Somewhere in between being the loudest cheerleader for her kids (ages 16, 13 and 11), making a darn good quiche and cleaning up after her new puppy, Sara Evans is finding time to perform (we will catch her next week at the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show) and getting back in the studio to record a new album. “When my kids were toddlers, I took them on the road, but as they have become little adults, they have their own lives and schedules. So now, it is a balancing act.” We must admit, she makes it look pretty easy! And although this time she won’t be able to cart her kiddos from Birmingham to Nashville to record, we can expect the same great sound. “I am still the exact same me,” Sara says of the direction for the album.

After going back and listening to each and every song she has ever recorded, Sara made the decision to stay country in terms of her melody while adding a bit of bluegrass flair. Yes, we know the definition of country is being highly debated, but Sara assures us that she will maintain her true roots and continue to draw influence from country greats such as Patty Loveless and Dolly Parton. “I am ready to get back into the studio and embark on a new album and just see where that takes me.”

Find out Sara Evan's favorite things!
We first featured Sara Evans as a FACE of the South back in 2014. Read that interview here. Image: Paul Freundlich Associates

After dishing on her current and upcoming ventures, Sara helped us compose a list (below) that touches on some of her favorite things. Read on to discover what she likes on her pizza, the best trait she employs, great life advice and how much she loved performing for Lionel Richie.

Favorite emerging singer you have recently discovered:

Jess Glynne, who has had a couple of hits. She is a pop singer from the UK. I love her vocal style and album, which is very piano heavy.

Favorite bottle of wine:

No question, hands down, Leese-Fitch Cabernet

Favorite beauty products for summer:

I love Kai. I talk about Kai all of the time because there is just something about their scent. I wear their fragrances all of the time but love all of their products — diffusers, candles — because they always smell really, really fresh (not heavy or flowery).

Favorite author:

C.S. Lewis

Favorite Instagram account:

Phillip Kremer. It is hilarious, random and weird. Also, anything that has to do with the earth pictures.

Favorite cut flowers:


Favorite recipe:

My quiche with ham and cheese and bacon. It is pretty involved, so I have to be in the mood. It is just so absolutely delicious; it is just incredible.

Favorite vacation destination:

Alys Beach. That is because the beaches on the Gulf in Florida are just so beautiful — truly some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is very easy to get to, as it is only a four-hour drive from Birmingham. Because I have to travel for a living, it is nice to be able to get in the car and drive to somewhere that beautiful.

Favorite fashion icon:

Olivia Munn

Favorite word to describe Carolina Herrera’s designs (featured designer of the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show):

Her gowns are angelic, dainty, feminine and magical — it is almost what you dream of when you played dress-up [as a child].

Favorite historical figure:

Ronald Reagan

Favorite trait you possess:

Sense of humor

Favorite Southern city:

I am going to have to say Birmingham. In fact, Mountain Brook was just in Elle Decor as #2 on the list of America’s Best Suburbs for Raising a Family.

Favorite piece of advice:

Don’t major in the minors; don’t worry just for worry’s sake, because it doesn’t change anything. As I get older, I just realize that nothing is really as bad as it seems. Just stay calm. Typically things work out.

Favorite possession:

My iPhone or my lululemon studio pants (I own four different colors). (Editor’s note: If Sara’s new puppy hadn’t gotten into the kitchen trash as we were asking this question, it is safe to assume her answer might have been different.) 

Favorite place to escape:

My bedroom

Favorite thing to do with your kids:

Watch our favorite shows on Apple TV: “Modern Family,” “The Office” and our new favorite, “Schitt’s Creek” (which I always watch first so I can fast forward through any inappropriate parts) and play sports

Favorite pizza topping:


Favorite sports team:


Favorite place to perform or favorite memory on stage:

Australia. It was so different and beautiful — a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

My most favorite performance is when I sang “Endless Love” with Marc Anthony at the Lionel Richie Tribute in 2012 after the ACMs. To sing that song in front of Lionel Richie … I always say that is my best performance I have ever done.

Favorite album you have recorded:

My favorite album of all time is Restless. I love every song on that album, and I was in such a great place at the time, coming off “Born to Fly,” having great success, and my record label gave me an unlimited budget. I lived in the studio. I took my kids and their nanny and their toys, and lived in the studio. We made the album the way an album should be made.

Favorite restaurant in Birmingham:

I have a lot of favorite restaurants, but I will go with this new place in Birmingham, Bamboo on 2nd — great food and great atmosphere.

Find out Sara Evans' favorite wine, pizza topping, words of advice and more!

See Sara Evans perform at the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show (held in Nashville, TN, on Tuesday, April 26, 2016), and stay tuned for more details regarding Sara’s new album and additional upcoming projects.


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