Brami' Tops and Bodysuits from Klassy Network

The “bramis” and “bramisuits” from Klassy Network are the perfect marriage of style and function, offering fashionable bodysuits and camis with built-in bras. Images: Klassy Network

Porkless Pork Rinds

“As of recently, porkless pork rinds from Trader Joe’s have been my snack of choice. Since I am unsure when TJ’s will stop selling them, I have to grab an armful every time I go shopping.” — Robert Conklin, Digital Developer

Porkless plant-based snack rinds from Trader Joe's

Porkless pork rinds from Trader Joe’s are the perfect plant-based snack. Image: Trader Joe’s

Cream Makeup Products

“Recently, I’ve swapped nearly all my face products from powder to cream, and I have been loving the e.l.f. Putty Bronzer, the ColourPop Stix Cream Blush Stick (I also use it as a lip color), and the ColourPop Super Shock Cream Highlighter. All three of these melt into your skin and offer natural dimension and glow, and they stay put for hours!” — Bailey Torkelson, SB Shop Manager

SB Hot List September 2021: Cream makeup products from Colourpop & Elf

If you’re looking to make the switch from powder to cream makeup products, the e.l.f. Putty Bronzer, the ColourPop Stix Cream Blush Stick, and the ColourPop Super Shock Cream Highlighter are all solid choices. Images: ColourPop and e.l.f.

Who Is Maud Dixon?

“I’ve read several light, fun books this summer, but I have been craving a really good read — the type that you just can’t put down. I finally found it in Who Is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews. It is a deep dive into two characters who continually surprise you, has twists and turns you’ll never expect, and an ending that will leave you unsure of who you’ve been rooting for the whole time.” — Megan Casey, Director of Marketing

Who Is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews

Who Is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews is a psychological suspense novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Image: Amazon

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Cyxus Blue Light Glasses

“Sitting in front of a computer all day can have a few downsides — namely, headaches and tired eyes from staring at the screen for hours on end. I recently got a pair (okay, several, because I simply had to get the green ones, too) of Cyxus blue light glasses, and I absolutely love them! It’s amazing what a difference they’re making.” — Jenna Bratcher, Lead Nashville Writer & Associate Editor

Cyxus Blue Light Glasses

Give your eyes a break with a pair of Cyxus blue light glasses. Image: Amazon

We hope you’ve found something new to explore!


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